NFL Super Bowl, Playoffs and Regular Season Predictions for 2011

Caleb ShawContributor IIJune 10, 2011

NFL Super Bowl, Playoffs and Regular Season Predictions for 2011

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    NFL Landscape
    NFL Landscape

    Let's just dive right into it, shall we?  Here are a few brief headlines within the predictions for the 2011-2012 NFL season.


    — The Green Bay Packers will not repeat as champions.

    — NFC will have four new division winners.

    — The NFC West will still stink, but the team on top will have a winning record.

    — The Dallas Cowboys will surprise everyone.

    — The Carolina Panthers, with Cam Newton, will continue to be terrible.


    — The Pittsburgh Steelers will fail to even make the playoffs.

    — The Indianapolis Colts will stay healthy and make a deep playoff run.

    — The New England Patriots will once again be a dominate force.

    — An early season slump will not visit the San Diego Chargers.

    — Tebow will lead the Denver Broncos to an even worse record than last year.


    Here is the first look at the 2011-2012 NFL season in its entirety.

AFC Regular Season

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    Big Ben Blowing Bubbles
    Big Ben Blowing Bubbles

    The Colts and Patriots will win their divisions in battles that come down to the last two weeks of the season.

    Two new teams win their divisions this season in the Ravens and Chargers.

    The big news is that the Steelers will crack under the pressure of their schedule and miss the playoffs.







    Jets         12—4       4—2
    Dolphins         5—11       2—4
    Bills         3—13       1—5
    Ravens         12—4       4—2
    Steelers         10—6       4—2
    Browns         7—9       3—3
    Bengals         3—13       1—5
    Colts         13—3       5—1
    Texans         11—5       3—3
    Jaguars         7—9       2—4
    Titans         4—12       2—4
    Chargers         11—5       4—2
    Chiefs         9—7       3—2
    Raiders         8—8       4—2
    Broncos         3—13       1—5

    Colts defeat Patriots on the road which secures them home field throughout the playoffs.

    1.  Colts

    2.  Patriots

    3.  Ravens

    4.  Chargers

    5.  Jets  (Wild Card)

    6.  Texans  (Wild Card)

NFC Regular Season

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    Jones Dancing
    Jones Dancing

    Every NFC division will have a new champion in 2011.

    The West will have a team that is above .500 this season.

    Jerry Jones will be dancing for joy as the Cowboys head into the playoffs.



    East       Overall       Division
    Cowboys       11—5       4—2
    Eagles       10—6       4—2
    Giants       7—9       3—3
    Redskins       3—13       1—5
    Packers       12—4       5—1
    Bears       10—6       3—3
    Lions       7—9       2—4
    Vikings       5—11       2—4
    Saints       12—4       4—2
    Falcons       10—6       4—2
    Buccaneers       9—7       3—3
    Panthers       2—14       1—5
    Rams       10—6       4—2
    49ers       8—8       4—2
    Seahawks       6—10       3—3
    Cardinals       3—13       1—5


    1.  Saints

    2.  Packers

    3.  Cowboys

    4.  Rams

    5.  Eagles  (Wild Card)

    6.  Falcons  (Wild Card)

Wild Card Round

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    Marshawn Lynch Wild Card Magic
    Marshawn Lynch Wild Card Magic

    Only one wild card will advance after the higher seeds push them around.  Unlike last season, no wild card will advance to the Super Bowl.

    Wild Card Round


    Texans 27—Ravens 21

    Chargers 31—Jets 17



    Cowboys 28—Falcons 27

    Eagles 24—Rams 17

Divisional Round

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    Electric Football
    Electric Football

    The one seeds move on and the remaining wild card is put to rest.  The 2011-2012 NFL playoffs produces a hard fought and exciting divisional round.

    The biggest story is that the Green Bay Packers will not repeat as champions.  The Cowboys were always unstoppable in Electric Football.

    Divisional Round


    Colts 31—Texans 21

    Chargers 21—Patriots 18



    Saints 22—Eagles 21

    Cowboys 27—Packers 24

Conference Championships

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    Romo Fail
    Romo Fail

    Tony Romo and the Cowboys will make a deep playoff run this upcoming season and unlike his past playoff miscues, Romo will play admirably.  However, the Saints and Drew Brees will prove to be too much for the Cowboys as they walk away with the NFC Championship.

    The Colts and Chargers will have a battle for the ages that rivals any game in the past 10 years.  Peyton Manning will do what he so often does and lead the Colts on a last minute drive to victory. 

    Conference Championships


    Colts 36—Chargers 35


    Saints 24—Cowboys 23

Super Bowl XLVI

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    Freeney Sacks Brees
    Freeney Sacks Brees

    This will be the first time in NFL history that a team plays on their own home field for the Super Bowl.  A rematch of the 2010 Super Bowl pits the Indianapolis Colts against the New Orleans Saints but with a different outcome.  

    Super Bowl

    Colts 28 – Saints 27


    The Indianapolis Colts will be crowned Super Bowl Champions.  Quote me on it!

    Read this article to see why you can bank on this happening.