Fantasy Football: Top 10 Quarterbacks in 2012

Ryan ZedmoreContributor IIIOctober 23, 2011

Fantasy Football: Top 10 Quarterbacks in 2012

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    The fantasy football season is only in Week 6, but it never hurts to start thinking about next year. The following is my top 10 list of 2012 fantasy football quarterbacks.

    Honorable Mentions:

    11. Eli Manning

    12. Ben Roethlisberger

    13. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    14. Matt Schaub

    15. Carson Palmer

    16. Jay Cutler

    17. Josh Freeman

10. Matt Ryan

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    This season has not gone as well for Ryan as he would have hoped.

    He currently isn't even a top 10 performer in fantasy football, but this guy just has way too many weapons to not be a top fantasy quarterback next season.

    Roddy White is an elite fantasy wide receiver and Julio Jones will only get better. Combine these two players with an experienced tight end and a star running back and you have the makings for a good fantasy QB. 

9. Cam Newton

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    Cam Newton is a tough player to place on this list. At first glance, many will be very impressed with the performance of the young rookie, but you have to dig a little deeper. Newton has dazzled fans with his running ability, but his passing skills desperately need work.

    In the first six game of the season, Newton has more interceptions (9) than passing touchdowns (7), and his completion percentage is an abysmal 58.5 percent, making him one of the worst in the NFL.

    However, the rookie tosses for a ton of yards. At this point in the season, he sits in fourth for passing yards behind Brady, Brees and Rodgers. The sloppy passing has to stop, but his running ability makes him worth the risk as a No. 1 fantasy quarterback. 

8. Tony Romo

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    Ah, yes, Tony Romo, the proverbial fantasy underachiever.

    Other than a terrible Week 3 performance against the Redskins, Romo has been having a good fantasy season this year. He has 1,590 passing yards and has thrown eight touchdowns.

    The man has the supporting cast to be a great fantasy quarterback and is showing it this season. 

7. Philip Rivers

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    Philip Rivers has had a pretty poor fantasy season thus far, but that should not last for long. He has been a star fantasy quarterback for several years and will start next season with a clean slate.

    This year, he is in the top 10 with a 67.2 completion percentage and has thrown a pathetic six touchdowns. Rivers’ reputation as a solid fantasy quarterback keeps him on this list, but you should get a solid backup just in case this trend continues. 

6. Peyton Manning

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    Peyton Manning still has one good season left in the tank.

    Currently, Peyton is watching as his Colts are having one of their worst seasons in history. He will likely miss the rest of this season with his neck injury and will have some rustiness when he returns in 2012, but the upside is just too great.

    The early 2000s Peyton is gone and will never return, but he is still going to be a solid No. 1 fantasy quarterback in 2012. 

5. Michael Vick

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    The quarterback of the “Dream Team.” Vick has been underachieving this season behind a terrible offensive line, but he is still putting up a solid fantasy campaign.

    Vick is in the top 10 on only one statistical passing category (passing touchdowns: eighth with nine total) but still makes plays with his legs, and his running ability puts him at No. 5 on this list.

    Now all he needs is a coaching staff who will better utilize his talents.

4. Drew Brees

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    Drew Brees is a year older, but he is still an elite fantasy quarterback.

    He leads the NFL in completions (181) and is fourth in passing touchdowns (13). He seems to have really taken well to Darren Sproles, and Marques Colston remains a threat.

    Brees is an elite fantasy quarterback worth taking in the second round in 2012. 

3. Matthew Stafford

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    There is no question that Matthew Stafford has arrived.

    Stafford exploded into this season with 146 completions for 1,729 yards and 15 touchdowns. There are players on this list with better numbers, but none have “Megatron.”

    Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in football and has chemistry with the young Stafford. These two men may someday be mentioned along with “Manning and Harrison” or “Young and Rice.”

    With Stafford, there is always some risk of injury, but he has taken his share of sacks this season, and his shoulder is holding up well. 

2. Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady has now thrown a touchdown in 22 straight games. He leads the league with over 2,000 passing yards and is in the top two with 160 completions and 16 touchdowns.

    Though he has been a little sloppy with his passes this season (he currently has nine interceptions), he is still a stud fantasy quarterback and is worth building your team around in 2012.

1. Aaron Rodgers

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    No surprise here: Aaron Rodgers is a BEAST.

    He is the most accurate starting quarterback in the NFL with 70.3 completion percentage and leads the league with 17 passing touchdowns. Rodgers is the best quarterback in football, and that will not change anytime soon.

    He should be drafted in the first round of 2012 fantasy football drafts.