New York Jets: Five Reasons They Will Win the Super Bowl

Brandon DowlingContributor IMay 22, 2010

Let's take a look at the top five reasons the New York Jets will win the Super Bowl.


5. The Addition of LaDainian Tomlinson and Santonio Holmes.

The New York Jets had the best running game in the NFL last year. In my opinion, losing Thomas Jones does hurt them, but I believe that adding LT cushions the blow of losing Thomas Jones.

But has LT has lost his luster?

LT is going to a team with one of the best offensive lines in football which will help him tremendously. I believe LT will have one good year to help the Jets reach their goal.

What about Santonio Holmes?

Holmes will be suspended for the first four games of the year due to a run-in with the law. But when Holmes comes back it will be a huge addition to the Jets' offense. Having Holmes also helps guys like Jericho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards, and Dustin Keller. This gives Mark Sanchez a lot of weapons to choose from, plus the league’s best running game.


4. Rex Ryan 

Some will ask why this is a reason the Jets will win the Super Bowl.

Rex Ryan is one of the best defensive minds in the NFL. His ability to manage and help young talent is one of his specialties. Also, the way he acts and talks on and off the field really helps his team believe in themselves. A team that people say lost chemistry. Rex Ryan should have no problem creating chemistry with his new guys.


3. The Addition of CBs Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie 

The reason the New York Jets lost to the Colts in last year's AFC Championship was that Peyton Manning picked apart a Jets secondary which really only had one good corner in Darelle Revis. Dwight Lowery and Lito Sheppard did not get the job done at all. Cromartie was one of the best corners in the game in 2007, and Kyle Wilson fell to the Jets in the draft. Now Rex Ryan can blitz all he wants with the talent he has in the secondary.


2. Shonn Greene

How do you deal with losing Leon Washington and Thomas Jones in your running game?

Two words: Shonn Greene. 

This year Greene will be doing the bulk of the running for the Jets. When he ended up getting the majority of the hand off's in last year's playoffs he ran for over 100 yards twice and scored two touchdowns. If Greene can stay healthy look for him to be a huge reason for the Jets' success.

Now the reason why the New York Jets will win the Super Bowl .


1. Mark Sanchez will be all grown up

Mark Sanchez had an up-and-down regular season in 2009. But he played like a brand new QB in the playoffs and led the Jets to the AFC Championship game.

Some say sophomore slump?

I believe that Mr. Sanchez had his sophomore season in the playoffs. When it got tough, Mark Sanchez got going. Look for him to lead his New York Jets' offense and look for Coach Rex Ryan to handle the defensive side as the New York Jets look to get back to where they were last year and fix their mistake.

My Record Prediction: 12-4 and a Super Bowl title.