Why Eli Manning Needs to Restructure His Contract

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Why Eli Manning Needs to Restructure His Contract
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Eli Manning needs to restructure his contract and take less money. He's a top-10 quarterback in the NFL, but it has to be done. 

He's makes roughly $15 million a year, and he should work with the Giants to bring it down to the $12 million to $13 million per year range.  

Some of the best quarterbacks in the league have either taken less money or offered to restructure their contract. 

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are making $18 million per year. That's obviously a large amount of money for most people, but they can make over $20 million a year easily.

No disrespect to Eli, his brother and Brady are in a whole other league.  

Ben Roethlisberger just restructured his contract, and Mark Sanchez offered to re-work his, and the Jets aren't even over the cap.

Unlike the New York Giants, who are having a tough offseason financially. They're over and have been over the cap this entire offseason.

The Giants have even cut players such as Shawn Andrews, Shaun O'Hara, Rich Seubert and came to Brandon Jacobs to re-work his deal. 

If Brandon Jacobs, who has to share his carries with Ahmad Bradshaw, can re-work his deal, then so can Eli.

Even though Eli threw for 4,002 yards, and had 31 touchdowns, he also had 25 interceptions. Yes, some of the blame from those interceptions can be blamed on the wide receivers.

Tipped passes are annoying, but that can be fixed with the quarterback working hard to develop a stronger relationship with his wide receivers.

Eli seemed to show some of that work during this offseason, by organizing team workouts. However, he did screw up the Plaxico Buress sweepstakes. Lobbying for Plaxico would've lowered the chances of Kevin Boss and Steve Smith coming back, and that might've been why Eli didn't show Plax some support.

But if that was the reason, then Eli should've came out and said it. Eli's taking some blame for the Giants not getting Plaxico, and people are questioning his leadership abilities. He's never been the most vocal guy, but he needs to start.

Ben Roethlisberger showed his support for Plaxico, and even though the Steelers didn't get Plaxico, he showed why he's the leader of the Steelers.

A leader helps his team win games. 

A leader steps up in the clutch.

A leader makes his team better.

A leader knows how to rally his team.

And a leader helps recruit people to his team.

Eli does do some of those things, but he needs to do all of them.

Eli, restructure your contract, it'll go a long way to helping this team. There's too many players that the Giants have to re-sign for you sit back and make $15 million a year.

Do the right thing Eli, and do it fast.

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