7 Undefeated Teams Left in the NFL: Which Will Be the Last to Lose?

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7 Undefeated Teams Left in the NFL: Which Will Be the Last to Lose?
Leon Halip/Getty Images

After a long lockout and delayed off-season, NFL fans were itching for the season to start. Two weeks into the season, they have not been disappointed.

One of the shockers so far is the fact that after only two games, just seven teams remain undefeated. According to Foxsports.com, this is the lowest number since 2005. Also, of these seven teams, several are huge surprises. 

The Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots have stayed true to expectations, but who honestly expected the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills to be undefeated after two games?

What's most amazing of all is the incredible number of people band wagon jumping in the first two weeks. If any more people climb on the Detroit Lions bandwagon, it'll knock Matthew Stafford off and separate his shoulder. And I'm as happy for the "feel good story" Bills as the next guy, but Ryan Fitzpatrick should not be called a franchise quarterback after defeating the worst team currently in the NFL, and leading a come-from-behind victory over a team still recovering from losing their top defensive player in the off-season. Don't people realize leading a "come-from-behind" victory means you first had to lead your team in losing?

It's time for some cold doses of reality. The consistent powerhouses will rumble on, and these fast horses that stormed out of the gate will find they tire out as the season winds on.

The only question that remains is: What week?

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