NFL Rumors: Latest Draft and Trade Talk for All 32 Teams

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIApril 16, 2012

NFL Rumors: Latest Draft and Trade Talk for All 32 Teams

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    It's certainly hard to believe that the 2012 NFL Draft is just a little over a week away—it's amazing how time flies in the world of the National Football League. 

    The 2012 offseason has been very busy thus far, with major transactions left and right, such as Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow being shipped off to the New York Jets. 

    With that being said, what are the latest rumors for each and every team heading into the final stretch before the draft? 

San Francisco 49ers

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    Over the past few weeks, the San Francisco 49ers haven't really been in the news.

    However, I'd like to point to the fact that Bleacher Report's Matt Miller currently has the 49ers selecting Wisconsin center Peter Konz with the No. 30 overall pick in this year's draft.

    Here's Miller's insight on the pick: 

    Konz is the No. 1-rated center, so he's a steal here for a 49ers team with a desperate need.

Chicago Bears

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    Over the past week or so, the Chicago Bears have found out that Lance Briggs wants to retire as a Bear, and he just received a contract extension through the 2014 season. On the flip side, Matt Forte will hold out for a new contract

    This is certainly a good news, bad news situation for Bears fans. 

Cincinnati Bengals

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    As of right now, there isn't too much going on with the Cincinnati Bengals.

    This past week, the Bengals certainly did make a rather significant move, as they traded away linebacker Keith Rivers to the New York Giants for a fifth-round pick in the 2012 draft. 

    However, in Bleacher Report's Matt Miller's latest mock draft, he has the Bengals selecting cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick with the No. 21 overall pick. 

Buffalo Bills

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    The Buffalo Bills may be interested in quarterback Ryan Tannehill. reported last week that the Texas A&M quarterback is set to visit with the Bills. 

    With Ryan Fitzpatrick performing so poorly a year ago after receiving a massive, seven-year contract worth $62.195 million, the Bills are in a tricky situation—one which could lead them to look at Tannehill with the No. 10 overall pick. 

Denver Broncos

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    Peyton Manning may be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, but the team still may be interested in bringing along a development project.

    Who might that be? The Denver Post reported a little over a week ago that Arizona State University quarterback Brock Osweiler worked out with the Broncos. 

    Keep in mind that Manning is 36 years old and entering the twilight of his career. 

Cleveland Browns

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    One hot news piece that has been floating around is that the Cleveland Browns may be interested in trading away their No. 4 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

    According to CSN Philly, the Philadelphia Eagles were interested, but are now "unlikely" to trade up for the No. 4 pick. 

    Will the Browns stay put heading into the draft? We'll just have to wait and see. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Nothing notable has come out of Tampa Bay Buccaneers camp over the past few weeks, so I'll just direct you to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller's recent mock draft. 

    With the No. 5 overall pick, Miller has the Bucs going with running back Trent Richardson:

    Richardson has all the potential to be the next best running back in the league. He's strong, exceptionally fast, agile, has great vision and is going to make this Buccaneers team very dangerous.

Arizona Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals are another team that has stayed quiet as of late—which will again lead me to direct you to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller's latest mock draft. 

    With the No. 13 overall pick, Miller has the Cardinals going with USC outside linebacker Nick Perry: 

    Perry is the highest-ranked defensive end on my board from a talent standpoint, and he's a steal here at 13, especially for a team desperate for talent on the edge.

San Diego Chargers

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    The San Diego Chargers may have missed the playoffs this past season, but actually don't have too many holes to fill—they simply underachieved.

    According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chargers are completely "wide open" to a draft trade. 

Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Kansas City Chiefs haven't really been in the news this offseason and have stayed rather quiet with their draft buzz and rumors.

    Bleacher Report's Matt Miller believes that the Chiefs will go with David DeCastro out of Stanford with the No. 11 overall pick: 

    The Chiefs will round out a great offseason with this pick. DeCastro is the best guard to come out since Steve Hutchinson and will make this offensive line elite.

Indianapolis Colts

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    Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts are probably the most interesting and confusing organization in professional sports. 

    If you ask me, I think things down in Indy are a complete mess and that they're in for a very, very, very, very long 2012 season. 

    Colts fans are going to feel about as good as Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed did after they went the distance in not only Rocky, but Rocky II. 

    It's going to be a long year, Colts fans. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    The Dallas Cowboys need a pass-rusher, and Alabama's Courtney Upshaw could certainly be the answer.

    According to, the Cowboys are very interested in Upshaw, and a Cowboys executive believes that Upshaw is worth a "hard look."

Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins haven't really been newsworthy this offseason in terms of draft buzz—but I'll gladly share my opinion with you.

    With the No. 8 overall pick, I believe that the Dolphins will be looking for Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill.

    There is no way that the Dolphins can expect to move forward with David Garrard and Matt Moore at quarterback; they need to get some young blood with a promising future—and that is exactly what Tannehill is. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Multiple sources are indicating that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in trading up for the Cleveland Browns' No. 4 overall pick in the 2012 draft, but there is one source that is indicating that the Eagles are "unlikely" to trade up. 

Atlanta Falcons

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    The Atlanta Falcons could use some help at defensive end and outside linebacker heading into the 2012 NFL season, and adding someone like Andre Branch could be the perfect addition.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this past week that the Falcons were set to work out Clemson's Andre Branch and Brandon Thompson—who were part of a productive duo at defensive end and defensive tackle a year ago with Clemson. 

New York Giants

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    There hasn't been too much draft-related news for the New York Giants over the past week or so, but there has been one interesting story that has come out of nowhere. broke a story that Osi Umenyiora is unhappy playing behind Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul and could very well want out of New York. 

    This has been an ongoing saga for the Giants, and we'll just have to wait and see how this pans out this time. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars are very interested in trading out of the No. 7 overall pick in this year's draft—and I mean very interested. recently released a story last week that the Jags would "love to make a deal with the No. 7 pick." 

    With that draft a little over a week away, this story should certainly continue to develop, and we'll have to wait and see where it goes. 

New York Jets

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    Over the past few weeks, we have been swept up by "Tebowmania" hitting New York City, so there hasn't been any real draft buzz regarding the Jets.

    However, I will direct you towards our very own draft expert in Matt Miller

    Miller believes, with the No. 16 overall pick, that the Jets will select Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd: 

    The Jets have so many needs to fill that they'll be wise to go with the best player available here. Floyd will be a very valuable weapon for Mark Sanchez—or Tim Tebow.

Detroit Lions

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    Ever since "mock-draft season" officially kicked off, it seems like everyone has had the Detroit Lions selecting cornerback Janoris Jenkins with their first-round pick—well, that is not going to happen.

    I happen to believe, along with multiple sources, that Jenkins' stock is going down the tubes in accordance with his major character issues, which include three drug-related arrests, reportedly four children with three different women and the firing of his agent a month before the draft. 

    There is no way that the Lions will go with Jenkins in the first round. 

Green Bay Packers

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    There have been quite a few reports that have indicated that the Green Bay Packers could show interest in Washington running back Chris Polk—and I'm one of the guys that believe he'd be a perfect selection in the first round. 

    The Packers enter the draft with the No. 28 overall pick and could very well end up drafting Polk. He'd certainly stabilize their ground game and would take some of the abundant pressure off of quarterback Aaron Rodgers' arm. 

Carolina Panthers

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    There haven't been any newsworthy reports regarding the Carolina Panthers and the 2012 draft, but the team did extend wide receiver Steve Smith's contract. 

    The recent extension not only allows Smith to remain with the Panthers for the remainder of his career, but it also cleared up $5 million in salary-cap space

New England Patriots

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    We all know Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots by now—they're tight-lipped and will not offer up any worthy information regarding the 2012 NFL Draft.

    Just let me say this: The Patriots will take the player with the best value when they're on the board, and they will trade one of their two first-round picks. 

Oakland Raiders

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    Can I just say "next" on this one?

    The Oakland Raiders have no draft picks in the first two rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft. They just have picks in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth rounds. 

St. Louis Rams

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    With the recent news that the Cleveland Browns are interested in trading away their No. 4 overall pick, the St. Louis Rams were one of the teams that emerged as a team that could be interested. 

    This is rather confusing if you ask me—why would the Rams want to trade up to No. 4 when they sit at No. 6 overall? Whom could they possibly be interested in? 

Baltimore Ravens

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    The Baltimore Ravens might want to look at the running-back position in this year's draft, as Ray Rice's contract situation is starting to get ugly. 

    According to, Rice will not be at the team's offseason workouts unless he signs a new contract—as he has yet to agree to the franchise tender that was placed on him earlier this offseason. 

    As of right now, if Rice chooses to hold out, the Ravens will be left with Anthony Allen and Damien Berry as the team's two running backs. 

Washington Redskins

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    Any draft news here? Not really.

    The Washington Redskins made the biggest trade this offseason, when they traded up to the No. 2 overall pick, and there is no surprise that they'll be drafting Baylor standout Robert Griffin III. 

New Orleans Saints

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    Aside from the entire "Bountygate" scandal that has gone on throughout this offseason, the New Orleans Saints haven't really been involved in too many draft-related rumors.

    However, there is one interesting piece of news that is very significant, and that's Drew Brees and his contract situation. 

    The Saints may have used their franchise tag on Brees, but he has yet to sign the offer sheet, and he will not attend any of the team's offensive workouts, according to the The Times-Picayune

    This is really turning into a sticky situation for the Saints. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    The biggest news this offseason for the Seattle Seahawks was the addition of quarterback Matt Flynn. Other than that, the Seahawks haven't made any real news related to the 2012 draft. 

    However, earlier this past week, I posted an article discussing the idea of drafting Boston College's Luke Kuechly—and I firmly believe that's what the Seahawks will do. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    There's no doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mike Wallace are in some trouble, as they have yet to make any sort of progress in contract negations. 

    According to one source (via TribLive), there are teams that are "interested" in trading for Wallace, but it's unclear if the Steelers would be willing to listen to any offers, as he's such an integral part of their offense. 

Houston Texans

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    The Houston Texans are one team that hasn't made any real transactions this offseason, while watching guys like Mario Williams walk out the door.

    With that being said, there isn't any real news revolving around the Texans, but I will say that with their No. 26 overall pick, they will draft wide receiver Kendall Wright—someone to stabilize the No. 2 wide-receiver position opposite of Andre Johnson. 

Tennessee Titans

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    This is going back a couple of weeks now, but I would like to reiterate that any trade talks between the Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles regarding Asante Samuel are over.

    With that being said, I would like to see the Titans look to add some depth at the cornerback position via the draft, as they will have to find a way to replace Cortland Finnegan—whether that's in the first round or the later rounds. 

Minnesota Vikings

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    Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay actually said something notable this past week: 

    Tannehill is a hidden gem in this draft,a quiet secret who was always sneaking up to want him,you better talk to Zigi The Biggie!

    Irsay is definitely right on this one.

    Whoever wants the third-best quarterback in this year's draft class is going to have to trade up to No. 3 overall, and this is certainly a move that the Minnesota Vikings need to explore.