NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Real Time Reaction to Week 1 Games

Jason Henry@thenprojectCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2011

NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Real Time Reaction to Week 1 Games

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    NFL fans, welcome to your heaven. Its week one of the 2011 NFL season and fans across the nation can rejoice in knowing that America’s past time is back.

    The Packers and Saints got things started this past Thursday night in a game that featured little defense and two prolific offenses led by quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees.

    The Pack did nothing to deter fans and pundits in thinking that they won’t repeat in 2011 and the Saints only solidified their position as one of the best offenses in the league.

    While Green Bay and New Orleans are firmly attached as two of the leagues best teams where does your team land? Are the Colts still one of the leagues best without Peyton Manning? Can the Falcons prove their doubters wrong and take a serious playoff leap this season?

    Ehh, maybe.

    Allow me to douse your optimism with a bucket of ice cold water and maybe prop your arrogance about your favorite team with my power ranking list.

    But my list will be a little different.

    I’ll power rank every single NFL team and as we progress throughout the day their positions will change based off of play and game outcomes.

    Yeah the Ravens may start as the sixth best team in the league but they could very well finish outside of the top ten.

    Can you pick up what I’m putting down? Great.

    Here is a fluid list of the NFL’s 32 best teams.

32. Cleveland Browns

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    8:20pm ET: The Browns lost to the Bengals so its only right that they are last in the league. That'll probably change next week but as of right now Cleveland is the worst team in the league.

    6:39pm ET: Cleveland keeps moving down as the Panthers have looked better. Plus the Browns lost.

    4:47pm ET: The Browns didn't look that bad but they didn't look that great either. Hillis had 57 yards rushing and McCoy threw 40 passes. Not a good look for Cleveland.

    Colt McCoy will look to prove some people wrong this year and with Peyton Hillis as his running back they just may do so.

31. Cincinnati Bengals

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    8:21pm ET: Bengals fans, good news. Your team isn't the worst in the league anymore. Its the Browns, the team you beat. Keep up the good work.

    4:42pm ET: The Bengals won without their starting quarterback Andy Dalton. Browns qb Colt McCoy threw 40 passes and only completed 19. I think the Bengals are still awful as Cleveland has a history of losing their first game. But good job Cincinnati.

    The worst team in the league but they’ll flip flop between worst and next to worst.

30. Seattle Seahawks

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    8:22pm ET: The Seahawks lost to the Niners 33-17 behind a very mediocre game from T-Jack. 0-1 they start.

    7:28pm ET: Seattle is down late the Niners 26-17 with 3:36 left in the fourth quarter. T-Jack has 177 passing yards but something tells me he won't bring this team back to win.

    6:35pm ET: Tavaris Jackson looks bad as he has 70 passing yards into the 4th quarter. The Seahawks are down 16-7.

    4:47pm ET: Seattle moves up by default because the Browns lost.

    The won the NFC West last year but don’t expect the same outcome in 2011. By season’s end Seattle may be the worst team in the entire league. No really, that’s not a stretch.

29. Denver Broncos

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    September 13th, 2011

    7:24am ET: Denver made a go at a comeback but they were unable to best the Raiders. Kyle Orton ended up with over 300 yards passing on 46 attempts but it was all for naught. The Broncos lost last night and it looks as if their 29th ranking is justifiable.

    September 12th, 2011

    11:44pm ET: The Broncos drive is stopped by a strong Raiders defensive stand. Denver had a chance to tack on three points put kicker Matt Prater missed the field goal. Oakland still up 10-3.

    11:16pm ET: Denver has looked a little sloppy and they've committed two turnovers so far. Oakland just connected on a 37 yard field goal to extend their lead to seven points. A silver lining to this grey cloud for Denver is that the Raiders only have ten points so far.

    10:39pm ET: The Broncos were able to recover an early fumble from the Raiders deep in Denver territory. Denver got a field goal out of the deal to strike first, 3-0 Denver in head.

    September 11th, 2011

    12:01am ET: Denver moved up two spots so who knows what may happen tomorrow night when they face Oakland.

    5:58pm ET: The Broncos don't play until Monday night but they are the 31st team in the league as of right now.

    Denver has a chance to move out of this low spot but right now Buffalo is looking pretty good.

28. Carolina Panthers

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    7:25pm ET: Who says rookie quarterbacks shouldn't play right away? Peep Cam Newton's final stat line: 23/35 418 passing yards two touchdowns and one interception. Killa Cam I say that nickname is appropriate.

    Son balled his heart out today and the game came down to a fourth down play where Cam came up a foot short of bringing the Panthers back. I say that he's a pretty good qb but not jumping to conclusions just yet.

    But Cam played his heart out today for the Panthers. Good look rook.

    6:38pm ET: Carolina is up 21-14 on the Cards with Cam Newton looking like a savvy veteran at times. He threw his first interception today but he has his team up by one touchdown.

    6:00pm ET: Killa Cam is doing work right now. He has two touchdowns and 198 passing yards right now. The Panthers are up 14-7.

    Cam Newton, this is your season of learning. Oh yeah, you may also want to go and talk to David Carr. The Panthers may rise above 30 but not to far above it.

27. San Francisco 49ers

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    7:39pm ET: The Niners came out on top of the Seahawks today 33-17. I give San Fran credit for the win but it was against Seattle. 15/20 with 124 yards passing for Alex Smith and a 1-0 start for Jim Harbaugh.

    7:06pm ET: San Fran is leading but the Redskins look so good I had to move them down a slot.

    6:39pm ET: The Niners are up on the Seahawks 16-7 late in the third quarter. Alex Smith hasn't been awful and so far he's led his team to a late lead over the defending NFC West champs.

    The Niners have a new head coach but the same old quarterback. I expect them to live here, you know, at the bottom.

26. Tennessee Titans

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    12:08am ET: The Titans are down to 26 after their lose today.

    4:37pm ET: The Jags beat the Titans 16-14 in a game between two teams that are going nowhere fast. Chris Johnson was shutdown, only 24 yards rushing, but Matt Hasselbeck looked ok. Still, the Titans should win about six games this season.

    By default I place the Titans here because I think every remaining team is worse. Tennessee should win at least three games.

25. Washington Redskins

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    12:06am ET: The Redskins beat up on the Giants today behind a strong showing from...Rex Grossman. Washington beat NYG by two touchdowns. Maybe Mike was right about Donovan, eh?

    7:01pm ET: Rex Grossman, again, is putting in work! He just threw another touchdown pass to increase the Redskins lead over the Giants to 28-14. Grossman has over 300 passing yards and two touchdown passes. Shocking.

    6:33pm ET: Rex Grossman has a passer rating of 102 with no turnovers at this point in the game. If he can keep this up for the rest of the year the Redskins may be ok because he's doing a pretty good job.

    5:55pm ET: can't believe I'm saying this but the 'Skins look decent. Grossman has 186 passing yards and one touchdown in the first as the Giants and 'Skins are all knotted through two quarters. I moved them up past Denver due to their strong offensive play.

    The ‘Skins have issues at quarterback and running back. When Rex Grossman is the starter then you know that this season may be a complete wash.

24. Kansas City Chiefs

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    12:07am ET: K.C. won't make it back to the playoffs playing the way they did against the Bills today. They lost 41-7 and Matt Cassel looked about as good as a cold piece of Church's chicken.

    3:43pm ET: When a team is down 7-41 late in the 4th quarter that usually isn't good news. Matt Cassel looks average and the Chiefs defense is getting worked.

    How bout them Bills, eh? Buffalo is up on the Chiefs 20-0 right now. I think that warrants a move up for the Bills. At this point in the game Bills qb Ryan Fitzpatrick has two touchdown passes and 112 passing yards.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    4:40pm ET: The Jags won without former starting quarterback David Garrard. Luke McCown was decent enough for the Jags to win. Jones-Drew had a touchdown and almost 100 yards rushing.

    When your team releases their starting quarterback a week before the season it may be time to panic. Or just admit that its rebuilding time.

22. Miami Dolphins

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    September 12th, 2011

    10:20pm ET: After the Dolphins gave up a 99 yard pass play for a touchdown they strike back as running back Reggie Bush scores a touchdown to bring the dolphins to within two touchdowns.

    10:10pm ET: Miami has a fourth and goal and Chad Henne throws a fade route in the end zone and it fails. Dolphins are still down by two touchdowns and the Patriots have the ball.

    10:02pm ET: Henne has the Dolphins in striking distance right now against the Patriots defense. He just converted a fourth down conversion and Miami has a 1st and goal situation as they are down 31-17.

    September 11th, 2011

    11:58p ET: The Dolphins may drop another spot or two depending on how well or how bad they play against the Pats tomorrow night. For right now they are locked into the 22nd spot.

    Previous...: The Dolphins should be ok this year but it all depends on Chad Henne. If he improves so will the team.

21. Indianapolis Colts

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    11:57pm ET: Doesn't it look like Kerry is looking for his glasses in the grass? Just an observation.

    5:35pm ET: The Colts got worked by the Texans today as the final score of 34-7. Kerry Collins looked his age and the Colts look as if they will win three games, tops. Oh how the city of Indianapolis misses Peyton Manning.

    The Colts are in trouble. So far they are down 17-0 to Houston and Kerry Collins looks skittish. At this point in the ball game he's 5/5 with 34 passing yards.

20. Minnesota Vikings

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    7:16pm ET: How terrible did one Donovan McNabb look today? His final stat line was 7/15 39 passing yards with one touchdown and one interception. If this is what the Vikings have to look forward to this season then the Christian Ponder era will start pretty good.

    Minnesota falls to 0-1 after losing to the Chargers 24-17.

    6:45pm ET: Its tied out in San Diego right now between the Vikes and Chargers, 17-17. Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb has looked bad. He only 37 passing yards with one pick and one touchdown. Good thing for Minnesota is that Adrian Peterson has rushed for over 100 yards.

    The Vikes have a new quarterback and semi-new head coach. Running back Adrian Peterson has a new deal and with all that money he should run the hardest we’ve ever seen.

19. Oakland Raiders

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    September 13th, 2011

    7:26am ET: How bout those Raiders, eh? Jason Campbell was a game manager, he only threw for 105 yards, but he led the Raiders to a win. Darren McFadden was a beast on the ground rolling up 150 yards with a health 6.8 yards per carry.

    I told you, I like the Raiders. They'll compete in the NFC West but with a running game like theirs they should make a strong playoff push.

    September 12th, 2011

    12:08pm ET: If Denver keeps turning the ball over Oakland won't have to do much to win. Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton tossed an interception with less than a minute to go in the first half. Oakland takes over and quarterback Jason Campbell drives the Raiders close to Denver territory.

    No worries because they have the steel leg of Sebastian Janikowski. Janilowski booted a 63 yard field goal, which is an NFL record, as the Raiders are up on the Broncos 16-3 at the half.


    11:55pm ET: Oakland's drive for six is stopped by the Broncos. The Raiders did add on three points to extend their lead to 13-3 over the Broncos. Unless the Raiders have an offensive explosion in the second half they are pretty safe here at nineteen.

    11:16pm ET: Oakland's defense looks nasty. They have caused another turnover and the Raiders have the ball again. Great way to start the quarter for Oakland.

    11:07pm ET: The Raiders are on the board. Campbell hooked up with running back Marcel Reese for a three yard touchdown. That score was brought to you by the Oakland Raiders special teams coverage as they blocked the Broncos punt to land their offense with some pretty prime field position. Oaktown up 7-3 on the Broncos early.

    10:58pm ET: Oakland has four penalties and we haven't reached the 2nd quarter. They are down 3-0 to the Broncos but they are driving as the 1st quarter comes to an end.

    10:37pm ET: Raiders aren't justifying their position right now as they fumbled on their first play from scrimmage and the Broncos recovered. Still no score in Denver.

    September 11th, 2011

    11:50pm ET: Oakland is locked into the 19th spot until they play tomorrow night. Until then the Raiders are a top twenty team in my book.

    Previous...: I like the Raiders and I think they should make a run at the playoffs this year. If Jason Campbell shows more stability today Oaktown may find themselves in the top 15 by next week.

18. Buffalo Bills

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    11:53pm ET: Buffalo beat the pants off of the Chiefs today 41-7 behind four touchdown passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Its yet to be seen if this team is for real but they did a great job today.

    3:38pm ET: The song "Move On Up" by Curtis Mayfield comes to mind when talking about the Bills. They are doing work right now on the Chiefs as they are up 41-7 on K.C. I think its time we move the Bills on up.

    3:22pm ET: Kansas City moves down to the 21st spot because they are being drubbed by the Bills right now. Its 34-7 and quarterback Matt Cassel only has 94 passing yards.

    The Cards are an enigma. They have a new quarterback but that’s no reason to believe that they should be that much better, is it? A win today should start them off on the right track but not out of the bottom of the ranking barrel.

17. New York Giants

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    8:48pm ET: The Giants lost today and lost pretty bad in my eyes. Eli never could get going and the Giants running game was lethargic. NY falls to 0-1 early in the NFC East and drop a few spots in this man's power ranking.

    5:33pm ET: The Giants just got into the endzone to extend their lead to 14-7 over the Redskins behind the legs of Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Injuries may undo this team this season. Eli shouldn’t throw 20+ interceptions this year but I still think NY has to much to overcome to compete. They should fall past the top 15 early.

16. St Louis Rams

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    8:59pm ET: St. Louis got beat today by the Eagles and they got beat pretty bad. The final score was 31-13 and Steven Jackson got hurt early. Bradford had a so-so day and the Rams are off to play the Giants next Monday night.

    4:31pm ET: The Rams are here for the time being because the late games just started and we still quite a few games left. Think of St. Louis as placeholders. Bradford was just ok, 188 yards, nothing special.

    The Lions have vaulted this far due to the play of the Colts. They are in a cat fight with the Bucs and their position will probably change before the day is out. 

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    4:28pm ET: I had the Rams in this spot but since the Eagles took 'em to the woodshed they couldn't stay. The Bucs lost as well but Tampa should bounce back. Josh Freeman played well, 245 passing yards and one touchdown.

    I think the Rams have a great shot at winning the “tough” NFC West this season. Sam Bradford is a pretty good quarterback and with a win against Philly they’ll show themselves to be the real deal.

14. Dallas Cowboys

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    11:48pm ET: Dallas led the Jets 24-10 entering the fourth quarter and Dallas ends up losing 27-24. Self-destruction is what comes to mind as Dallas slowly gave the lead back to the Jets with costly mistakes.

    Dallas moves down to the 14th spot.

    11:32pm ET: Tony Romo throws a costly interception as the Jets takeover in their own territory. NY kicks field goal to go up 27-24 with just 30 seconds left on the clock.

    11:07pm ET: The Cowboys, or Tony Romo, turn the ball over in Jets territory to give the momentum back to NY. Jets driving with about six minutes left in fourth quarter

    10:45pm ET: Dallas takes a commanding 24-10 lead into the fourth quarter. The offense looks sharp and the defense has picked up on Rob Ryan's scheme pretty well.

    Previous...: The Cowboys are up 17-10 with about six seconds left in the third quarter and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez throws an interception, pick off by Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee, as he returns it back to the Jets two yard line as time expires in the third quarter.

    Because of their awesome play I'm moving Dallas up two spots.

    9:51pm ET: The Cowboys offense has looked good early but the offense line is often chewed by the Jets exotic defensive schemes. The Cowboys head into halftime with a 10-7 lead.

    8:43pm ET: The Cowboys strike first on a very impressive first drive capped off by a Dez Bryant touchdown. 'Boys up 7-0 early.

    Previous...: The ‘Boys are a toss-up. Injuries have riddled them this preseason as well but with a win against a tough Jets team they should move up rather quickly.

13. Arizona Cardinals

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    11:47pm ET: Dallas loses so the Cards move up to the 13th spot.

    8:59pm ET: The Cardinals pulled it out against Cam Newton and the Panthers. Kevin Kolb looks good as he had 309 yards and a couple of touchdowns.

    6:52pm ET: Well as soon as make that last statement Kevin Kolb goes out and tosses a 70 yard touchdown pass to receiver Early Doucet. All knotted at 21-21 out in Arizona.

    6:42pm ET: Kevin Kolb has been solid. He's 14/21 with 189 yards and one touchdown. His team is still down to the Panthers 21-14 but their offense has looked decent.

    5:40pm ET: Arizona is down to the Panthers early, 14-7.

    3:18pm ET: The Cardinals move up due to the tepid play of the Chiefs. Arizona may very well fall again tonight but as of right now they are better than K.C.

12. Houston Texans

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    6:30pm ET: The Texans didn't disappoint against the Colts this season. They beat up on the Peyton Manning-less Colts 34-7. Texans running back Ben Tate had over 100 rushing yards and one touchdown, quarterback Matt Schaub threw for one score, and receiver Andre Johnson had 95 receiving yards.

    Maybe I take back what I said earlier about the Texans.

    Not a fan of Houston and I think they’ll disappoint this year. But without Peyton Manning firing darts at their secondary they should take advantage. Whether they'll do so or not will depend on them.

11. Detroit Lions

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    4:26pm ET: The Lions hold on to beat the Bucs late. Still on Detroit's bandwagon but it was a good win for them. Not to mention Matt Stafford was able to stay healthy. He had over 300 yards passing and three touchdowns.

    4:20pm ET: Tampa may be ready but it seems like the Lions were readier, if that's a word. The Bucs got into a cat fight that they couldn't win. Their down late to Detroit 27-20.

    Tampa is ready and with Josh Freeman leading the charge they should take a giant leap this year. The NFC South will be tough to navigate but Raheem should have his troops ready.

10. Atlanta Falcons

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    4:16pm ET: Atlanta lost today and they lost bad. Matt Ryan had 319 passing yards but it was for naught. Michael Turner had 100 rushing yards but it was marginal. The Falcons have a tough schedule this season and starting 0-1 doesn't do them any good.

    2:55 pm ET: Atlanta is struggling against the Bears. Matty Ice is been put on ice and the Bears are fighting for their respect at this moment. Matt Forte really wants that contract extension as he has 108 total yards.

9. Chicago Bears

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    4:13pm ET: The Bears did work with the Falcons today. Chicago beat the Falcons 30-12 today as Jay Cutler had two touchdowns and over 300 yards passing. The Bears are trying to shake the Rodney Dangerfield label and they did a lot today to do just that.

    If the Bears can beat Atlanta, N.O., and the Packers in the first three weeks they’ll be at the top of my list of Super Bowl favorites.

8. San Diego Chargers

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    9:05pm ET: San Diego came back and beat the Vikings as they held Donovan McNabb to 38 passing yards. That is not a typo by the way. The Chargers have to start fast instead of slow this year and winning the first game is a good start.

    Previous...: The Chargers have taken the lead against the Vikings. Phillip Rivers has almost 50 pass attempts and 335 passing yards. SD up late 24-17.

    6:26pm ET: They just started the 4th quarter out in San Diego and the Chargers are down by three to the Vikings 17-14. On the bright side for the Chargers McNabb looks awful. He's 6/13 with 37 passing yards.

    2:51pm ET: San Diego doesn't play until 4:15pm but right now they look better than the Falcons. As it stands at this moment, which is 2:51pm ET, the Falcons are behind 16-6 to the Bears. Michael Turner is close to 100 yards rushing but the Falcons haven't had much offense other than the Burner.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    4:11pm ET: Well, its finally over. The Steelers got whooped 35-7 and Big Ben looked awful. He had three interceptions and he was sacked four times. Pittsburgh needs to get it together in a hurry.

    3:56pm ET: I had the Eagles here but the Steelers are playing so bad I had to move them down. At this moment Steelers have seven points and seven turnovers in the game. The Ravens are mashing 'em right now.

    The “Iggles” will have to show and prove today to warrant their position. I think they are a little over hyped but if they dismantle the Rams their position could improve.

6. New Orleans Saints

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    9:06pm ET: I think the Saints are safe in the sixth spot. They lost on Thursday and the Ravens looked unstoppable today against the defending AFC Champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    Yep, they lost on Thursday. Still, I believe they are one of the best teams in the league. Their position shouldn't change much but we'll see by end of business today.

5. New York Jets

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    12:15am ET: NYJ came back to beat Dallas after being down 24-10 entering the fourth quarter. The legend of Mark Sanchez grows.

    11:19pm ET: Jets tie it up at 24 all after NY blocks a Dallas punt and returns it for a touchdown. Jets are looking to pounce as the Cowboys secondary is injured and the Jets offense is finally clicking.

    11:09pm ET: Mark Sanchez gives the ball back to Dallas after he's sacked and fumbles to kill a strong Jets drive. Cowboys still up 24-17.

    10:59pm ET: NY has pulled to within seven points as Mark Sanchez hooks up with Plaxico Burress for the score. The Jets are still down 24-17 and the Cowboys are driving.

    10:35pm ET: The Jets are down 17-10 to the Cowboys as their offense has had issues finding consistency. Should be a fun game to watch in the fourth quarter.

    9:50pm ET: NY ends the first half with an 87 yard touchdown drive on the Cowboys to narrow Dallas' lead to 10-7.

    Previous...: The Jets are down early to the Cowboys 7-0 with 14:42 left in the second quarter. I fully expect the Jets to score and tie it up soon. The Jets have dropped from third to fifth but with a win they should vault back into the top three.

    3:05pm ET: The Steelers look slow and un-interested in this game. The Ravens are leading 29-7 and look to go in for another score. Because of that I'm moving the Jets up to the third spot.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

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    September 12th, 2011

    10:46pm ET: Philly has a chance to move up again next week but with the offensive show the Pats put on Monday night its tough to hold them down. Philly is fourth this week.

    September 11th, 2011

    12:16am ET: Vick made enough plays for the Eagles to win today over the Rams 31-13. He finished with two passing touchdowns and 98 yards rushing.

    3:59pm ET: Philly started a little slow but seem to have things rolling now. The score is 31-13 late in the 4th quarter. Vick was less than efficient but he got the job done.

    3:07pm ET: Pittsburgh, not really sure what's going on with them right now. I believe the Ravens wanted this game way more than Pittsburgh and its showing. Baltimore just added to its lead as the score is now 32-7 Ravens way.

3. New England Patriots

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    September 12th, 2011

    10:43pm ET: The Patriots emerge victorious and racked up over 600 total yards. Brady tossed four touchdowns and 517 passing yards. I just can't deny that much offensive firepower and now the Pats are number three...all alone.

    10:28pm ET: New England has the game pretty much wrapped up. 2:32 to go in the game and the Pats are up by 14 points. I'm thinking of moving New England up past the Eagles but the Pats defense did give up 24 points and over 400 total yards.

    On the other hand Tom Brady has the fifth most passing yards in an NFL game ever by a quarterback. Michael Vick didn't.

    Maybe N.E. 3 and the Eagles 3A?

    10:11pm ET: Brady just hooked up with Wes Welker for a 99 1/2 yard touchdown pass to extend their lead to 38-17. Brady has 511 yards passing with four touchdowns. Homeboy is ballin' outta control, son.

    9:56pm ET: The Pats are giving it to the Dolphins right now 31-17. New England has a total of 509 total yards and Brady isn't letting up any time soon. The Pats are firmly in the 4th spot.

    September 11th, 2011

    12:18am ET: After a full day of NFL games and seeing the Ravens play I've moved the Pats down from second to fourth.

    9:12pm ET: The Pats haven't played and are safe at the number two spot for right now. The Eagles and Ravens are sniffing around their backyard though.

    Previous...: I understand that its just the first quarter but the Ravens look sharp. I'm vaulting the Pats over the Steelers have given up two scores and made Joe Flacco look unstoppable.

2. Baltimore Ravens

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    12:19am ET: Baltimore just looked lights out today. Great day of football.

    9:08pm ET: I'm moving the Ravens past the Saints because Baltimore looked like a team on a mission against the Steelers.

    Previous...: Its curtains for the Steelers. The Ravens did work on Pittsburgh today, beating them 35-7. The Ravens caused seven turnovers and sacked Big Ben four times. Baltimore means business this year and they showed it on Sunday.

    If Flacco can’t take them past Pittsburgh in the playoffs then I think that window of opportunity gets a little smaller.

1. Green Bay Packers

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    6:23pm ET: I still have the Pack as the top team in the league. Green Bay's offense was fantastic and while we've had a number of teams to win, and win big today, the Pack are still number one.

    No reason to drop them after Aaron Rodgers surgical performance against the Saints. The Pack are firm…for now.