10 Incredibly Bold Predictions That I May Regret Next Year

Jay Wierenga@@JayWierengaCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2011

10 Incredibly Bold Predictions That I May Regret Next Year

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    I was opening up this site just now, and I saw the headline from Michael Kimble's article and it ticked me off. Not because Michael doesn't do fine work, which he does. What ticked me off was that I was in the middle of putting together something similar and he beat me to the punch!

    I'm kind of like that; I get bummed out if someone comes up with something I either was thinking about doing, or when they come up with an interesting idea that I wish I had come up with instead.

    I will say that I haven't read Mr. Kimble's article yet as I don't want it to be fresh in my head as I'm putting together my list, but I will definitely do so after finishing up my piece.

    Regardless, here are 10 incredibly bold and possibly stupid predictions.

10. Plaxico Burress Will Catch 10 Touchdowns

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    I know, he just got out of prison and hasn't played in a while.

    I know, the Jets' have other targets on offense.

    And yes, I know that Burress hasn't had 10 touchdowns in a year since 2007 and has only done it one other time in his career.

    But Burress is hungry to prove himself. The last time we saw somebody this humbled by jail time was Michael Vick, and we all know how that ended up.

    Burress seems contrite, apologetic, and motivated.

    Plus he is 6'6, a trait that does not go out of style in football. Mark Sanchez, meet the fade route to Burress.

9. Kevin Kolb Will Not Succeed

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    People want to make Kevin Kolb the savior of the Cardinals. They have already fitted him for a Hall of Fame blazer and a bust in Canton.

    But think about a couple names: A.J. Feeley and Donovan McNabb.

    Both were studs in Philadelphia. Both bombed elsewhere.

    It is Andy Reid's system. He knows quarterbacks, and he knows how to build them. He harnesses their talents and then can sell them off. That was why he could trade McNabb within his division, because he knew he wouldn't regret it.

    Kolb could be solid, but there is too much pressure on him to save this franchise and it will not happen.

    I have heard estimates putting Kolb at around 25-30 touchdowns thrown this year. I say he gets 15 with a plus or minus of five. I also say he throws the same amount of interceptions. This will not be a great move this year.

8. Michael Vick Will Only Start 8 Games

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    Michael Vick was the feel-good story of last year. He bounced back to have an amazing season deserving of MVP conversation.

    This year will not be a duplicate.

    It isn't because of any talent issues. He is the most athletically gifted quarterback we have ever seen.

    But he is small, and his style of play leads to reckless situations.

    Add to that the fact that he is a year older and you have a recipe for pain in Philly.

    Last year he started 11 games, although some of that is because of Kevin Kolb. But even if he had been given the job all along, he still would have missed time.

    I am betting that the heightened scrutiny and high expectations will cause him to take even more chances, and lead to injury.

7. Matthew Stafford Will Start at Least 14 Games

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    I know, my fellow Lions fans are cursing me for jinxing him, but this will happen.

    People like to throw around the Stafford injuries and compare him to Charles Rogers.

    This is unfair. Stafford doesn't smoke pot.

    All kidding aside, Stafford is looking forward to a big year.

    Think about this, he was not an injury prone QB in college or high school. Sure, the NFL is different from that, but he did play in a very physical conference and didn't have the best line. He took his share of hits.

    Also, the Lions have more weapons this year, plus a defense that is going to force opposing offenses off the field, which will tire out opposing defenses. Top it off with an offensive line that started to come together last year (albeit they still have some holes there) and knows that Stafford is their key to success.

    They will not let him get beat up like last year.

6. Albert Haynesworth Will Flop, but Ochocinco Will Flourish

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    I know, the popular opinion is the reverse, but I don't think Haynesworth has the head for this.

    We have all seen all the great Patriots reclamation projects and we want to believe in fat Albert's revival.

    I just don't see it. He will flop because he doesn't have the mental toughness to care about anything but himself. He will not buy into the Patriot's way and will be released by mid-season.

    Chad Ochocinco, however, will be a different story. I think he wants this style of play, and he wants this type of discipline. I think he will love the Patriot's way, and love the consistency of Tom Brady.

    He also will relish the opportunity to prove people wrong.

    Look for him to get eight touchdowns and 1,000 yards receiving, and provide the deep threat that opens everything up for the Pats.

5. Peyton Manning Will Miss a Game

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    My girlfriend Sara is the biggest Peyton Manning fan in Oregon, so please don't tell her about this slide.

    But Manning will finally succumb to injury and sit out at least one game, if not more.

    True, he has started all 208 games of his career. And sure, he is coming off one absolutely impressive year.

    But he also is coming off his second neck surgery in as many years. He also is 35 and not getting any younger. And he also is still the most important player on any team.

    If I were the Colts, I would make sure that the backups are better than Casey Painter because they will definitely need them.

    I don't think he will miss a game to start the year; he is too strong-willed for that.

    But I think he will rush his rehab and hurt himself later on.

    I hope I am wrong about this as my girlfriend will surely kill me if this happens.

4. Houston Will Win Their Division

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    Hasn't the state of Texas had enough to celebrate this year? Spread the wealth guys!

    I also know that every year this is predicted by someone. But this will be the year it happens.

    The Texans' defense will improve enough to keep them from falling apart in the second half of the year.

    The real key is Matt Schaub's health. Each year I am convinced he will miss significant time. But this year he will lead his team to the playoffs.

3. The Patriots Will Sweep the Jets

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    You can only poke the bear so many times before it bites you. And that is exactly what will happen to New York this year.

    Up until this point, Rex Ryan and his team have amazed with their ability to get into the minds of the Pats.

    But Bill Belichick will have the last laugh here. I don't care if they play one another three times this year, the Pats will win every time.

    This is a motivated team led by the best quarterback on the planet, I am not betting against them this year.

2. The Lions Will Win at Least 10 Games

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    The Lions fans that were ready to kill me for jinxing Stafford are going to really kill me now.

    But this team is built to win right now.

    The key to the season is Stafford's health, but the driving force for this team will be the defense, especially the defensive line.

    A line that dominated at times got even better. And while I am not sold on Nick Fairley, I am sold on Ndamukong Suh and Kyle Vanden Bosch. KVB needs to stay healthy and safety Louis Delmas needs to step up, but this defense should be a top five unit.

    The playoff drought will be over in Detroit.

1.Tony Romo Will Win the MVP

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    Sure he is a little bit Hollywood at this point and may spend too much time playing golf. And yeah, maybe the Cowboys have had enough great quarterbacks in their history, even if Troy Aikman was overrated (a fight for another time).

    But this year Tony Romo will establish his place amongst their greats.

    Romo has had some issues lately, but this year he will bounce back. Couple that with an attack that is more geared towards running the ball, and a defense that is looking to prove itself, and you have a good mix.

    I really like the approach that Jason Garrett has with his team, and I think this year he brings out the best in Romo.