The Least Tradable Player on Every NFL Roster

Frank PassalacquaAnalyst IIAugust 31, 2011

The Least Tradable Player on Every NFL Roster

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    Every team in the NFL has that one guy on the roster that knows he has a home for the future.

    Not having to worry about being traded is very nice, because as a player, he can settle in comfortably and play to his best ability.

    With that in mind, there is always at least one player on the team that is the least tradable. He is most likely the guy who shows up every Sunday, gives 110 percent and provides that needed leadership. Often the face of the franchise, the elite players on the team know their level of importance.

    Interested to see which player on your favorite team will be sticking around for a while? Check it out!

    Here are the least tradable players on each NFL team.

Arizona Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald

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    This one is pretty obvious, because he is the heart and soul of the Arizona Cardinals.

    That man, of course, is Larry Fitzgerald. The one they call Fitz is one of the most elite players in the league and is a large reason the Cardinals even showed up last Sunday.

    If the Cardinals ever traded Fitzgerald for any reason, they'd regret it for the rest of the franchise's existence. He has done so much for them already, and he's only 27. Many people seem to forget that the Cardinals were in the Super Bowl just three seasons ago.

    Here are his 2010 stats:

    REC: 90

    YDS: 1,137

    AVG: 12.6

    TD: 6

Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan

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    Say what you want about whomever you want, but Matt Ryan is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league.

    After the departure of Michael Vick a few years ago, the Falcons were not the same team. Since making it to the NFC Championship Game in 2004 and losing, they weren't in the discussion as one of the top teams in the game.

    However, ever since the Falcons drafted "Matty Ice" back in 2008, they have been on the ball. Ryan has turned the Falcons franchise around and has proven to be the man in Atlanta.

    He knows he is certainly the least tradable player on the team.

    YDS: 3,705

    TD: 28

    INT: 9

    RTG: 91.0

Baltimore Ravens: Ray Rice

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    While I was quick to throw Ray Lewis or Ed Reed onto here, I had to stop and rethink a minute. Lewis and Reed are two of the most dominant and talented guys on the defensive side of the ball in the league, but I don't necessarily agree that they are the least tradable guys.

    Lewis and Reed still are outstanding players, but their careers are on the downside after many years of success. Now when I say that, I'm not saying that the two are set for failure from now on; I'm simply saying they've been in the league for quite some time and their age is catching up with them.

    Lewis has thrown the "retirement" word around the past couple of seasons, and Reed is becoming more injury-prone than ever.

    With that clarified, I say Ray Rice is the man in Baltimore who is the least tradable. His dominance and power on offense is too valuable to be let away.

    ATT: 307

    YDS: 1,220

    AVG: 4.0

    TD: 5

    REC: 63

    YDS: 556

    TD: 1

Buffalo Bills: Steve Johnson

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    The Buffalo Bills are one team in the league that really don't have an awful lot going for them. The occasional two-game win streak last year was the highlight, equaling a 4-12 season.

    With all the struggles, wide receiver Steve Johnson still put up pretty decent numbers and was a force on the offense. In only his third year, Johnson emerged as the one guy the Bills could go to to put up some numbers.

    Let's just forget about that Steelers game for the sake of this slide, by the way.

    If Johnson were traded away, then I'm pretty confident the Bills would go 0-16. Harsh, I know, but really. He is the only guy besides maybe Fred Jackson who can do something with the football.

    REC: 82

    YDS: 1,073

    TD: 10

Carolina Panthers: James Anderson

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    Many people may not be too familiar with his name if they are not Panthers fans, but I have to say that James Anderson is the least tradable player in Carolina. 

    This linebacker outplayed Jon Beason last year and is the true beast for the Panthers. He is a great force on defense and is still young at only 27. I find it very hard to believe that the Panthers would ever let this guy slip away, because the numbers he puts up are just unbelievable. 

    Anderson is not even playing his best football yet, so it will surely be scary when he is in his prime. In 2009, he only recorded 65 tackles, so the leap to 130 was a complete doubling. 

    TACK: 130

    FF: 2

    FR: 1

    SACK: 3.5

Chicago Bears: Charles Tillman

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    The Bears are that team right on the edge of glory—thanks, Lady Gaga.

    If you even thought for a second I was going to mention Jay Cutler, then shame on you, because Cutler could be traded tonight and the Bears wouldn't skip a beat.

    Anyway, I would have to say the most crucial player to the Bears who won't be going anywhere for some time is Charles Tillman.

    With the Bears having a questionable offseason and letting Danieal Manning go to the Texans, Tillman will be needed more than ever, and I expect him to have a big year.

    TACK: 82

    FF: 3

    INT: 5

Cincinnati Bengals: Leon Hall

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    Leon Hall is the man on defense making most of the plays, and the Bengals certainly cannot afford to lose like somebody like him.

    Being seemingly unstoppable ever since his arrival in Cincinnati, this corner is one of the few talented guys on the Bengals team.

    At only 26, Hall quickly became a team favorite due to his speed, power and natural instinct. The day he goes, the Bengals are in deep trouble. Knowing what they have, I don't see him going anywhere for a few more years.

    TACK: 44

    FF: 2

    INT: 4

Cleveland Browns: Peyton Hillis

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    One-year wonder? No. Natural beast? Yes.

    Let's see a show of hands for all the people who have known Peyton Hillis since when he was on the Denver Broncos...exactly.

    Before emerging as a beast at running back with the Cleveland Browns, Hillis played two seasons in Denver, where he was overlooked. Now, he is on the cover of Madden and isn't looking to stop there.

    Last year was a breakout year for Hillis, but many people think it was just a fluke. I don't know about you, but a 6'2'', 250-pound guy running at me isn't necessarily an easy thing to stop.

    He had some monster plays for the Browns last year, and they need every drop of talent they can get out of this guy for as long as they can.

    ATT: 270

    YDS: 1,177

    TD: 11

    REC: 61

    YDS: 477

    TD: 2

Dallas Cowboys: Miles Austin

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    At first I was thinking DeMarcus Ware, but if Jerry Jones got the right deal, I think he'd be traded away in a second over Miles Austin.

    Austin is a fresh receiver for the Cowboys who has literally come out of nowhere and emerged as the man in Dallas. After Dallas drafted Dez Bryant last season and let Roy Williams go, Austin is certainly going to be the life of the offense.

    With Tony Romo back under center after his shoulder injury that kept him out of action most of last year, the Cowboys will need as many weapons as they can get if they want to come out on top of the NFC this year.

    REC: 69

    YDS: 1,041

    TD: 7

Denver Broncos: Tim Tebow

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    Yeah, agree or disagree with this one, and I'm still sticking by it.

    The Denver Broncos obviously have talented guys like Brandon Lloyd and Champ Bailey on the team, but then they also have their unique quarterback dilemma.

    Having Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn on the same team fighting for a spot to keep their career going is a tough situation, but out of the three, Tebow will be there to stay the longest.

    He is, regardless of what the media says, talented and gifted. Give it a year or two, but Tebow will be the starter, and he'll bring the kind of success he brought to the Florida Gators. He is the one guy who will not be traded for a long time.

Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson

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    Hands down, Calvin Johnson wins this award.

    The Detroit Lions are a team on the rise, and I say that with the utmost confidence. They have all the puzzle pieces; now they just have to work on putting it all together.

    The Lions will be a playoff team within the next three seasons, I say, and it wouldn't surprise me if they became a top contender in the NFC.

    With that being said, Calvin Johnson, as everyone knows, is just unstoppable. You can't coach a 6'5", 236-pound receiver, and his numbers prove that. He started his career five years ago as a Lion, and I think he'll end his career as a Lion.

    REC: 77

    YDS: 1,120

    TD: 12

Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers

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    Kind of a lame choice, but it's true.

    The Green Bay Packers took a lot of heat when taking Rodgers with their first pick back in the 2005 NFL draft when they had Brett Favre. Well, it's a good thing they did, because Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

    Rodgers led the Packers to the Super Bowl last year, where he took home the ring and the MVP trophy. He has been outstanding for the Pack, and he will be wearing green and yellow until he retires.

    I know he will not pull all that nonsense that Favre did with the false retirement attempts back-to-back-to-back.

    Rodgers is certainly the least tradable player in Green Bay.

    YDS: 3,922

    TD: 28

    INT: 11

    RTG: 101.2

Houston Texans: Andre Johnson

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    I say Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL.

    Playing for a team like the Houston Texans, another team on the rise, is something the AFC has to look out for. Having Matt Schaub, Arian Foster and Johnson on one offense is scary.

    So why is Andre the least tradable player on the Texans? Because he is Andre the Giant, the 6'3" wideout who has a 41" vertical as well. His size, speed and jumping ability combined with the best hands in the NFL make for an unstoppable target.

    REC: 86

    YDS: 1,216

    TD: 8

Indianapolis Colts: Reggie Wayne

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    Regardless of Peyton Manning's neck surgery aftermath, Reggie Wayne is a valuable asset to the Colts.

    Remember a few years back, when it was the Peyton Manning-Marvin Harrison duo in the league that was unstoppable? Well, that is nothing compared to how Manning and Wayne reach the end zone. These two players combined make a perfect match for the scoreboard.

    Wayne is by far the least tradable guy on the roster. The things he can do with the ball in his hands are worthy of being the most talented guy on the team. Even if Manning sits a few games out, that won't stop Wayne from making things happen.

    REC: 111

    YDS: 1,355

    TD: 6

Jacksonville Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Drew

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    People of this stature in the NFL usually don't make it. Well, that's certainly not the case for running back Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    Standing at only 5'7", this tiny guy can certainly put up the numbers. Imagine someone of his size running all over defenders and making them miss that are usually above six foot—that's what this guy does.

    The reason he can do what he does is because of his size; you figure offensive linemen are huge, so Maurice uses his size to his advantage to go unnoticed behind the line until he breaks out in the open.

    Jones-Drew has been one of the most productive backs in the league recently and isn't looking to slow down any time soon. He's only 26, so I'd expect the Jags to keep him for a long time.

    ATT: 299

    YDS: 1,324

    TD: 5

Kansas City Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe

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    Explosive? Yes. That's the best word to describe receiver Dwayne Bowe.

    The Kansas City Chiefs led the NFL in rushing yards last year and also had someone like Bowe, who led the NFL in receiving touchdowns. Coming off his forgettable 2009 season, Bowe is a unique player with a special kind of talent that many teams can't defend.

    I'm giving the honorable mention to Jamaal Charles, simply because of what he did last year by putting up huge numbers and shocking the league out of nowhere.

    Dwayne Bowe is on track to have another huge year, and he'll be sporting the red for a long time.

    REC: 72

    YDS: 1,162

    TD: 15

Miami Dolphins: Yeremiah Bell

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    Miami Dolphins corner Vontae Davis claims that their team has the best corners in the entire league. Apparently, to Tony Sparano, defense is a big deal.

    While Davis' statement is highly debatable, safety Yeremiah Bell is probably the most solid guy on that side of the ball.

    Ever since 2008, he has been racking up the tackles every game, and he gives Tom Brady and the Patriots something to worry about. If the Dolphins want to prove themselves right, keeping Bell around will only benefit them. 

    TACK: 101

    FF: 2

    TD: 1

Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson

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    Adrian Peterson has been one of the top running backs since entering the league in 2008. A minor fumbling problem does not offset his ability to make his way into the end zone.

    The Vikings are very lucky to have a player like him, and the way his career is mapping out puts him on track to have the most rushing yards in NFL history if he can stay healthy. The Vikings do not want to lose Peterson, and he knows it as well.

    I was going to say someone like Jared Allen or Chad Greenway, but I'd say Peterson is way more valuable.

    ATT: 283

    YDS: 1,298

    TD: 12

New England Patriots: Tom Brady

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    Face it—the New England Patriots are not trading Tom Brady away. He is too good, skilled, smart, talented and whatever other synonym you can think of when it comes to playing quarterback.

    There really isn't much to say about this, because it's simply Tom Brady. 

    YDS: 3,900

    TD: 36

    INT: 4

New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees

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    The San Diego Chargers were insane to let Brees get away in 2005. Now, Brees is one of the few faces of not only his team, but the entire league.

    After winning the Super Bowl in 2009, Drew Brees is capable of putting up numbers that are just unexplainable. He threw for over 5,000 yards in 2008; that's not an everyday thing.

    It's hard to say where the Saints would be without him. Needless to say, the Saints need Brees to stay as long as possible.

    YDS: 4,620

    TD: 33

    INT: 22

New York Giants: Hakeem Nicks

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    In only his second year in the league, Giants wideout Hakeem Nicks is the new go-to man for Eli Manning.

    Now that Eli's old favorite, Steve Smith, is on the Eagles, Nicks will be getting even more attention, which means more receptions, yards and touchdowns in the future. He is 6'1" but plays like he's 7'1". His hands will never fail you, and he is notorious for making the spectacular catch.

    Since Steve Smith is gone, the Giants can't afford to let any more targets go.

    REC: 79

    YDS: 1,052

    TD: 11

New York Jets: David Harris

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    Let me clear the water first: Darrelle Revis is an outstanding player for the New York Jets, but I wouldn't say he's the least tradable. Remember how last season started off, when he held out of training camp? Yeah, that put a bad taste in Rex Ryan and the rest of the Jets organization's mouth.

    Now, David Harris is the least tradable guy on the roster. He's put up some big numbers the past four years, and he still has many years ahead of him.

    This linebacker has a motor that just does not die out. Have you ever seen him play?

    TACK: 99

    FF: 1

    SACK: 3.0

Oakland Raiders: Darren McFadden

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    Whether he's scoring with his hands or with his legs, McFadden is a valuable guy for the Oakland Raiders.

    His first two years of his career started off kind of slow, and many people thought he was going to be another bust. However, that is not the case. McFadden was the most productive player in 2010 for the Raiders and will continue to be a dominating player in the future.

    McFadden is only 24 years old; that means he has many years to improve, and that's scary to think about.

    ATT: 223

    YDS: 1,157

    TD: 7

    REC: 47

    YDS: 507

    TD: 3

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick

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    Not only is Michael Vick the least tradable guy on the Philadelphia Eagles because he just signed a new contract and was franchise-tagged, but also because he is the most electrifying player in the NFL.

    Vick's 2010 campaign was nothing short of amazing, and what he brings to the Eagles is the reason why they are such a dominant force in the league.

    There really isn't much to debate about this because Vick is the face of the Eagles. DeSean Jackson could be the honorable mention, but his mouth and attitude will probably have him playing somewhere else within the next five years.

    YDS: 3,018

    TD: 21

    INT: 6

    RTG: 100.2

    RUSHING YDS: 676

    TD: 9

Pittsburgh Steelers: Troy Polamalu

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    Now, the Steelers defense is jam-packed with talented players all across the board. Take Lawrence Timmons, James Farrior and James Harrison for example; the three combined for 344 tackles, 19.5 sacks, four interceptions and nine forced fumbles.

    However, I'd say that Troy Polamalu is still the least tradable player on the Steelers. Even though a few injuries have been setting him back lately, he still managed to come up with seven interceptions last year. 

    Polamalu has it all: the speed, the power, the instincts and even the hair. I really can't picture him playing in anything other than black and yellow.

    TACK: 63

    INT: 7

San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers

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    When it comes to dominating through the air, Philip Rivers knows what's up.

    Throwing for over 4,000 yards the past three years in a row, it's obvious that he can put up big numbers, regardless of who he is facing.

    Now people can bad-mouth Rivers for not following through with his consistency and not winning the games that actually matter, but his stats don't lie. Over 19,000 passing yards in only five years as a starter is just jaw-dropping.

    The Chargers need someone like Rivers if they want to make it to the Super Bowl. No one else can step in and take his place.

    YDS: 4,710

    TD: 30

    INT: 13

San Francisco 49ers: Vernon Davis

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    It's not too often a tight end leads the team in yards and touchdowns. However, this is the case for the 49ers' Vernon Davis.

    Let's face it—ever since Mike Singletary threw him out of the game back in 2008, Davis has been a different player.

    While Alex Smith may not be the best man for Davis to excel, he still does his job and provides for the team as well as, if not better than, any other tight end in the league.

    What's even more impressive than his almost 1,000-yard season is his 16.3 yards per catch average.

    The 49ers need Davis very much because he provides some flair to a blunt team.

    REC: 56

    YDS: 914

    TD: 7

Seattle Seahawks: Earl Thomas

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    Granted, safety Earl Thomas was only a rookie last season, but this is a guy I don't think the Seahawks will trade even 10 years down the line.

    For a rookie safety to thrive in the league takes a lot of hard work. We've all seen players that simply aren't ready to take on a big role such as that, and as a result, they are forced into an early retirement. Well, Earl Thomas went above and beyond the expectations. 

    Thomas is only 22 years old, and I'd expect him to still be playing for the Seahawks even in his 30s if they want to start rebuilding the team.

    TACK: 76

    INT: 5

    FF: 1

St. Louis Rams: Steven Jackson

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    Easy one here—Steven Jackson is the least tradable player.

    The St. Louis Rams are going to be a good team in the upcoming years. They have all the talent, and Jackson isn't slowing down. This running back loves the gold.

    Marshall Faulk did so much for the Rams in the past, and now Jackson is the man in St. Louis. He is a bulldozer and has put up 1,000-yard seasons for six consecutive years.

    I'd say he has about five more good seasons left in him before his legs slow down on him. Until then, he is staying a Ram.

    ATT: 330

    YDS: 1,241

    TD: 6

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman

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    Coming off a horrible season in 2009, quarterback Josh Freeman had a monster year for the Bucs. And by monster, I mean it—the guy is 6'6" and 248 pounds.

    The Bucs really came out of nowhere and shocked the league by going 10-6. Responsible for that is the work of Josh Freeman.

    The kid turned some heads in the NFL and will continue to do so for the next few years. The Bucs want him because he brings the light of success to the organization.

    Freeman will have to top his previous heroics in 2011.

    YDS: 3,451

    TD: 25

    INT: 6

    RTG: 95.9

Tennessee Titans: Chris Johnson

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    This really is a no-brainer. Chris Johnson is one of the fastest guys in the league and is always on the highlight reel.

    He is capable of putting huge numbers and is certainly the least tradable guy on the roster. Even though there may be some contract disputes, that will not change his value to the Titans.

    I thought they were going to explode last year when they acquired Randy Moss, but that wasn't the case.

    The fact is Johnson is one of the best backs in the league.

    ATT: 316

    YDS: 1,364

    TD: 11

Washington Redskins: Tim Hightower

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    Tim Hightower was recently acquired by the Redskins and is probably the most promising player on the team.

    After playing three seasons in Arizona, the back has totaled 23 touchdowns and will walk into Washington looking to be the main man. People already like what they see, and it's just the preseason.

    ATT: 154

    YDS: 736

    TD: 5