NFL Lockout: Billionaire Owners vs. Millionaire Players, Only in the USA

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 8, 2011

The NFL Lockout exposes the greed in the NFL, enter  the lawyers.
The NFL Lockout exposes the greed in the NFL, enter the lawyers.Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The NFL lockout has been a huge mess since the players began demanding more pay and benefits. In fact Gene Upshaw had been doing a great job as the NFL union president, and it appears that as soon as this former Oakland Raider legend passed away, the NFL union also died.

The players had complained about getting rid of the NFL union, and now that it is gone, they are unhappy.

How unhappy? Well, they have basically ruined a great game and training this season. For the Oakland Raiders, it's worse, as they are on their way to becoming an even better team but aren't allowed to practice with the coaches Al Davis hired for them.

For the ordinary football fan, it's a huge mess, and it's utterly disgusting to see greedy players wanting more. Let's be honest here: The base pay for an NFL rookie in 2010 was $325,000. If you're an ordinary football fanatic, chances are you are making slightly below that.

Then you have the big-name NFL superstars like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Nnamdi Asomugha and Brett Favre, who pull in around $6 million a year, if not more.

From this writer's point of view and also from what Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis said on his interview a few weeks back, there are more important things in life that are so much more important: Young kids dying of cancer, crime in the streets killing our youth, etc.

Then you look at this lockout and think, these guys are all arguing for money. Greed has set within the NFL. The sad part is that the NFL players were fortunate to get picked, and now they want even more? Where is the gratitude?

Seriously, if you are an NFL owner and you build your organization through hard work, does this mean your employees can go after you for more money? I am on the side of the NFL owners like Al Davis, who have sacrificed to build their NFL teams.

The players remove the union and now want more? Ludicrous.

It's absolutely ridiculous. Give me Tom Brady's income for two seasons, and I can pretty much get my own insurance and plan a future. Actually, give Tom Brady's money to a child in the Shriners who needs medical attention. That is real life.

This whole NFL lockout is the worst thing that can happen to the NFL because, as ordinary fans that pay for these players, we see the greed.

I also feel that the owners are correct in not wanting to pay huge amounts to first-round draft picks. JaMarcus Russell was the biggest flop ever, and he was paid $32 million guaranteed. The alternative is to let the rookies play for two seasons before allowing them to reconstruct their contracts. Plain and simple.

The lockout has to end soon if we are to enjoy a decent season this year. I doubt the season will even be the same, as the lockout has smeared the NFL. It's sad that the NFL players suffer from "Redd Foxx " syndrome and can't handle their high incomes.

Get an analyst to plan your future like most Americans. Can you all say "portfolio?"

In fact, the country is really hurting economically, and yet we have the NFL and players fighting over billions? It's really a huge eye-opener. It's sad to see the greed set in. Let's hope we can get the NFL union back and with a winner like Gene Upshaw, who had the ship sailing smooth.

Once you lose a Raider, you lose greatness. Truth be told!