2010 NFL Season Predictions Including Season Awards and Division Results

Kobina TaylorContributor ISeptember 14, 2010

Bonus Prediction: Patriots over Colts this year!
Bonus Prediction: Patriots over Colts this year!Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I love the NFL, it is by far my favorite sports season.

I will revisit these at the end of the season and see how many I got.

Lets begin!

1. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers will combine for at least 90 TDs this season (All purpose TDs, not just passing TDs)
2. Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson and Rashard Mendenhall will combine for at least 4,250 yds rushing
3. Wes Welker will catch 90+ balls... yeah he will
4. Randy Moss will catch 16 TDs
5. Andre Johnson will FINALLY get to double digit TDs
6. 360 completions is the max for Chad Henne this year
7. Adrian Peterson will get at least 16 TDs...
8. ...and 1800 yards from scrimmage...
9. ...and 35 catches
10. Matt Schaub will have more passing TDs than Cleveland and Buffalo combined
11. Philip Rivers will have more passing TDs than Tony Romo
12. Cleveland will go at least .500 in their division
13. So will Oakland
14. 10 QBs passed for at least 4,000 yds last year...that won't happen this year
15. Last year 8 QBs completed at least 65% of their passes, that will not increase this year
16. Ed Reed will intercept at least 6 passes
17. Desean Jackson will have a 1,200yd season
18. Brett Favre will be good for another 30+ TDs
19. The Eagles will have two of these three: a 4,000yd passer, a 1,000yd rusher, or a 1,000yd receiver
20. The Cowboys will not get more than 10 Pro Bowlers
21. The Seahawks, Jaguars, and Broncos will have multiple starting QBs this season.
22. Frank Gore and Ray Rice will combine for at least 2,800 rushing yds
23. Only 22 players will hit the 900yd rushing mark, maybe less but no more
24. Only 25 players will hit the 1,000yd receiving mark, maybe less but no more
25. Joe Flacco will throw for less than 4,000yds....go figure
26. Dallas Clark WILL NOT make it to 1,000yds...
27. ...opening the door for Anthony Gonzalez and Austin Collie to both hit at least 650yds
28. Minnesota gets 40 sacks again this year: Cincinnati will not break 30 sacks
29. Aaron Rodgers will start for Green Bay....hit over 60% completion percentage but under 30 TDs.
30. Baltimore will be a top 10 passing offense; San Diego will not
31. 1100yds rushing and receiving and 9 TDs: Reggie Bush will hit both targets
32. The Chargers will not be in the Super Bowl
33. Neither will the Packers
34. Or Saints
35. Or Jets....
36. In fact, they won't even make it to the AFC Championship Game
37. Brandon Marshall, appreciative of his younger stronger QB, will catch 1300yds and 10 TDs
38. His teammate Ronnie Brown, will hit run for 900yds but gets 11 total TDs
39. Arian Foster will surprise us all with 1450 all purpose yds
40. Addai plays at least 12 games
41. Mark Sanchez gets at least 23 TDs and 3575yds
42. AFC North Standings: Ravens, Steelers, Browns, Bengals
43. AFC South Standings: Colts, Texans, Titans, Jaguars
44. AFC West Standings: Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, Chiefs
45. AFC East Standings: Patriots, Dolphins, Jets, Bills
46. NFC North Standings: Vikings, Packers, Lions, Bears
47. NFC South Standings: Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Bucs
48. NFC West Standings: Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams
49. NFC East Standings: Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, Giants
50. Offensive ROY: Ryan Matthews
51. Defensive ROY: Rolando McClain
52. Comeback Player: EJ Henderson
53. Defensive POY: Patrick Willis
54. Offensive POY: Adrian Peterson
55. MVP: Adrian Peterson
56. Ryan Grant will miss at least 2 games
57. Calvin Johnson will catch more TDs then Robert Meachem
58. John Fox and Rex Ryan combine for 15 or less wins
59. John Harbaugh and Mike Singletary will combine for at least 20 wins
60. 2 teams will start 7-0
61. 2 Teams will start 0-7
62. The AFC North will be better than the NFC South
63. The AFC West will be worse than the NFC North
64. The Vikings and Falcons will both win 11 games
65. Playoff surprises AFC: Texans or Dolphins will make the playoffs
66. Playoff surprises NFC: Redskins or 49ers will make the playoffs
67. Pierre Thomas, Ahmad Bradshaw and Lawrence Maroney will combine for 2,650yds rushing
68. Lions and Rams combine for at least 7 wins
69. Colts vs Patriots this season decided by a field goal
70. I'll be correct on 60% of these (please)