New York Jets: 20 Moments Worth Bragging About in Team History

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New York Jets: 20 Moments Worth Bragging About in Team History

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    The New York Jets have had plenty of moments that fans will talk about for years to come.  Some of those include knocking out an opposing quarterback, thus bringing to life your team's future oppressor or winning a Super Bowl.

    In this list, you will view 20 of the great moments out of the more than 60 years the Jets franchise has been around.  The moments that have been compiled, describe different moments what New York Jets fans can be proud of and brag about with their friends, family or rivals.

20) Jets Give Tom Brady His First Chance To Shine in the NFL

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    In 2001, Jets linebacker Mo Lewis hit Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, giving him internal bleeding.  This one hit brought a world of pain upon the Jets as Brady would lead the Patriots and beat the Jets at the Meadowlands every year until 2009 and win most games at Gillette Stadium.

19) Jets Are the Best at Missing the Super Bowl

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    After 1969, the Jets have not been able to participate in another Super Bowl. 

    There have several instances where they’ve come close to returning, but no matter how close they come, they can never get that extra victorious push.  The most recent moment that signifies this ability to make it back to the Super Bowl is the moment when confetti was falling on everybody in Heinz Field earlier this year. 

    The 2011 AFC Championship Game is not the only game the Jets have lost while trying to make a run for the Super Bowl, similar outcomes occurred in 2010, 1982 and 1998.

18) Jets Fans Are Craziest When Drunk

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    For the last decade, the Bills have been the laughing stock of the AFC East as they have not had a successful season in years.  Back in the 90s, it was a different story though.  While the Raiders like to say they have the craziest fans, in 1989 when they were being blown out by the Bills and fans started to burn the seats at Giants Stadium that was extreme.  You may be asking; what is there to brag about this?  

    The reality is, fans do not like it when their teams lose and the fans during the 1989 game made a bold statement that they want to see the Jets be successful again, showing that they are loyal fans. The photo shows another case of fans showing love for their team, but the alcohol is obviously affecting the way they portray said love.

17) the Acquisition of Thomas Jones

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    After having three successful seasons with the Chicago Bears, the two parted ways, and the Jets signed Thomas Jones.  In his first season (while Eric Mangini coached), Jones only scored one touchdown.  The two seasons later (Rex Ryan now coaching), he scored a plethora of touchdowns while rushing for a career high 1,402 yards, helping the team lead the National Football League in rushing.

16) Joe Namath's Hall of Fame Induction

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    For years, Joe Namath provided the Jets with incredible plays and games (including the magical season of 1968 when the Jets went to the Super Bowl).  His induction into the National Football Hall of Fame further solidifies him as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game; being a member of the Jets when he won Super Bowl III is what makes this such a moment worth bragging about.

15) Jets Can Hold Their Own in a Fight

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    Former Jets defensive lineman Mark Gastineau was famous for his "Sack Dance" which he did after sacking an opposing quarterback.  

    In 1983, he did this dance against the Los Angeles Rams while hosting them at Shea Stadium. This conduct infuriated offensive lineman Jackie Slater who started a fight between the two.  The Jets eventually beat the Rams as a fourth-quarter field goal would give them the edge, showing the Jets won't back down from a fight, nor from a challenge from their opponents.

14) Curtis Martin

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    In what was the Patriots loss and the Jets’ gain was Curtis Martin in 1998.  After playing three seasons with the Patriots, Martin joined the Jets.  In terms of running the football, Martin has turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to the Jets as he holds the record for most rushing yards on the team with 10, 302.

    Although he will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, expect him to be inducted in the next few years.  For Martin, pick any moment in his career as he was a great addition to the Jets as he provided many spectacular plays over the years.

13) Mark Sanchez

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    So far, the trade for Mark Sanchez in the 2009 NFL draft has been a great move by the Jets front office. 

    In his first two seasons, Sanchez has led the Jets to two AFC Championship games while battling injuries each year.  It is safe to say that Sanchez has been the most successful quarterback from that draft so far as he gets closer to winning a Super Bowl each year.  Not only is Sanchez’s skill something to brag about as a Jets fan, he brings a new kind of diversity to the National Football League as he is one of the few Latino players in the league, inspiring Latinos all over the world to play football or sports in general.  

    The moment that represents this slide is Mark Sanchez receiving the phone call that he has been chosen by the New York Jets as the fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft.

12) Caught Ya: Patriots Get Caught for Cheating

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    Even though the Jets lost in their 2007 matchup against the Patriots, it was a bittersweet moment when ESPN announced that the Patriots were going to be investigated by the NFL for cheating during games by illegally spying on opponents’ signals. 

    Because of this scandal, a huge shadow hangs over the several Patriots victories and Super Bowl rings they have accumulated under Bill Belichick.  To this day, most suspect former Jets and Patriots coach Eric Mangini for tipping off the NFL to what the Patriots were doing.  What can Jets fans brag about with this one?  Integrity; Tom Brady and Belichick want to pride themselves on work ethic, at least the Jets organization has not cheated.

11) Drafting Darelle Revis

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    Revis Island.  That’s the name of the magical place where receivers go to get lost when they play the Jets.  Sure, this comes from a compilation of moments, but the moment when the Jets drafted Darelle Revis is definitely something the Jets can brag about as they have one of the best cornerbacks in the National Football League on their team

10) Jets Become One of the Most Hated Teams in NFL in Recent Years

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    The moment that best represents this one is Braylon Edwards leaving jail after being arrested for driving drunk.  This mishap created a media firestorm surrounding the Jets, adding to the poor public relations they had after the Rex Ryan-Dolphins fans incident.  Because of this, many compared the Jets to a group of thugs, and many did not like the Jets.  Even though many people do not like the Jets, they still fear them, which is something definitely worth bragging about.

8) Hard Knocks

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    While phrases like “child please” and “kiss da baby” have been popular since Chad Ochocinco used them in the 2009 season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the show became even more popular once the Jets were on it during the 2010 preseason.  With Rex Ryan leading the way, phrases like “let’s go eat a f*****g snack” have become very popular.  Clips from the shows even made it onto The Soup, which aired on E! (a first for the Hard Knocks series).  There is no doubt that because of the Jets, Hard Knocks' popularity increased.

7) Jets Aren't the Second Class Citizens in New York After All

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    Since 1984 when the Jets moved into Giants Stadium, they were considered second-class citizens.  In 1988, the Jets got the chance to prove that they were the better team in New York.  All they needed to do was beat the Giants to get into the playoffs, somehow the Jets were able to hold them off and the moment the game clock struck zero, it was a glorious day for Jets fans; even though they did not make the playoffs.

6) Dedicated Fans

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    That moment when the teams are in between plays and Fireman Ed (Hint: Go to the next slide) gets the crowd going best fit this slide.  For many Jets fans, they have not had the experience of watching their team hoist up the Lombardi Trophy.  Even though it has been 42 years since the Jets have won a Super Bowl, thousands of fans pour into the stadium to see them play, week in and week out.

5) Best Mascot

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    Fireman Ed has been in the Jets community for years.  He is best known for starting the “J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!” chants at games, not only exciting the fans but exciting the players as they play for the home crowd. 

    He has been a staple in the Jets community, and while he is not the official mascot for the Jets, he has a special place in all Jets fans hearts as they recognize him as “The Mascot of the New York Jets.”

4) Patriots Cannot Handle Revenge

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    What’s better than beating than knocking your rivals out of the playoffs in a revenge-filled game?  Absolutely nothing, and that is why this victory over Tom Brady and the Patriots from earlier this year is No. 1. 

    After being embarrassed 45-3, the Jets were able to go up to Foxborough and keep the Patriots from advancing.  Expect this victory to keep coming on lists regarding Jets victories for years to come, as it was great for the Jets franchise and the Jets-Patriots rivalry.  Every moment in this game best represents it as it was such a great victory for the Jets franchise.

3) Monday Night Miracle

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    That moment the 2000 New York Jets walked off the field is one of the proudest in team history.  After being down 30-7 to the Dolphins going into the fourth quarter, the Jets fought all the way back and won in overtime.  Not only was this the greatest comeback in Jets history, it was voted the greatest comeback in Monday Night Football history.

2) Joe Namath Predicts the Jets Win the Super Bowl

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    Everybody that’s a Jets fan knows the story.  Joe Namath sitting by the pool with reporters around him as he guarantees that the Jets would beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.  The rest goes without saying.

1) Jets Win Super Bowl III

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    I know I said the rest goes without saying, but the moment that Joe Namath ran through the tunnel after winning Super Bowl III 16-7 while putting up his index finger is one of the best moments in Jets history.  It not only reinforces how great that 1967 team was and how great Joe Namath was.  That moment where Joe Namath shows the rest of the world that he was not joking about his guarantee, is something that is definitely worth bragging about.


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