12 Best Drinking Games for NFL Sundays

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIAugust 17, 2011

12 Best Drinking Games for NFL Sundays

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    Drinking and football go together like macaroni and cheese. While most people only drink casually on Sundays during the NFL season, there are some who take it to a whole new level with drinking games.

    There are the classics that everyone is familiar with such as Quarters and Flip-Cup. Neither of these games have anything to do with football, but they are still entertaining and can make watching football more exciting for the casual fan.

    Instead of naming off drinking games that we all know, I have taken it upon myself to make up new drinking games specifically designed for NFL Sundays. They will be broken up into games involving the referees, coaches, announcers and players. So, grab a cold one, or twelve, and start playing the following 12 best drinking games for NFL Sundays.

The Referee Drinking Games

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    Few people really pay attention to the referees and most people can't wait for them to finish what they are saying so they can get back to the action of the game.

    Since everyone needs a little love, here are the three best drinking games involving the referees.

3. The Ed Hochuli Drinking Game

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    Rules of the Game: Every time Ed Hochuli poses while calling a penalty simply to show of his guns, everyone takes a drink.

    How Drunk Will You Get: A little tipsy


    I'm not sure if Ed Hochuli is a professional body builder whenever he isn't reffing NFL games, but the man has got some serious guns and he isn't scared to show them. Hochuli must shop at Baby Gap for Refs because his shirts always seem a few sizes too small.

2. The Challenge Flag Game

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    Rules of the Game: When a challenge flag is thrown, start a timer. Time the amount of time the referee takes to talk to the coach, stick his head into the booth and come back with his decision. Take the total seconds and divide it by the amount of people that you are watching the game with. Each person takes one drink for the divided amount of seconds.

    How Drunk Will You Get: Fairly drunk


    This game isn't for the casual drinker or anyone without a high tolerance to alcohol. I've seen challenges go on for well over three minutes, which turns into 180 seconds. If you are playing with five people, that comes out to 36 drinks per person.

    It is possible with this game that after the first challenge everyone will be passed out.

1. The Penalty Game

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    Rules of the Game: Different penalties are worth different amounts of drinks. A five-yard penalty is worth five drinks, 10-yard penalties are worth ten drinks and 15-yard penalties are worth, yep you guessed it, fifteen drinks. Whenever the penalty results in a first-down, double the amount of drinks taken.

    How Drunk Will You Get: Very, very drunk


    This game becomes even more likely to get out of control the sloppier the teams playing are. For example, when Green Bay has another game where they record 18 penalties, be ready to sleep wherever you are watching the game.

Drinking Games Involving Coaches

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    Some coaches get so animated on the sidelines that it is extremely enjoyable just to watch them. They scream, yell and flail their arms all to the amusement of the watchers at home.

    When you get an opportunity to see these coaches on the television, here are three drinking games you can partake of.

3. The Tom Coughlin Game

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    Rules of the Game: Whenever Tom Coughlin gives one of his famous scowls, take a drink.

    How Drunk Will You Get: Slightly tipsy


    This game can be extremely enjoyable when things are going poorly for the New York Giants since it is rare to see Tom Coughlin without a scowl on his face. If the Giants are playing well, throw this game out the window.

2. The Bill Belichick Game

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    Rules of the Game: Whenever the camera shows Bill Belichick and he is either wearing a hat or has his hooded sweatshirt up, you need to take a drink. If he has both his hat and hooded sweatshirt on, chug an entire beer.

    How Drunk Will You Get: Possibly quite drunk


    If you plan it right, like any game in December or January, you could possibly drink quite a bit due to Bill Belichick attempting to keep warm.

1. The Rex Ryan Game

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    Rules of the Game: Whenever Rex Ryan cusses, take a drink. Whenever he strings more than one cuss word together in the same sentence, drink until he stops swearing. 

    How Drunk Will You Get: More drunk than you might want to get


    There is no doubt that Rex Ryan is one of the most vocal coaches in the NFL. More often than not, his rants involve numerous cuss words and this game has the possibility to get you drunk after just one of Ryan's rants.

Announcer Drinking Games

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    Most announcers make watching football more enjoyable with their great insight. However, there are those few announcers that have nasty habits that just drive us crazy.

    Whenever you feel the urge to throw something at the television just to make Ron Jaworski stop talking, think about playing one of these three drinking games involving announcers instead.

3. The Al Michaels Game

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    Rules of the Game: If Al Michaels ever uses a word that you don't know the definition of, take a drink. If that word is two syllables long, take two drinks. Three syllables long makes you take three drinks and so on. 

    How Drunk Will You Get: Not very drunk or very drunk


    This game all depends on how intelligent you are. If you have a good vocabulary, you will probably be wishing that you were playing a different game. If you don't know what the meaning of vocabulary is, this game is right up your ally.

2. The Troy Aikman Game

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    Rules of the Game: Every time that Troy Aikman brings up the Dallas Cowboys, you need to take a drink. When he talks about the current Cowboys, take one drink, but if he talks about the teams that he played on, take two drinks. 

    How Drunk Will You Get: Enough to make you slur your words


    We all know how much Aikman loves his precious Cowboys and it won't be long before you he starts talking about them.

1. The Jon Gruden Game

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    Rules of the Game: For each time Jon Gruden talks about how good, excellent or super a player is (or any other synonym of those words), time to start drinking. You stop drinking when Gruden stops talking about that certain player.  

    How Drunk Will You Get: Drunk enough to forget you drunk dialed an ex-girlfriend


    Gruden is a good announcer, but he is way to nice in his evaluation of current players. He thinks everyone is on their way to the Hall of Fame, no matter how terrible they really are.

Drinking Games with Current NFL Players

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    There are so many great traits about current NFL players, that the list of drinking games could go on forever and ever.

    These are the three best drinking games involving players.

3. The James Harrison Game

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    Rules of the Game: For each penalty James Harrison is called for, take a drink for the amount of yards the opposing team gained because of Harrison. If Harrison gets called for attempting to murder a player on the field with his helmet, finish a six-pack. 

    How Drunk Will You Get: Surprisingly drunk


    Harrison is one of the most vicious hitters in the league and will sometimes let his emotions get the best of him and make a bad play. If you have nothing better to do for the evening, you should probably take advantage of Harrison's style of play.

2. The Adrian Peterson Game

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    Rules of the Game: Whenever Adrian Peterson runs over a defensive player, prepare to start drinking. If the player that got ran over is a defensive back, take drink. If that player is a defensive lineman, take five drinks. Should Peterson happen to run over a linebacker, start drinking 10 drinks. 

    How Drunk Will You Get: Quite drunk


    As one of the most vicious running backs in the NFL, Peterson runs over his fair share of players. It is always great to watch him plow over them and it will become even more enjoyable when playing this game.

1. The Peyton Manning Game

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    Rules of the Game: When Peyton Manning steps to the line of scrimmage, watch for him to call an audible. Whenever he does, take one drink. 

    How Drunk Will You Get: Extremely drunk and maybe drunker than you have ever been before


    Have you ever seen Manning not call an audible at the line of scrimmage? If you play this game get ready to take a drink every single play that Manning is on the field. Basically, you will be drinking for a minimum of 20 minutes straight.