Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 1 Big Board

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Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 1 Big Board

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    Outside of suspension and injury concerns, Week 1 fantasy lineups were set by whom you drafted to be your starters. For those fringe options in deeper leagues, Bleacher Report presents its Week 1 Big Board. Here we break down the top 100 overall and every position to its depths of fantasy.

    You can use these rankings to weigh your options on starters or gear up for your daily fantasy football lineups, drafts and rosters. These rankings represent our prediction for the highest scorers by position, relative to their use, game plan, health and matchup.

    You won't need to know Andrew Luck is facing off against the Indianapolis Colts legend who came before him to start those guys, but our positional analysis marvels at the expected bountiful games such as that one for fantasy purposes as well.

Top 100: LeSean McCoy Should Get Off to Start Worthy of No. 1 Overall Pick

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    Matt Rourke/Associated Press

    LeSean McCoy has a lot going for him: a quick-strike Chip Kelly rushing attack, a great Week 1 matchup against a Jacksonville Jaguars rush defense that was the NFL's fourth worst last season and some sick natural talent.

    McCoy is in a class all by himself, and Kelly told's Eliot Shorr-Parks:

    I think he has challenges and goals and aspirations that he wants to achieve...he does have the unique ability that the goals and aspirations he has, they are obtainable. (He says) 'I wanna lead the NFL in rushing,' but not everyone has the God-given ability to do it. He does.

    McCoy also has the right system. Kelly's offense is predicated on attacking and doing it mostly with the running game. The Eagles led the NFL in rushing last season, thanks to the reigning rushing champ, McCoy.

    They should get off to a great start for fantasy owners this weekend against a Jags defense that was in the bottom third of fantasy against running backs, per

    Kelly added to Shorr-Parks:

    I don't challenge him. I think he challenges himself. If he sets goals and aspirations for himself, he has to go out and work for it. I think he really understands that.

    He had an outstanding offseason; he came in camp in the best shape of his life. He is training like that every single day we are out here. I think he really realizes that this is the prime of his career. He is no longer a young player. He is in the meat of his career right now, and he better take full advantage of it.

    He doesn't want to become a "woulda, coulda, shoulda guy." There is a short window for running backs, and he is in the middle of it right now. He is taking full advantage of it.

    You have to love McCoy at age 26 this season, particularly in Week 1. He is the highest-projected scorer among non-quarterbacks in our Week 1 Top 100:

    Week 1 Flex Rankings - Eric Mack
    RankFlex RankingsTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1Peyton ManningDenvs. Ind10
    2Drew BreesNOat Atl20
    3Andrew LuckIndat Den5+2
    4LeSean McCoyPHIvs. Jac3-1
    5Jamaal CharlesKCvs. Ten6+1
    6Matthew StaffordDetvs. NYG4-2
    7Colin KaepernickSFat Dal10+3
    8Jimmy GrahamNOat Atl25+17
    9Demaryius ThomasDenvs. Ind19+10
    10Matt ForteChivs. Buf11+1
    11Adrian PetersonMinat StL13+2
    12Montee BallDenvs. Ind17+5
    13Frank GoreSFat Dal42+29
    14Marshawn LynchSeavs. GB18+4
    15Dez BryantDalvs. SF24+9
    16Brandon MarshallChivs. Buf27+11
    17Calvin JohnsonDETvs. NYG16-1
    18Julio JonesAtlvs. NO29+11
    19Alshon JefferyChivs. Buf33+14
    20Alfred MorrisWasat Hou47+27
    21Zac StacyStLvs. Min37+16
    22Andre EllingtonArivs. SD36+14
    23Julius ThomasDenvs. Ind41+18
    24C.J. SpillerBufat Chi62+38
    25Le'Veon BellPITvs. Cle49+24
    26Vernon DavisSFat Dal69+43
    27DeMarco MurrayDalvs. SF26-1
    28A.J. GreenCinat Bal30+2
    29Doug MartinTBvs. Car54+25
    30Aaron RodgersGBat Sea8-22
    31Antonio BrownPitvs. Cle35+4
    32Victor CruzNYGat Det45+13
    33Matt RyanAtlvs. NO9-24
    34Nick FolesPhivs. Jac7-27
    35Michael CrabtreeSFat Dal52+17
    36Pierre GarconWasat Hou58+22
    37Jay CutlerChivs. Buf12-25
    38Eddie LacyGBat Sea22-16
    39DeSean JacksonWasat Hou76+37
    40Michael FloydArivs. SD55+15
    41Roddy WhiteAtlvs. NO50+9
    42Toby GerhartJacat Phi61+19
    43Tom BradyNEat Mia14-29
    44Russell WilsonSeavs. GB15-29
    45Chris JohnsonNYJvs. Oak77+32
    46Jordy NelsonGBat Sea39-7
    47Jason WittenDalvs. SF86+39
    48Larry FitzgeraldArivs. SD44-4
    49Percy HarvinSEAvs. GB57+8
    50Robert GriffinWasat Hou23-27
    51Giovani BernardCinat Bal38-13
    52Arian FosterHOUvs. Was28-24
    53Keenan AllenSDat Ari51-2
    54Eric DeckerNYJvs. Oak70+16
    55Marques ColstonNOat Atl66+11
    56Torrey SmithBalvs. Cin63+7
    57Rashad JenningsNYGat Det68+11
    58Julian EdelmanNEat Mia78+20
    59Jeremy MaclinPhivs. Jac80+21
    60Greg OlsenCARat TB84+24
    61Cam NewtonCARat TB21-40
    62Randall CobbGBat Sea53-9
    63Emmanuel SandersDENvs. Ind64+1
    64Tony RomoDALvs. SF20-44
    65Reggie BushDetvs. NYG67+2
    66Kendall WrightTenat KC82+16
    67Jordan ReedWASat Hou89+22
    68Andre JohnsonHouvs. Was40-28
    69Shane VereenNEat Mia74+5
    70Carson PalmerArivs. SD32-38
    71Vincent JacksonTBvs. Car46-25
    72Eli ManningNYGat Det75+3
    73Cordarrelle PattersonMinat StL60-13
    74Jordan CameronCleat Pit65-9
    75Ryan MathewsSDat Ari81+6
    76Golden TateDetvs. NYG88+12
    77Zach ErtzPhivs. Jac99+22
    78Ben TateCLEat Pit71-7
    79T.Y. HiltonIndat Den73-6
    80Philip RiversSDat Ari31-49
    81Ben RoethlisbergerPitvs. Cle34-47
    82Mike WallaceMiavs. NE83+1
    83Joique BellDetvs. NYG85+2
    84Andy DaltonCinat Bal43-41
    85Bernard PierceBALvs. Cin92+7
    86Rueben RandleNYGat Det100+14
    87Trent RichardsonIndat Den108+21
    88Carlos HydeSFat Dal152+64
    89Kyle RudolphMinat StL95+6
    90Steven JacksonATLvs. NO93+3
    91Terrance WilliamsDalvs. SF94+3
    92Rob GronkowskiNEat Mia56-36
    93Cecil ShortsJacat Phi104+11
    94Riley CooperPHIvs. Jac112+18
    95Dennis PittaBalvs. Cin91-4
    96Lamar MillerMIAvs. NE119+23
    97Knowshon MorenoMIAvs. NE117+20
    98Brandin CooksNOat Atl101+3
    99Stevan RidleyNEat Mia106+7
    100Kelvin BenjaminCarat TB103+3

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees Matchup Trumps Aaron Rodgers'

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    You don't sit Aaron Rodgers against anyone. You drafted him among the top three quarterbacks to play through thick and thin, but you cannot like what you and Rodgers are facing in Week 1: the Legion of Boom.

    Ask Peyton Manning. He celebrated the most prolific season for a quarterback with a different type of crowning in the Super Bowl. He was crowned, as in jacked up by the Seattle Seahawks.

    Rodgers heads back to the site of the "Fail Mary," the ignominious play that ended replacement referees and started the Seahawks' ascension to the NFL's elite. Payback is going to be tough this time around. Quarterbacks just don't play well against the Seahawks, particularly in Seattle against the 12th Man. Seattle was by far the toughest team in fantasy against quarterbacks last year, per

    If you drafted Rodgers early, you might be regretting your decision after a Week 1 that should see Manning and Drew Brees light it up with the best of them in much more favorable matchups.

    Expect Rodgers to survive better than Manning did in the Super Bowl, and keep him active unless you have Colin Kaepernick as your backup quarterback. Kaep gets to face arguably one of the worst defenses in NFL history in the Dallas Cowboys.

    Rodgers told Clare Farnsworth of the Seahawks' official website:

    There's a challenge at every level. They're really talented up front. They're as good as they come on the backend with the safety-corner tandem. And they're very talented and long and rangy and athletic and physical in the linebacker group.

    So they can throw a lot of different personnel groupings and a lot of different guys lined up in different spots at you. And then they can rush just four and lock you down outside and inside. This is as talented a defense as you're going to see in the league.

    Manning agrees.

    Rodgers ranks just sixth behind Kaepernick in our Week 1 quarterback rankings:

    Week 1 Quarterback Rankings—Eric Mack
    RankQuarterbacksTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1Peyton ManningDenvs. Ind10
    2Drew BreesNOat Atl 20
    3Andrew LuckIndat Den4+1
    4Matthew StaffordDetvs. NYG 3-1
    5Colin Kaepernick SFat Dal7+2
    6Aaron RodgersGBat Sea60
    7Matt RyanAtlvs. NO8+1
    8Nick FolesPhivs. Jac 5-3
    9Jay CutlerChivs. Buf 90
    10Tom BradyNEat Mia100
    11Russell WilsonSeavs. GB110
    12Robert GriffinWasat Hou 14+2
    13Cam NewtonCARat TB130
    14Tony RomoDalvs. SF12-2
    15Carson PalmerArivs. SD17+2
    16Eli ManningNYGat Det 22+6
    17Philip RiversSDat Ari15-2
    18Ben RoethlisbergerPitvs. Cle 16-2
    19Andy DaltonCinat Bal 18-1
    20Alex SmithKCvs. Ten200
    21Joe Flacco Balvs. Cin 25+4
    22Ryan Tannehill Miavs. NE19-3
    23EJ ManuelBufat Chi29+6
    24Geno SmithNYJvs. Oak21-3
    25Jake LockerTenat KC23-2
    26Chad Henne Jacat Phi28+2
    27Shaun HillStLvs. Min24-3
    28Josh McCown TBvs. Car26-2
    29Matt CasselMinat StL 33+4
    30Brian Hoyer Cleat Pit35+5
    31Derek CarrOAKat NYJ 32+1
    32Ryan FitzpatrickHouvs. Was27-5

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros.

Running Backs: Lamar Miller, Knowshon Moreno, No Better Than Flex Plays

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    Lynne Sladky/Associated Press

    We came into the preseason waiting for a Miami Dolphins decision on Lamar Miller vs. Knowshon Moreno for the feature-back role. All we have going into the regular season is indecision there.

    Moreno proved healthy and more productive, despite coming off June knee surgery, while Miller took his outstanding spring and turned it into a disappointing summer. We thought we would get a certain fantasy starter out of one of these backs for fantasy Week 1 against a New England Patriots defense that was the NFL's third worst against the run a year ago.

    All we have right now is a potential platoon situation that makes both Dolphins backs mere flex options in most fantasy leagues. Miller is expected to start, according to Chris Perkins of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, but the important carries might not go his way

    Head coach Joe Philbin said:

    I think some of that is we have to get the feel for the game. I think it's hard to say, "Yeah, he's definitely the guy at the end of the game," or conversely that Lamar is definitely the guy. 

    Each game has its own little character and story, and you kind of have to get a feel for it. Maybe one guy has a particularly hot hand that day, so we'll kind of keep an open mind in that regard.


    Consider this a race too close to call right now. You cannot feel confident starting either running back in standard leagues. Both rank outside Bleacher Report's Top 25 running backs for Week 1:

    Week 1 Running Back RankingsEric Mack
    RankRunning BacksTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1 LeSean McCoyPhivs. Jac 10
    2Jamaal CharlesKCvs. Ten20
    3Matt ForteChivs. Buf 30
    4Adrian PetersonMinat StL 40
    5Montee BallDenvs. Ind50
    6Frank GoreSFat Dal14+8
    7Marshawn LynchSeavs. GB6-1
    8Alfred MorrisWasat Hou 15+7
    9 Zac StacyStLvs. Min10+1
    10Andre EllingtonArivs. SD11+1
    11C.J. SpillerBufat Chi18+7
    12 Le'Veon BellPitvs. Cle 13+1
    13DeMarco MurrayDalvs. SF9-4
    14Doug MartinTBvs. Car16+2
    15Eddie LacyGBat Sea7-8
    16Toby Gerhart Jacat Phi17+1
    17Chris JohnsonNYJvs. Oak23+6
    18 Giovani BernardCinat Bal 12-6
    19Arian FosterHouvs. Was8-11
    20 Rashad JenningsNYGat Det 19-1
    21Reggie BushDetvs. NYG 20-1
    22Shane Vereen NEat Mia220
    23Ryan MathewsSDat Ari24+1
    24Ben TateCLEat Pit21-3
    25 Joique BellDetvs. NYG 250
    26Bernard PierceBalvs. Cin 27+1
    27Trent RichardsonIndat Den30+3
    28Carlos HydeSFat Dal43+15
    29Steven JacksonAtlvs. NO26-3
    30Lamar MillerMIAvs. NE34+4
    31 Knowshon MorenoMIAvs. NE33+2
    32Stevan RidleyNEat Mia31-1
    33Fred JacksonBufat Chi28-5
    34Bishop Sankey Tenat KC35+1
    35Chris IvoryNYJvs. Oak42+7
    36 LeGarrette Blount Pitvs. Cle 47+11
    37Maurice Jones-DrewOakat NYJ 32-5
    38Darren SprolesPhivs. Jac 41+3
    39Pierre ThomasNOat Atl 29-10
    40DeAngelo WilliamsCarat TB400
    41Mark IngramNOat Atl 36-5
    42Jonathan StewartCarat TB45+3
    43Jeremy HillCinat Bal 39-4
    44Darren McFaddenOakat NYJ 440
    45 Shonn GreeneTenat KC37-8
    46Roy Helu WASat Hou 54+8
    47Danny Woodhead SDat Ari38-9
    48 Knile DavisKCvs. Ten58+10
    49 Devonta FreemanAtlvs. NO48-1
    50Andre WilliamsNYGat Det 500
    51Ahmad BradshawIndat Den52+1
    52 Khiry RobinsonNOat Atl 49-3
    53Terrance WestCLEat Pit46-7
    54 Jacquizz RodgersAtlvs. NO67+13
    55Lance DunbarDalvs. SF60+5
    56Dexter McCluster Tenat KC51-5
    57Ronnie Hillman DENvs. Ind59+2
    58Donald BrownSDat Ari61+3
    59Benny CunninghamStLvs. Min53-6
    60Jonathan Dwyer Arivs. SD65+5
    61Justin Forsett Balvs. Cin 66+5
    62James StarksGBat Sea69+7
    63C.J. AndersonDenvs. Ind70+7
    64Robert Turbin Seavs. GB63-1
    65 Tre MasonStLvs. Min71+6
    66Bryce BrownBufat Chi73+7
    67Lorenzo Taliaferro Balvs. Cin 79+12
    68 Denard RobinsonJacat Phi97+29
    69Jonathan GrimesHouvs. Was57-12
    70 De'Anthony ThomasKCvs. Ten83+13
    71 Dri ArcherPitvs. Cle 92+21

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros.

Wide Receivers: Emmanuel Sanders Becomes Must-Start Minus Wes Welker

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    Jack Dempsey/Associated Press

    We knew Wes Welker wouldn't play a 16-game least we should have known. Concussion issues were going to dog him and sap him of his true fantasy ceiling. Now, we get this: A four-game suspension for Welker, as's Adam Schefter reported.

    Welcome to fantasy prominence, Emmanuel Sanders.

    Peyton Manning is going to have a productive day against the Indianapolis Colts defense, if only to stick it to his former team that released him when they decided to draft Andrew Luck as his heir.

    Demaryius and Julius Thomas are going to draw a lot of attention from the corners and safeties, so Sanders and perhaps even Andre Caldwell and rookie Cody Latimer should become very important to Manning, the Broncos and fantasy owners.

    It won't matter whether Sanders is in the slot or the outside. He is comfortable with either, and his role is expected to be expanded with Welker officially out now. Sanders told's Jeff Legwold:

    I've played slot every year that I've played football except last year was my first year on the outside. It's a different game. On the outside, you just have to beat one man, really, and that's because they play man-to-man.

    Whereas in the slot, it's more zone. You have to avoid linebackers, you have to avoid safeties, you have to sit down in the zone, and that's where the big hits can come from. Whereas on the outside, they'll come, but they're not going to come as much as in the slot.

    We moved Sanders into B/R's Top 25 wide receivers for Week 1 and have Caldwell and Latimer as sleeper additions to help if you are suffering from the loss of Welker. The good news, Welker owners, is you had to expect this. You also have options, like the Broncos and Manning do. 

    Week 1 Wide Receiver Rankings—Eric Mack
    RankWide ReceiversTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1Demaryius ThomasDenvs. Ind2+1
    2Dez BryantDalvs. SF3+1
    3Brandon MarshallChivs. Buf 4+1
    4Calvin JohnsonDetvs. NYG 1-3
    5Julio JonesAtlvs. NO50
    6 Alshon JefferyChivs. Buf 7+1
    7A.J. GreenCinat Bal 6-1
    8Antonio BrownPitvs. Cle 80
    9Victor CruzNYGat Det 12+3
    10Michael CrabtreeSFat Dal14+4
    11Pierre GarconWasat Hou 19+8
    12DeSean JacksonWasat Hou 27+15
    13Michael FloydArivs. SD18+5
    14Roddy WhiteAtlvs. NO16+2
    15Jordy NelsonGBat Sea9-6
    16Larry FitzgeraldArivs. SD11-5
    17Percy HarvinSEAvs. GB20+3
    18Keenan AllenSDat Ari17-1
    19Eric DeckerNYJvs. Oak24+5
    20Marques ColstonNOat Atl 23+3
    21Torrey SmithBalvs. Cin 22+1
    22Julian Edelman NEat Mia29+7
    23Jeremy MaclinPhivs. Jac 28+5
    24Randall CobbGBat Sea15-9
    25Emmanuel SandersDenvs. Ind250
    26Kendall WrightTenat KC30+4
    27Andre JohnsonHouvs. Was10-17
    28Vincent JacksonTBvs. Car13-15
    29 Cordarrelle PattersonMinat StL 21-8
    30Golden TateDetvs. NYG 33+3
    31T.Y. HiltonIndat Den26-5
    32Mike WallaceMiavs. NE31-1
    33 Rueben RandleNYGat Det 36+3
    34Terrance WilliamsDalvs. SF35+1
    35Cecil ShortsJacat Phi39+4
    36Riley CooperPhivs. Jac 43+7
    37 Brandin CooksNOat Atl 370
    38Kelvin BenjaminCarat TB380
    39 DeAndre HopkinsHouvs. Was41+2
    40Anquan BoldinSFat Dal400
    41Justin HunterTenat KC42+1
    42Steve JohnsonSFat Dal74+32
    43Reggie WayneIndat Den34-9
    44Hakeem NicksIndat Den50+6
    45Brian HartlineMiavs. NE46+1
    46Greg JenningsMinat StL 47+1
    47Danny Amendola NEat Mia53+6
    48Kenny BrittStLvs. Min51+3
    49Mike EvansTBvs. Car45-4
    50Sammy WatkinsBUFat Chi44-6
    51James JonesOakat NYJ 49-2
    52Steve SmithBalvs. Cin 55+3
    53Tavon AustinStLvs. Min56+3
    54Jordan MatthewsPhivs. Jac 59+5
    55Doug BaldwinSeavs. GB52-3
    56Mohamed Sanu Cinat Bal 61+5
    57Harry DouglasAtlvs. NO67+10
    58Miles AustinCleat Pit64+6
    59Andre CaldwellDenvs. Ind73+14
    60Andrew HawkinsCleat Pit58-2
    61Cody Latimer Denvs. Ind69+8
    62 Kenbrell Thompkins NEat Mia71+9
    63Kenny StillsNOat Atl 57-6
    64Robert WoodsBUFat Chi66+2
    65Aaron Dobson NEat Mia62-3
    66 Marqise LeeJacat Phi60-6
    67John BrownArivs. SD65-2
    68Mike WilliamsBUFat Chi63-5
    69Markus Wheaton Pitvs. Cle 48-21
    70Rod Streater Oakat NYJ 68-2
    71Jarrett Boykin GBat Sea54-17
    72Brandon LaFell NEat Mia83+11
    73Dexter McCluster Tenat KC84+11
    74 Malcom FloydSDat Ari70-4
    75Santonio HolmesChivs. Buf 89+14

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros.

Tight Ends: Rob Gronkowski, Bill Belichick Need to Get Their Stories Straight

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    David J. Phillip/Associated Press

    We should have known better. We featured Rob Gronkowski's bold statement that he was going to play in Week 1 in Bleacher Report's weekly fantasy notebook.

    Then, Bill Belichick had to go and be...well...Bill Belichick. Gronk went from fairly sure fantasy starter to just as questionable as before with one statement by the boss in a conference call with reporters, as Anthony Gulizia of The Boston Globe reported:

    I'm glad that Rob is optimistic about his situation. We'll go through the week of practice and take a look at everything and everybody. With all due respect to Rob, I'm glad he feels the way he does, but in the end, we'll have to make the decision we feel is best for the team. ... 

    ... Even though players are experienced, and so are coaches, and a player hasn't played in the preseason, there's still game speed and game situations, and all the communication that goes on during a game, whether it's on offense, defense, or in the kicking game, that's just different in practice.

    You have to be ready to handle that and work with your teammates in those conditions.

    So, it isn't necessarily a question of whether Gronk can play but just how much he can contribute right now. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels added to Gulizia:

    Rob's been practicing and we've been out doing some different things, building our offensive systems and packages as we go. Whatever we can, or are available to use him to do, however big, small, whatever the decision is at the end of the week, he'll be ready to do it.

    We're going to try and do what we think is the right thing to do to win the game this week. That would encompass the way we try to use all of our guys. When Gronkowski plays on Sunday against Miami, whatever that capacity may be, the greatest challenge will likely be how quickly he can get in sync with the offense.

    Fantasy owners should expect to wait to see: 1. If Gronk makes the team flight to Miami on Saturday; 2. If Gronk is listed with the inactives at 11:30 a.m. ET Sunday morning.

    If Gronk is active for the New England Patriots, you should likely play him in all fantasy leagues. All it takes for a tight end in fantasy is one touchdown pass near the goal line. Gronk can do that even if he is used sparingly.

    Tom Brady intimated to Gulizia:

    When he's out there, he's obviously a great target because of his size, his speed, his agility, his ability to catch the football in traffic. That's what he's done over the course of his career. That's why he's got so many touchdowns, because he's got such a big catch radius that you put the ball in certain areas and he can go up and make the play.

    Gronk slides to just No. 10 in B/R's Week 1 tight end rankings:

    Week 1 Tight End RankingsEric Mack
    RankTight EndsTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1Jimmy GrahamNOat Atl 10
    2Julius ThomasDenvs. Ind20
    3Vernon DavisSFat Dal5+2
    4Jason WittenDalvs. SF7+3
    5Greg OlsenCARat TB6+1
    6Jordan ReedWasat Hou 8+2
    7Jordan CameronCleat Pit4-3
    8Zach Ertz Phivs. Jac 11+3
    9Kyle RudolphMinat StL 10+1
    10Rob Gronkowski NEat Mia3-7
    11Dennis PittaBalvs. Cin 9-2
    12Charles ClayMiavs. NE13+1
    13 Martellus BennettChivs. Buf 12-1
    14Antonio GatesSDat Ari15+1
    15Travis Kelce KCvs. Ten16+1
    16 Ladarius GreenSDat Ari17+1
    17Dwayne AllenIndat Den18+1
    18Heath MillerPitvs. Cle 14-4
    19 Delanie WalkerTenat KC190
    20Tim WrightNEat Mia24+4
    21 Coby Fleener Indat Den25+4
    22Jared CookStLvs. Min21-1
    23Garrett GrahamHouvs. Was20-3
    24 Jace Amaro NYJvs. Oak26+2
    25Tyler Eifert Cinat Bal 22-3
    26Eric Ebron Detvs. NYG 23-3
    27Brandon MyersTBvs. Car30+3
    28Austin Seferian-JenkinsTBvs. Car32+4
    29 Marcedes LewisJacat Phi27-2
    30Joseph Fauria Detvs. NYG 34+4

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros.

Defense/Special Teams: New York Jets Get to Tee Off on Rookie Quarterback

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    Rich Schultz/Getty Images

    We are shocked a Rex Ryan New York Jets team was just the 26th-ranked defense/special teams in's average draft position. Those that skipped on the Jets in drafts are going to be regretting their decision in Week 1.

    Ryan might not boast his most talented Jets defense of his regime, but he is a master defensive tactician. Facing Derek Carr in his NFL debut on opening day is too enticing for fantasy owners to overlook. The Jets D/ST should be active in all leagues, even if they are still available off waivers in many.

    "Ryan’s Jet defenses have typically driven rookie quarterbacks batty," Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News wrote. "The Jets are 7-3 against starting rookie quarterbacks since he took over in 2009."

    Defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, one of the guys who will be pressuring, confusing and humbling the rookie, isn't taking the Week 1 assignment lightly—exactly what you want to hear as a fantasy owner.

    "I don't know what to expect," Richardson told Mehta. "We should be able to handle any quarterback in this league whether he's a rookie or a 10-year vet. We look at them all the same: Get to him."

    Linebacker David Harris echoed those comments.

    He's a rookie and it's his first game starting, but as an opponent, you can't go in thinking like that, because you'll get lax and get beat. You have to always be on guard for anything they try to throw at us...because you never know.

    We treat everybody the same. We're equal opportunists, you could say.

    We have the Jets a surprising must-start D/ST in the top three of B/R's Week 1 rankings: 

    Week 1 Defenses and Special Teams Rankings—Eric Mack

    RankDefenses and Special TeamsTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1Seattle SeahawksSeavs. GB10
    2Carolina PanthersCarat TB3+1
    3New York JetsNYJvs. Oak7+4
    4St. Louis RamsStLvs. Min2-2
    5New England PatriotsNEat Mia4-1
    6Cincinnati BengalsCinat Bal 5-1
    7Kansas City ChiefsKCvs. Ten6-1
    8Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBvs. Car10+2
    9San Francisco 49ersSFat Dal8-1
    10Pittsburgh SteelersPitvs. Cle 9-1
    11Denver BroncosDenvs. Ind12+1
    12Washington RedskinsWasat Hou 27+15
    13Houston TexansHouvs. Was11-2
    14Arizona CardinalsArivs. SD13-1
    15Baltimore RavensBalvs. Cin 150
    16Philadelphia EaglesPhivs. Jac 17+1
    17Cleveland BrownsCleat Pit14-3
    18Chicago BearsChivs. Buf 16-2
    19New Orleans SaintsNOat Atl 18-1
    20Detroit LionsDetvs. NYG 19-1

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros.

Kickers: Shayne Graham Gets 2nd Chance with New Orleans Saints

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    Sam Riche/Associated Press

    Shayne Graham and his fantasy owners have had an interesting week. He went from being cut by the New Orleans Saints and undrafted (or cut) in fantasy and then back to being in the must-start category among kickers.

    It was a roller-coaster ride, but anyone getting the kicking points for the Drew Brees-led Saints should be owned and active in fantasy. Pick Graham back up if you dropped him.

    He told's Mike Triplett:

    There are definitely times in my career where I've been on top of the world and times where I feel like the world was falling down around me. But you've still gotta be ready for that next opportunity, because it's the most important one.

    B/R ranks Graham as the sixth-most intriguing kicker in Week 1:

    Week 1 Kickers Rankings—Eric Mack
    RankKickersTeamOpponentECRvs. ECR
    1Phil DawsonSFat Dal4+3
    2Stephen GostkowskiNEat Mia1-1
    3Steven Hauschka Seavs. GB2-1
    4Justin TuckerBalvs. Cin 3-1
    5Blair WalshMinat StL 6+1
    6Shayne GrahamNOat Atl 16+10
    7Dan BaileyDalvs. SF5-2
    8Matt BryantAtlvs. NO7-1
    9Adam VinatieriIndat Den90
    10Brandon McManus Denvs. Ind11+1
    11Mason CrosbyGBat Sea8-3
    12Greg Zuerlein StLvs. Min13+1
    13Nate Freese Detvs. NYG 15+2
    14Robbie GouldChivs. Buf 10-4
    15Cody Parkey Phivs. Jac 14-1
    16Nick Novak SDat Ari12-4
    17Ryan Succop TENat KC21+4
    18Nick FolkNYJvs. Oak180
    19Caleb Sturgis MIAvs. NE24+5
    20Kai Forbath WASat Hou 29+9

    Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) from over 100 experts provided by FantasyPros

    Eric Mack, one of the giants among fantasy writers, is the Fantasy Football Lead Writer for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter, where you can ask him endless questions about your team, rip him for his content and even challenge him to a head-to-head fantasy game.

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