Fantasy Football: 10 Perfect Buy-Low Candidates

Jordan Hall@@jordan_hall23Correspondent IOctober 1, 2011

Fantasy Football: 10 Perfect Buy-Low Candidates

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    It's hard to say that dreams have been shattered by Week 4, but you certainly have a good idea of what your team can do by now.

    It's time to look your team in the face and address some weaknesses. The best way to do that is to buy low on guys that others are down on.

    Every year there are guys who get out to slow starts but are gems waiting to be found. As a manager, it is your job to find them before others do. 

    Here are 10 guys that are must-have buy low trade candidates. 

1. Chris Johnson

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    Obviously, CJ Johnson is off to a poor start. He has not looked like the same explosive back we've come to know and he doesn't seem capable of taking any carries to the house like he used to. 

    There is hope though. With Kenny Britt going down, Johnson figures to be a much bigger part of the passing game. At some point, the Titans passing game is going to open up the run.

    As Johnson gets back into shape his production will increase. If some dope in your league is ready to give up on him, jump at the opportunity. 

2. Michael Vick

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    One month ago, Vick was the hottest name out there.

    A concussion and hand injury have somehow changed our opinion of him, but deep down the dangerous Michael Vick is still alive and kicking. 

    There is nobody more likely to go off for 30 any given week. By all means give up Phillip Rivers or Matthew Stafford if you have the chance to grab Vick.

3. Antonio Gates

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    Antonio Gates is basically the greatest fantasy tight end of all time. He's also arguably the most frustrating injury risk in the game today.

    He's banged up with a foot injury, yet for some reason I'm buying. His perceived value has never been lower so I'm tempted to make an offer.

    I wouldn't break the bank, but if you have a Scott Chandler or Fred Davis also on your team, giving up a flex type guy is not unreasonable.

    Call it a gut feeling, but I like Gates going forward. 

4. Miles Austin

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    Yes he's hurt, and yes he's teammates with Dez Bryant. With that being said, there is plenty of reason to buy low on Austin. 

    He has a proven track record and has been very successful this season.

    I am completely willing to wait out his injury to reap the rewards later; when he plays, he's going to be a monster.

    Championships are won in December, are they not?

5. Mario Manningham

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    Eli Manning is better than you think and the Giants are going to be throwing.

    Look at the success Victor Cruz had last week with Mario Manningham out.

    Super Mario is going to be great once he gets on the field. Low ball his owner and be patient. 

6. Eric Decker

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    It may be too late to buy low on Decker but he's a guy you want.

    Even with Brandon Lloyd back in the lineup, Decker received 12 targets last week and hauled in seven of those and had 70 some yards. I think that this is going to be a baseline for him going forward. 

    Decker is entrenched as the No. 2 in Denver. Denver isn't very good—they're going to need to throw the rock, and it's going to come Decker's way.

    I'd say he is going to get 70-80 yards per game and will also score a decent amount. He's a solid flex option going forward

7. Michael Crabtree

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    Sooner or later Michael Crabtree is going to have a huge game. When he does, people are going to assume that the ultra-talented Crabtree is for real.

    You will be able to flip him for far more than you paid. It's a simple investment strategy, you just have to buy low now.

8. Bernard Scott

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    I will admit it, it seems illogical to go out and trade for any Bengals runner. Perhaps the issue with the Bengals running game has been that it is lead by Cedric Benson though.

    Obviously Benson is a far below average NFL running back. If his appeal is denied (a three-game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy), Scott is going to get some play.

    With a chance at a solo gig, I think the ultra-quick Scott will succeed. He has a decent body for a back and is a capable receiver out of the backfield.

    I would add him now, if available, or trade your bench fodder for him.

9. Kendall Hunter

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    Frank Gore will get hurt. He has already been banged up this season and its only a matter of time before things turn more long term.

    Even though the San Francisco 49ers are awful, their running backs always have value due to their wretched passing game.

    Kendall Hunter has been compared to Ravens RB Ray Rice and it remains to be seen whether he will cash in on that promise this year.

    Either way, I'm willing to let him develop on my bench, keeping him away from my rivals. I would trade what you need to, to grab him now.

    He will be a star sooner or later.

10. David Nelson

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    Whether you buy into the Buffalo Bills or not, David Nelson is legit.

    Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown the ability to spread the ball around and Nelson has been a huge recipient of Fitzpatrick's play.

    With no immediate threat to playing time or touches, Nelson, right now, is a solid flex play going forward. He receives a lot of targets and has great hands.

    He is rarely going to give you a big play but has huge value in terms of yards. It's only a matter of time before everyone else in your league realizes it.

    Go out and sell his owner an underachieving big name and add him to your squad.