NFL's Stock Up, Stock Down Week 6: Whose Value Is Plummeting After Week 5?

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIOctober 11, 2011

NFL's Stock Up, Stock Down Week 6: Whose Value Is Plummeting After Week 5?

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    With Week 5 of the NFL season past us, plenty of teams saw their stock rise with key victories. On the flip side, a handful of teams saw their stock go down and their value plummet after poor performances.

    Here is the Week 6 edition of NFL's "Stock Up, Stock Down" as we focus on the teams whose value is plummeting.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    When are Philadelphia Eagles fans going to start booing Michael Vick? Seriously, how many times did Donovan McNabb start a season 1-4 (never) and how many times was he booed out of the stadium?

    There is no doubt that Vick is an exciting player, but calling him an elite quarterback simply isn't true. We've always known that Vick can run the ball, so that isn't the issue here. 

    The big issue is how he has been throwing the ball. His four interceptions on Sunday against a weak secondary is a major reg flag. He now has seven interceptions to only eight touchdown passes, which isn't good.

    Either Vick needs to get back to 2010 form or the Eagles are going to continue to struggle.

Philadelphia Eagles Part II

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    Yeah, the Philadelphia Eagles' value is plummeting so far that they are worthy of two slides in this article.

    Michael Vick isn't the only problem in Philly, as the rest of the offense isn't clicking and the defense has been playing horribly. The defense has been lit up by the Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants and is giving up 26.4 points per game.

    This entire team that was once thought of as a legitimate Super Bowl contender now appears to have a small window of a chance at a playoff appearance. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Arizona Cardinals

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    I think we can all agree the Kevin Kolb trade isn't looking so great after five weeks. Maybe this can be blamed on the lockout, but if you look at what he did last year in replacement of Michael Vick, his numbers look eerily similar.

    It's hard to put an exact finger on what is going wrong with the Arizona Cardinals, but at 1-4 with the only win coming against Cam Newton in his first NFL game, there is absolutely something wrong. The defense hasn't been great and while the offense is producing nice numbers, those numbers aren't turning into wins.

    This team was supposed to fight for the NFC West crown, but now they are just trying to stay ahead of the winless St. Louis Rams.

Indianapolis Colts

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    I've been giving the Indianapolis Colts a little credit because of dealing with the loss of Peyton Manning, but last week's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was just unacceptable.

    When you are up 17-0 at home in the second quarter, you shouldn't lose. Any team, no matter who is quarterback, should be able to keep a three score lead for 2.5 quarters. This is especially true when playing against a team that is considered one of the worst in the league.

    The Colts have more problems than just Manning. Granted, they probably wouldn't have lost that game if Manning was the quarterback, but still, there are major issues everywhere in Indianapolis.

Denver Broncos

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    Look, Tim Tebow isn't the answer for the Denver Broncos. It's true that Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn might not be the answer either for this team, but Tebow isn't the answer.

    If the Denver Broncos lose every game here on out and get the top overall draft pick in 2012, will they draft Andrew Luck? If the answer to that question is yes, Tebow isn't the answer.

    Denver's defense has some very good young players in Rahim Moore and Von Miller, but they are still learning the game and haven't reached their full potential yet. The offense has been able to put up points but still struggles at times moving the ball.

    This team looks destined for a last-place finish in the AFC West and be an active player in the Luck sweepstakes.

New York Jets

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    After starting the season 2-0, the New York Jets have dropped three games in a row and will be playing catch-up to the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots for the rest of the season.

    The blame for the Jets recent plummet isn't simply one player's fault. Sure, Mark Sanchez continues to have accuracy and turnover issues, but it is much more than just Sanchez at fault here.

    Rex Ryan's defense hasn't been nearly as dominant as we are used to seeing. It's given up 30 or more points in the last three games, and Darrelle Revis looks like the only quality player on the unit.

    This team has lost its swagger and could find itself on the outside looking in once the playoffs roll around.