NFL: 5 Players We Want to See on Reality TV

Carlos SandovalAnalyst IIISeptember 10, 2011

NFL: 5 Players We Want to See on Reality TV

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    The NFL is filled with players who have colorful personalities.

    And because this group of NFL players have vibrant attitudes and unique personalities, NFL fans wouldn't mind learning more about these athletes.

    The last decade of top television shows has been dominated by reality television featuring off-the-wall or different characters, and some football players fit that mold.

    Here are five NFL players we want to see on a reality TV show.  

Albert Haynesworth

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    Albert Haynesworth is best known for playing horribly under a $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins. 

    However, the off-the-field character of Haynesworth is priceless. 

    Aside from "groping" a waitress, Haynesworth has made some very bold, verbal statements and has done some very controversial things, such as the following:

    • On the 2011 NFL season: "It's time for me, the sleeping giant, to awake and get back out there on the field and play football again."
    • Haynesworth once stomped on the head of center Andre Gurode, opening up a gash that would require 30 stitches.
    • On his reflection of hefty pay and his time so far with the New England Patriots: "You know what, when all is said and done, hell, I'd give that money back and I'd come here."

    There you have it. Albert Haynesworth is one of the NFL's most controversial and eccentric figures, and watching him for one hour per week in a setting outside of football would be intriguing to say the least.

Channing Crowder

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    Before Channing Crowder suddenly retired from football at the ripe old age of 27, he was the Miami Dolphins' quote machine. 

    Crowder is probably the league's most unknown trash talker and has dished out disses towards Rex Ryan, NFL referees, his father, Mark Sanchez and Jets running back Leon Washington.

    Crowder has a pretty big mouth, and that's the kind of thing reality TV characters pride themselves on. 

Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick doesn't have the colorful personality of some of the other players on this list, but his story is way too intriguing—if controversial—to not want to watch a Vick-centric reality show. 

    First, Michael Vick's release from prison hasn't been all about doing extremely well on the field—Vick's struggling to make ends meet, surprisingly, thanks to the enormous debt that he's stuck with. Seeing how he's doing financially is something every NFL fan wonders to themselves when they reflect on his career. 

    Additionally, Vick is pretty outspoken—that's evident in his recent interview with Will Leitch.

    Vick is one of the most high-profile and controversial figures in sports today, and taking a peek at his life off the field is something every NFL fan wouldn't mind thinking about. 

Tom Brady

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    Tom Brady is already a huge celebrity off the field, mainly due to his popularity with American women, his marriage to Gisele Bundchen and his endorsement with UGG boots.

    The average NFL fan might not care to see what's going on with Brady's life, but the average American may. Brady's profile is already incredibly huge, so his name alone would bring instant ratings.   

Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow may have the most boring life of any of these players—he doesn't party, he's always respectful, he isn't promiscuous, and he works hard at being a football player. 

    Regardless, Tebow's celebrity profile may be at its peak. 

    Women are enamored with Tim Tebow, and the Broncos QB has quite a strong following, even if he has his fair share of doubters. A reality TV show would definitely attract the average NFL fan, but it would also attract college football fans and a good percentage of the American population. 

    The series may be cancelled after a season because we'll have realized that, outside of Tebow's football life, he isn't all that interesting, but it'd be worth watching for the first season only, anyway.