NFL Season 2011: Regular Season Predictions

Alex Ramirez@@alexramirez127Correspondent IAugust 20, 2011

NFL Season 2011: Regular Season Predictions

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    Training Camps are closing soon. Moving forward into the preseason, teams will start trimming their rosters to get ready for the regular season. 

    It feels pretty great, if you think a month ago, the lockout was still intact.  Fans are as excited for preseason games this year, as they would regular season games any other year.

    With all the new faces everywhere in the league, it will be exciting to see what happens in every division. 

    With the defending Super Bowl champs, Green Bay Packers, not even to be the one considered to be the favorites for this year's championship, anything and everything will happen in this new post lockout era.

    Here are some predictions for every Division in the NFL.

AFC North

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    Pittsburgh and Baltimore headline the division, while Cleveland and Cincinnati look to be plummeting to the ground. 

    This division will be close between the Steelers and Ravens.  Both finished with the same record last season, at 12-4.  Pittsburgh won the division because of their head to head record with Baltimore.  Of course, as everyone knows, the Steelers were the team that lost to Green Bay in the Super Bowl.

    Will it be another great year for the Steelers? 

    They rely on their defense oh so much.  Kinda like the Ravens, but they have a better offense.  Without a doubt, these two teams are the only ones likely to be competing for the division.

    The Steelers and the Ravens resemble each other very well.  Hard hitting defenses with OK offenses.

    Predictions: The Ravens offense will catch fire, which will lead to winning the division.  The Steeler's offense will be the opposite.  Their Defense will keep them in it. 

    The Bengals will live up to their failing expectations, with A.J. Green being their only hope.

    The Browns will continue to go nowhere. 

    Peyton Hillis will impress again, until the Madden Curse strikes.

    Projected Records: Ravens: 11-5 Steelers: 10-6 Bengals: 5-11 Browns: 4-12

NFC North

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    And the Chicago Bears win the division, they will be the number two seed while the Packers will have to play in a Willdcard game.  Remember that? Hold on, maybe this one.  The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl Champions.  Sorry Obama.

    This division has the potential to be one of the toughest in the league.  Anything could happen.  The Packers could get third, or the Lions could win the division.  Undoubtedly, the Packers are the favorites.

    Predictions: The Packers will continue their success this season winning the division.  The Lions will have a comeback year finishing second in the divison.  Ndamukong Suh will be fined once again. 

    Donovan Mcnabb will do his best to lead the Vikings, but their lack of talent at the receiver position will be their downfall.  Jay Cutler will have another terrible year which will lead to them having a losing record, and finishing fourth. 

    Projected Records: Packers: 12-4 Lions: 9-7 Vikings: 8-8 Bears: 6-10

AFC East

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    The AFC East will probably be the most watched division in the NFL.  Rex Ryan has already confirmed that the Jets will be Super Bowl champions.  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will tell him otherwise.  This is another one of those divisions with two elite teams, and two below average teams. 

    New England looked great in both preseason games while New York looked a little sluggish.

    New faces have arrived within the division. Reggie Bush to Miami, Chad Ochocinco to New England, and Plaxico Burress to New York. 

    In my opinion, Ochocinco will have the most success just because of Tom Brady.  Three veterans on new teams, should be fun to see what happens.

    Predictions: Tom Brady has another MVP caliber season and leads the Pats to the best record in the NFL. New York fails to live up to the expectations, yet they get a wild card spot. 

    The Bills built progress from last season, but fail to earn a winning record.  Chad Henne leads the Dolphins straight into the ground.  That's all that needs to be said.

    Projected Records: Patriots: 14-2 Jets: 10-6 Bills: 6-10 Dolphins: 3-13

NFC East

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    Here comes the "Dream Team".  Here comes Eli Manning, or should I say, Tom Brady.  How bout them Cowboys?

    Oh yeah, I forgot. The Redskins.  Rex Grossman has already announced that Washington is winning the division.  The same team that went 6-10 last season, and lost their starting quarterback for this year. Keep dreaming there Rex.

    Here are th e headlines for the other teams. Tony Romo is ready to make his return, Yay! (sarcasm). The Eagles have put together an all star team that are already Super Bowl favorites.  And the Giants, well, their quarterback Eli Manning feels he is as good as Tom Brady.

    This isn't division should be called the "Hollywood" division.

    Predictions: The Cowboys shock the NFL and win the NFC East. Philadelphia comes up short to the expectations, like the Jets, but lands a wild card spot anyways.

    The Redskins will play better than in 2010, but will fail to earn a winning record.  Eli Manning has another embarrassing season, and brings New York down with him.

    Projected Records: Cowboys: 11-5 Eagles: 10-6 Redskins: 7-9 Giants: 6-10

AFC South

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    Many people, especially Colts fans, feel iffy about Peyton Manning's health.  Will he will keep his progression, or if he will start his regress?

    The Texans are hoping for their powerful offense to get better, as well as their defense with new Defensive Coordinator Wade Philips.  Chris Johnson's holdout might continue into the season for the Titans unless he gets the contract extension he wants. 

    The Jaguars might want to start working hard if they want to stay in Jacksonville. If not, they could be the next Los Angeles NFL team.

    The Colts are definitely at the top of the division looking down on the rest, but the Texans are on the rise.  Tennessee and Jacksonville are in the rebuilding process with two elite running backs, but no official quarterbacks.

    Predictions: The Texans become a more all around team and they win the division. Peyton Manning does start to regress, and his efficiency drops, as well as the Colts' record. 

    The Titans will become Jake Locker's team, but his lack of experience will be their downfall.  In Jacksonville, it will be a mess.  Their quarterback situation will not be figured out all season.

    Projected Records: Texans: 10-6 Colts: 8-8 Titans: 7-9 Jaguars: 5-11

NFC South

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    With the first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select Cam Newton.  Doesn't it feel like just a day ago this happened?  Well, it doesn't matter now, it's finally back to football.

    Julio Jones and Mark Ingram are the other notable rookies within the division. Jones will add to Matt Ryan's arsenal of weapons, while Ingram will have to fight with the other three running backs for carries in New Orleans. 

    Julio Jones will probably have the most success because of the situation for Ingram, as well as Cam Newton's situation.  Newton might start one game, then sit the next behind Jimmy Clausen.

    The Falcons are hungry for a taste at the Super Bowl, and with the addition of Julio Jones, they could be one step closer.  Drew Brees will enjoy having Mark Ingram and Darren Sproles in his backfield, and will become a bigger threat towards defenses.

    Predictions: The Falcons create an explosive offense which can hardly be stopped, leading them to winning the division. 

    The Saints will get another wildcard spot, but will not be as easy to defeat as last season. 

    The Buccaneers have another up and down year, mostly impressive, but cannot hold on to reach the playoffs.  Cam Newton will become the official starter for the Panthers and lead them to a better record than the season before.

    Projected Records: Falcons: 13-3 Saints: 10-6 Buccaneers: 9-7 Panthers: 7-9

AFC West

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    Two unthinkable things happened last season.  Actually, make that three.

    1. The Oakland Raiders finished with a 6-0 record, sweeping the division, but failed to make the playoffs.
    2. The San Diego Chargers did not win the division for the first time in five years, and missed the playoffs as well.
    3. The Kansas City Chiefs won the division.

    Whether that last one should be there or not, I'm not sure.  I feel it should be, given their lack of leadership.  Matt Cassel did not appear that he could lead the Chiefs to a division title. Well, he proved people wrong.  Either that, or the Chargers handed them the division.

    Last season, the Chargers led the NFL with the number one offense and the number one defense.  On paper, they're the best team.  In the games, they weren't.  Their special teams were horrific which created their loss of a season.

    The Denver Broncos are also in this division?  How could I forget, it's the Tim Tebow saga every week.  When will Tebow play?  When will he become the starter?  If Denver is smart, the answer would be never.   We'll see what happens with the Broncos' quarterback situation week one.

    Predictions: The Chargers will rebound from last season behind Philip Rivers, who will also have another MVP caliber season like Tom Brady, and they will win the division.  T

    he Chiefs will travel in a complete 180, heading downhill in a hurry.  The Broncos will give Tebow the chances he "deserves" which will generate losses. 

    Oakland will begin falling back once again with the losses of Asomugha and Miller.

    Projected Records: Chargers: 12-4 Chiefs: 7-9 Broncos: 6-10 Raiders: 2-14

NFC West

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    Last, but not, wait.  They are the least.  The NFC West is known as the worst division in the NFL.

    Seattle won the division last season with a losing record (7-9). 

    The 49ers have talent, but no consistent quarterback.  The Cardinals also have talent, but no defense.  The Rams are the biggest threat to the Seahawks this season.

    Sam Bradford is without a doubt the best quarterback in this division The others?  Tavaris Jackson, Kevin Kolb, and Alex Smith.  Let's just say that there will be no wildcard team coming from the NFC West.

    Any team can win this division plain and simple.

    Predictions: Sam Bradford leads the Rams into the playoffs after winning the division. 

    Kevin Kolb improves the Cardinals, but not by much. 

    The Seahawks decline with the addition of Tavaris Jackson. 

    San Fransisco will still not know what kind of team they are by the end of the season, a long with their starting quarterback, again.

    Projected Records: Rams: 8-8 Cardinals: 7-9 Seahawks: 5-11 49ers: 3-13


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