What Are the Odds for Each NFL Team to Land Mike Wallace?

Matt Bowen@@IsItGameTimeYetAnalyst IIAugust 11, 2012

What Are the Odds for Each NFL Team to Land Mike Wallace?

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    Mike Wallace is the hot-button holdout of the early 2012 NFL season. 

    The Pittsburgh Steelers say they won't trade the restricted free-agent wide receiver, but Wallace is staying strong in his demands for a long-term deal worth big bucks. He's made it apparent that he believes he's worth more than the $2.7 million, one-year tender that the Steelers are currently offering.

    His career numbers support his claims. 

    Wallace's 171 catches for 3,206 receiving yards and 24 touchdowns in three NFL seasons justifies his holdout, but if he's not careful he could quickly be labeled as problematic and his long-term value could begin to drop. 

    The Steelers are a team with plenty of questions surrounding them heading into the season, and if Wallace continues to holdout, the organization may be better off by cutting ties with the 26-year-old speed demon. 

    There are plenty of NFL teams that need a playmaker like Wallace. Here are the odds for every team landing the Pro Bowl wide receiver.

    Salary cap totals are as of July 1 and can be found at NFL.com

Arizona Cardinals

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    Salary Cap Room: $4.55 million


    The Arizona Cardinals already have one future Hall of Fame wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald.

    To take pressure of Fitzgerald the team drafted rookie wide receiver Michael Floyd with the No. 13 pick in this year's NFL draft. 

    With only $4.55 million in cap space and a sidekick for Fitzgerald in place, it's safe to say that they're out of the running for Mike Wallace.

    Then again, cutting quarterback Kevin Kolb could free up plenty of cap space in the near future.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 80-1 

San Francisco 49ers

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    Salary Cap Space: $3.39 million


    The San Francisco 49ers beefed up there receiving corps in the offseason with the likes of A.J. Jenkins, Mario Manningham and Randy Moss

    Right now there's no room for a guy like Mike Wallace in San Francisco. The 49ers did a marvelous job in the offseason, as they now have one of the deepest offenses across the board. 

    2012 seems to be a Super Bowl-or-bust season for the Niners. Stay tuned.


     Odds of Landing Wallace: 500-1

Seattle Seahawks

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    Salary Cap Room: Around $6.4 million


    The Seattle Seahawks were thin at wide receiver before the organization recently signed veterans Terrell Owens and Braylon Edwards on the cheap. 

    Now that they have bolstered their passing attack, Mike Wallace seems out of the picture. This isn't to say that head coach Pete Carroll doesn't have thoughts of Wallace joining the team in the future. After all, he's never shied away from making a splash. 

    For now, don't count on Wallace becoming the 12th man's new favorite. Then again, there's always next year. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 25-1

St. Louis Rams

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    Salary Cap Room: $3.6 million


    If there's one thing the St. Louis Rams need right now, it's a proven No. 1 receiver.

    Mike Wallace fits the bill, but he would break the Rams' bank. With only around $3.6 million in cap space right now, the Rams are strapped for cash, but don't think they aren't trying to find some wiggle room for Wallace. 

    Wallace would be a nice fit, and new head coach Jeff Fisher should keep him in mind. As the season nears, don't be surprised to hear rumblings of Wallace to the Rams.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 15-1

Denver Broncos

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    Salary Cap Room: $10.8 million


    New Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning needs a definite deep threat. With Father Time right around the corner for Manning, the Broncos need to further commit to winning now. 

    Mike Wallace would fit like a glove in Denver, as the Broncos would legitimize their playoff aspirations by trading for the receiver. Under the influence of Manning, Wallace would take his already strong game to meteoric levels. 

    With plenty of money in the bank, the Broncos are a real contender in the Mike Wallace sweepstakes. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 5-1

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Salary Cap Room: $16.5 million


    The Kansas City Chiefs already have a wide receiver holdout situation on their hands. Dwayne Bowe is currently negotiating a one-year deal worth $9.5 million.

    The Chiefs have a pretty solid offensive lineup and Bowe will only make them stronger. At this point, it's hard to believe the Chiefs would trade for another receiver with contract issues. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 200-1

Oakland Raiders

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    Salary Cap Room: $1.3 million


    The Oakland Raiders desperately need an established wide receiver, but they can't afford Mike Wallace. 

    If there's one thing they do possess, it's plenty of potential throughout their receiving depth chart. 

    Denarius Moore, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Jacoby Ford and Juron Criner have all been hyped as potential breakout stars in 2012.

    With that being said, the Raiders are content with what they have, as their young receivers look to chisel out an identity for themselves this season. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 500-1

San Diego Chargers

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    Salary Cap Room: $2.8 million


    The San Diego Chargers spent around $39.5 million between free-agent wide receivers Robert Meachem and Eddie Royal this offseason. 

    The Chargers are now set at the position and would be wise to bring in a frugal running back after starter Ryan Mathews suffered a broken collarbone in their first preseason game recently.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 400-1

Dallas Cowboys

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    Salary Cap Room: $7.1 million


    The Dallas Cowboys don't need Mike Wallace, but that doesn't mean owner Jerry Jones doesn't want him. 

    Yes, the team already has Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, but Austin is often injured and Bryant has yet to truly break out. 

    With $7 million-plus to play with, the Cowboys may go all-in with Wallace. Although it's been said that Wallace won't become a Cowboy, they can never be counted out.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 10-1

New York Giants

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    Salary Cap Room: $3.1 million


    The New York Giants currently have wide receiver issues to resolve, but they won't be takers on Mike Wallace. Albeit injured, the Giants already have a No. 1 receiver in Hakeem Nicks and teammate Victor Cruz is a viable deep threat. 

    The G-Men will also add youngsters Ramses Barden and Rueben Randle into the mix this season. 

    The team will be just fine without Wallace. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 150-1

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Salary Cap Room: $15.8 million


    The Philadelphia Eagles may have an excess of cash right now, but they already have a nice group of wide receivers.

    Also, something about the combination of DeSean Jackson and Mike Wallace just sounds like trouble in the locker room.

    The Eagles were humbled after finishing 8-8 last season, and they'll try to keep a low profile and work with what they have in 2012.  


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 1000-1

Washington Redskins

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    Salary Cap Room: $6.9 million


    The Washington Redskins are trying to revamp their franchise overnight and they may want to consider trading Mike Wallace. 

    With rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III now in town for the future, a nice No. 1 receiver is just what he needs. 

    The only problem: The Redskins don't have much in terms of trade value to offer the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 'Skins already traded away their first-round pick in 2013, and while the Steelers need a running back, the Redskins don't have much to offer in that department. 

    Right now, consider them a sleeper. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 20-1

Buffalo Bills

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    Salary Cap Room: $7.3 million


    The Buffalo Bills may have some cap room, but they are not in the market for Mike Wallace. The organization extended receiver Stevie Johnson's contract for another five years in the offseason, and there's no reason to believe they are in the hunt for Wallace. 

    The Bills are a potential playoff team and should be fun to watch in 2012. If they are truly moving toward becoming a perennial threat in the AFC East, this will be the year that they start to shine. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 100-1

Miami Dolphins

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    Salary Cap Room: $4.4 million


    Let's be real—the Miami Dolphins need a guy like Mike Wallace. There receiving corps is arguably the worst in the league. Their No. 1 receiver, Chad Johnson, has been with the team about a month and there's no guarantee that new head coach Joe Philbin will put up with his antics. 

    After a week of HBO's Hard Knocks the Dolphins' future looks promising, but they need results now.

    It's difficult to argue that Miami's climate is not ideal, but it can be argued that the Dolphins' climate is less than sunny. 

    If GM Jeff Ireland is to keep his job beyond 2013, he'll spark the Dolphins by finding a way to get Wallace. 

    Still, the odds are against them due to lack of cash. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 30-1

New England Patriots

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    Salary Cap Room: $10.8 million


    The New England Patriots are one of the best teams in all of football, which is precisely why the Pittsburgh Steelers would never consider trading Mike Wallace to a stout AFC contender. 

    The Pats already have a possession receiver in Wes Welker and two monster tight ends in Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Their latest addition of Brandon Lloyd provides the deep threat every team needs. 

    On top of everything else, it seems head coach Bill Belichick would have little interest in Wallace.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 250-1

New York Jets

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    Salary Cap Room: $6 million


    Honestly, if Antonio Cromartie believes he's the second-best receiver the Jets have, they need another receiver. 

    Nevertheless, Mike Wallace would just be another huge distraction, which is exactly what the Jets don't need. 

    Count them out. Then again, desperate times call for desperate measures.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 40-1

Atlanta Falcons

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    Salary Cap Room: $2.8 million


    Minimal cap space combined with the fact that the Atlanta Falcons already have a dynamic duo in Roddy White and Julio Jones means that Mike Wallace won't be a member of the Falcons.

    Fan poll: Who has more yards this season, Jones or Wallace? 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 750-1

Carolina Panthers

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    Salary Cap Room: $8.7 million


    The Carolina Panthers arguably have the most potential in the NFL. Because of second-year quarterback Cam Newton, they'll be a contender for the next decade. 

    After wide receiver Steve Smith, the Panthers are questionable at the position. This year is supposed to be Brandon LaFell's breakout season, but Mike Wallace is a definite thing. 

    Combined with Smith, the tandem could eat through the NFC South this season. If offensive lineman Ryan Kalil's proclamation is to come true, the Panthers will find a way to land Wallace.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 4-1

New Orleans Saints

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    Salary Cap Room: $2.2 million


    Thanks to the penalties from Bountygate, the New Orleans Saints could lose their second-round draft pick in 2013. That makes their first-round choice next year extremely valuable. 

    Along with a short supply of cap space, the Saints won't be trading for Mike Wallace. Even if they did sell the farm to acquire Wallace, it seems like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would find a way to ax the deal. 

    Regardless, quarterback Drew Brees can make any receiver look good. The Saints appear just fine, despite the penalties implemented against them this season.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 2500-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Salary Cap Room: $15.7 million


    The Tampa Buccaneers revitalized their organization this offseason by hiring new head coach Greg Schiano and inking a couple of key free agents. 

    One of those free agents is new No. 1 receiver Vincent Jackson. Behind Jackson, the Bucs' receiving corps is quite untested. 

    They've already had a stellar offseason, why not keep this trend going? 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 12-1

Houston Texans

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    Salary Cap Room: $4 million


    The Houston Texans are an up-and-coming NFL powerhouse, but that doesn't mean they're content with what they have. 

    They do need another receiver to complement star Andre Johnson, but they are lacking the proper funds at the moment. 

    With only $4 million in cap room right now, the Texans would have to get creative in finding a way to land Mike Wallace. 

    Although it seems improbable, the Texans shouldn't be counted out. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 20-1

Indianapolis Colts

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    Salary Cap Room: $14.5 million


    Due to the release of Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts have a surplus of Benjamins. 

    Now with new franchise quarterback Andrew Luck in place, the Colts could use a guy like Mike Wallace. While it's true that they re-signed 33-year-old Reggie Wayne this offseason, Wallace would give Luck the home-run threat that he needs. 

    The trio of Wayne, Wallace and tight end Coby Fleener would spell trouble for all defenses. Team owner Jim Irsay isn't scared to make bold moves and he should take a shot at nabbing Wallace. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 8-1

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Salary Cap Room: $25.1 million


    The Jacksonville Jaguars have the most cap space in the NFL and need a true playmaker like Mike Wallace in the worst way, but they have bigger problems at the moment.

    Running back Maurice Jones-Drew is currently holding out, and without him the Jags don't stand a chance in 2012. 

    Until this problem is resolved, the Jaguars can't turn their attention elsewhere. By finding a common bond with Jones-Drew within the next week, the Jaguars could then focus on a guy like Wallace.

    The only problem there is that the Jaguars signed free agent Laurent Robinson to a five-year, $32.5 million deal in the offseason, meaning that Wallace would want at least double the pay for the same amount of time. 

    Although it may seem like a bit much, the Jaguars need to get better now. Without a guy like Wallace, there may be no tomorrow for the franchise. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 15-1

Tennessee Titans

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    Salary Cap Room: $19.9 million


    The Tennessee Titans have nearly $20 million in cap space and are suddenly in need of a No. 1 receiver. Yes, they have Kenny Britt, but he's a nothing but a headache right now. 

    As Bleacher Report's own Michael Schottey wrote earlier this week, the Titans should cut Britt loose. Schottey's opinion is hard to disagree with when it comes to the Titans' predicament. 

    The organization has a ton of talent and could use a player of Mike Wallace's caliber. With plenty of money to spend, it's time to get in contact with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 4-1

Chicago Bears

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    Salary Cap Room: $3.9 million


    The Chicago Bears front office deserves some applause because they actually made multiple moves that drastically improved their team this offseason on the offensive side of the ball. 

    Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are the newest wide receivers to join the Bears, and they won't disappoint. 

    Now quarterback Jay Cutler has every reason to explode this season, as he should tally nearly 5,000 yards. 

    That being said, the Bears won't be looking to land Mike Wallace.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 200-1

Detroit Lions

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    Salary Cap Room: $3.7 million


    The Detroit Lions already have the best wide receiver in the NFL in Calvin Johnson, along with reliable hands behind him in Titus Young and Nate Burleson.

    Adding Mike Wallace would only stir the pecking order in Detroit. 

    Don't plan on this deal going down.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 200-1

Green Bay Packers

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    Salary Cap Room: $11.2 million


    The Green Bay Packers may have a load of money available and Mike Wallace may be tempting to fans hungry for another ring, but why would the organization mess with a good thing?

    Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson are the clear No. 1 and 2 receivers in Green Bay. The team also has Randall Cobb, who's ready for liftoff this season. 

    While adding Wallace may sound like an instant trip to the Super Bowl, the Packers are that quiet organization who does everything right. Acquiring Wallace doesn't fit their mold for success. 

    If a major catastrophe occurs, they may throw their hat into the ring. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 60-1

Minnesota Vikings

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    Salary Cap Room: $10.5 million


    The Minnesota Vikings should be serious players in the Mike Wallace lottery. Some may think that the Vikings are headed for certain doom, but they shouldn't be left for dead.

    While it's true that running back Adrian Peterson won't begin the season at 100 percent, he'll return to the field sooner than later.

    The Vikings need a guy like Wallace to stretch the field and should be willing to pony up to the Pittsburgh Steelers in order to obtain Wallace. The combination of Wallace and Percy Harvin would undoubtedly keep opposing defenses guessing. 

    With an already strong defense, the Vikings would quickly become respected again with Wallace on their roster.  


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 8-1

Baltimore Ravens

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    Salary Cap Room: $606,000


    The Baltimore Ravens are the sworn enemy of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

    They also don't have many reserves when it comes to the salary cap. 

    Mike Wallace to the Ravens will never fly for either side. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: When Hell Freezes Over

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Salary Cap Room: $16.3 million


    The Cincinnati Bengals have lots of loot and are in need of a valid No. 2 receiver behind A.J. Green.

    Mike Wallace may not like the sounds of No. 2, but the Bengals are sitting pretty in terms of a bright future. 

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are too smart to let Wallace walk onto the Bengals, as the thought of Green and Wallace together would be a nightmare to match up against for the foreseeable future. 

    Because of the Bengals being a divisional rival, this deal may never come to fruition, but they do have money, which always talks. 


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 300-1

Cleveland Browns

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    Salary Cap Room: $17.7 million


    The Cleveland Browns have plenty of room for improvement, but those pieces are already in place. 

    With rookies Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Travis Benjamin and Josh Gordon on offense, the Browns have to be excited for 2015. 

    Let's not forget about Greg Little, who will become a household name by season's end. Even though the Browns may experience more than their fair share of growing pains this season, they'll steer clear of Mike Wallace. 

    The Browns will save their money for next offseason, when they can hopefully lure some talented defenders their way.

    If and only if they deem Wallace a necessity, don't plan on him becoming a member of the Browns.


    Odds of Landing Wallace: 35-1

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Salary Cap Room: Roughly $3.2 million


    With only $3.2 million in cap room, it's no wonder the Pittsburgh Steelers are only offering Mike Wallace $2.7 million this season. 

    The current situation may not be ideal at the moment, but the Steelers need Wallace just as bad as he needs the team. 

    The immediate future of the Steelers is contingent on Wallace reporting to training camp. There are not too many franchises around the NFL that are as rich in history and as highly respected as the Steelers, and Wallace knows this. 

    He may not be too thrilled with the Steelers showing their appreciation for Antonio Brown recently, but Wallace should be excited to have a solid No. 2 underneath him to take the pressure off of him. 

    Truth be told, each player wouldn't be the same without the other. 

    Steelers' fans hope this situation can be resolved before it gets any uglier. After all, the Steelers hold the fate of Wallace in their hands. 

    If Wallace succumbs to the Steelers soon, the Steelers will be a contender this season. If he continues to hold out, the team will be forced to plan for the future without him. 


    Odds of Holding onto Wallace: 3-2