Raiders Draft Strategy After Cutler Trade

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IApril 3, 2009

Yesterday we were all bombarded with Jay Cutler news from every news outlet. Now that all that hype has calmed down some, lets analyze what this has done to the draft.

The Lions have all signs pointing towards Stafford. With that 20th Pick, Sanchez will be gone and Freeman isn't exactly a 'Franchise' QB.

Speaking of Sanchez, he had an outstanding Pro Day and has gained room on Stafford along with interest from many teams.

The Detroit Lions

They were involved in talks but didn't pull the trigger. What does this mean? They still need a quarterback. Should be Stafford with the No. 1 Pick.

The New York Jets

They were involved in talks and didn't pull the trigger. Whats does this mean? They still need a quarterback.

The Tampa Bay Bucs

They were involved in talks and didn't pull the trigger. What does this mean? They still need a quarterback.

The Washington Redskins

There were involved in talks and didn't pull the trigger. What does this mean? They need to make sure Jason Campbell's feelings weren't hurt by the news of a trade.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

They weren't reported to be involved in talks, yet they've been rumoured to be in the market for Mark Sanchez if he were to drop to them.

The San Francisco 49ers

They were involved in talks and didn't pull the trigger. What does this mean? They aren't hanging their hopes on Sean Hill and Alex Smith. Mark Sanchez, according to many mock drafts, is in their sights.

The Minnesota Vikings

They were involved in talks but nothing came of it. They still have Travaris Jackson and just traded for Sage Rosenfels so they might stick with them. Their team is solid so don't be surprised to see them package picks to move up for a Sanchez.

So, the possible suitors for Mark Sanchez would be the following teams:

Jacksonville, San Francisco, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Bucs, and Minnesota Vikings.

You've got five teams that need a stud at the QB position. How does this effect us?


From a Draft Point of View:

1. Detroit Lions  

2. St. Louis Rams   

3. Kansas City Chiefs  

4. Seattle Seahawks   


Pick your order, but with these past four picks, these guys should be gone. Stafford, Monroe, Smith, and Curry.


5. Cleveland Browns    

With Stallworth facing jail time, Braylon Edwards on the block, and Kellen Winslow gone, they need some kind of offensive weapon. Beanie Wells or Michael Crabtree would fit.

6. Cincinnati Bengals     

They drafted WR's last year and Chris Henry is back so they should be OK at WR. Andre Smith should be the pick with an outside chance for Orakpo or even Raji (remember how they were involved in talks last year to move up to get Sedrick Ellis)

7. Oakland Raiders      

Here's our pick—Crabtree should be gone. Orakpo should be gone. Our choices would be BJ 'Marley' Raji, Michael Oher, Robert Ayers, Aaron Maybin, Michael Johnson, Jeremy Maclin.

BJ Raji: I've wanted him the whole time but after the failed drug test at the scouting combine, and the news of a prior failed drug test, I wouldn't be comfortable taking him at No. 7.

Michael Oher:With the signings we've made, I'm comfortable letting those guys play it out. Unless Monroe falls to us, we shouldn't consider Oher.

Robert Ayers: Has the tag of a one-year wonder who's been rumored to fall all the way down to the bottom of the first round.

Aaron Maybin: Is projected mid 10's and is a tweener OLB/DE.

Michael Johnson: He scares me. He's an Al Davis type of player with his potential and freakish skills. Big potential star/bust. Our DE's are full of young guys that need to play with "potential" so he wouldn't be needed.

Jeremy Maclin: He looks real good but he's a taller version of Johnnie Lee Higgins. If you were to draft Maclin, you'd take away from our current roster. Maclin's value is in his receiving and returning. JLH did an awesome job after Justin Miller was signed. They both had multiple runs for TDs this past year so we wouldn't get full value for Maclin.

This sets up the Raiders for all kinds of offers from the aforementioned teams. We're the gateway between Sanchez, two teams who've been rumored to look at him (the Jaguars and 49ers) and the teams who NEED him.

By looking at our possible choices, it looks like it would be in our best interest to trade down. Our opening occurred when Sanchez kicked butt at his Pro Day and Detroit didn't chase Cutler.

NFL Draft-Pick Value Chart Potential Deals

Just by looking at the chart and seeing the picks available to the teams that need QB's, I've come up with three possibilities:

NY Jets: First round pick (17th), second round pick (52nd) and third round pick (76th)

Bucs: first round pick (19th), third round pick (81nd) and first/second round pick (next year)

Vikings: First round pick (22nd), second round pick (54th), third round pick (86th) and third Round (next year)


I know this is wishful thinking and Al Davis doesn't trade down, but if you were to analyze the situation, there are many options.

We'll soon find out which teams are drooling over Mark Sanchez to lift their franchise. There will be a buzz and there will be demand, the question is, will the Raiders benefit from this? Hope so.