Pittsburgh Steelers: Look Back At The Best Plays of 2010

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IJune 4, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers: Look Back At The Best Plays of 2010

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    Even though the 2010 season is well over and we should be looking forward to 2011, the lockout kind of prevents us from looking forward to anything.

    So I wanted to look back at a 2010 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers that was full of exciting and great plays.

    The first 10 plays are my top 10 in no particular order, and then I just have a few more of my personal favorites at the end.

Troy Polamalu Interception Against Falcons

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    Week 1 Vs. Atlanta Falcons


    Even though the big story for the Pittsburgh Steelers going into 2010 was Ben Roethlisberger, I thought it was just as important to see the defense come back after a disappointing previous year.

    Troy Polamalu let everyone know that he was back in Week 1 by jumping this Matt Ryan pass with 1:45 left in the fourth quarter giving the Steelers a chance to win in regulation.

    Jeff Reed missed the ensuing field goal; however, the team won the game in overtime and the league was on notice that the Steelers’ defense was not the same from 2009.

Troy Polamalu Sacks Joe Flacco

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    Week 13 At Baltimore Ravens


    This was one of the most important games for the Steelers in 2010 because it pretty much clinched the AFC North title.

    Every game with the Steelers and Ravens is a must-see fistfight and this game was no different, with Troy coming up huge again in the fourth quarter.

    With the Steelers trailing, Troy seemed to just fly in the backfield and crush Joe Flacco to cause the fumble that LaMarr Woodley eventually recovered.

Troy Polamalu Jumps the Line Against the Titans

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    Week 2 At Tennessee Titans


    As you can see, Troy Polamalu is very important to the Steelers defense and he never ceases to amaze me with what he does on the field.

    This play wasn’t exactly as important as the previous two, since the game was pretty much over however, I still can’t believe Troy actually did it.

    I have to admit I actually tried to do this in a game in high school, and let’s just say that it did not work out as well as when Troy tried it.

Ike Taylor Slams Mark Sanchez In The Playoffs

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    AFC Championship Game Vs New York Jets


    I hate the Jets and Rex Ryan, and I loved seeing the Steelers completely smack them up and down the field in the playoffs.

    Dick LeBeau brought our best cover corner on a blitz and he smashed Mark Sanchez and I thought he put him out of the game.

    The best part of this play is that William Gay, the guy who is always getting burned, actually did something right by picking up the ball and running it in for a touchdown.

Brett Keisel 79-Yard Interception

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    Week 3 At Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    You probably wouldn’t guess that the Steelers longest interception in 2010 came from a defensive lineman, however, that’s exactly what happened.

    Tampa rookie wide receiver Mike Williams batted the ball, and then got battered by James Harrison, and Brett Keisel took the ball the other way 79 yards.

    The Steelers defense continued to carry the team with the absence of Ben Roethlisberger, and I love to see linemen get a chance to score a touchdown.

Antonio Brown 89-Yard Kick Return Against Titans

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    Week 2 At Tennessee Titans


    Antonio Brown had to fight in camp for a roster spot and the only reason he was even active for this game was because fellow rookie, Emmanuel Sanders, was injured in Week 1.

    Aside from the little bit of taunting at the end, this is what I expected from Brown in his rookie year, although I thought it would take a little longer than Week 2 for him to get this comfortable.

    I thought it was a great idea on the first kickoff of the game, and Brown pretty much locked up kickoff return duties after this.

Ben Avoids Being Sacked by Terrell Suggs

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    Week 13 At Baltimore Ravens


    This was one of the best incomplete passes I have ever seen in an NFL game and is one of the reasons Ben is so great.

    He is so hard to get to the ground that defenders try to just get the ball from him and Suggs tried everything he could to strip that ball.

    Ben just kept his legs moving and got enough space away from Suggs to toss the ball forward and keep the Steelers in field-goal range.

Rashard Mendenhall Ends the Game Against the Falcons

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    Week 1 Vs. Atlanta Falcons


    With Ben Roethlisberger being suspended, you knew that that the Steelers would be leaning on their defense, and the running game.

    That meant that Rashard Mendenhall would have to carry the load for the offense for a while and he did just that early on.

    This was a perfectly blocked and run play by the offense, and Mendenhall showed his speed to take it to the house and gave the Steelers a win to start the season.

Mike Wallace Burns the Entire Raiders Team

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    Week 11 Vs. Oakland Raiders


    Mike Wallace had the breakout season that we all thought he would have in 2010 and was seemingly uncoverable at times.

    He only had three receptions against the Raiders in Week 11, however, one of those was a 52-yard sprint in the fourth quarter that put the Steelers up by 25.

    Wallace is known for getting past defenses, and you can really see his speed as he just runs past everyone on this catch.

Antonio Brown Helmet Catch Against the Ravens

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    AFC Divisional Playoff Game Vs. Baltimore Ravens


    This is one of my favorite Ben Roethlisberger plays in his career because it showed Ben’s leadership and play calling ability.

    Ben said, “Let’s send him. Let’s just chuck it deep. If they pick it, it will be a pick way down there, just as good as a punt.”

    Well we all know that they did not pick it off, and Antonio Brown made the biggest catch of his life and set up the winning touchdown by Rashard Mendenhall.

LaMarr Woodley Interception Against Bengals

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    Week 14 Vs. Cincinnati Bengals


    All right, we start my personal favorites with LaMarr Woodley, who is known for terrorizing quarterbacks, just not really in coverage.

    LaMarr could have had a few more of these types of picks last season if he could catch; however, his job is to take the quarterback down, and he does it well.

James Harrison Smacks Jason Campbell

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    Week 11 Vs. Oakland Raiders


    Roger Goodell has done nothing but ruin the NFL with all of his hypocrisy, rule changes, and attempts to expand the regular season.

    This play should not have been a penalty and it took away a pick from Ike Taylor however, I still like seeing Jason Campbell get completely smashed by James Harrison.

Troy Polamalu Pick Against The Bengals

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    Week 14 Vs. Cincinnati Bengals


    Troy strikes again here by picking Carson Palmer off, running down field, and flying into the end zone for a touchdown.

    This play would have been part of my top plays instead of just here, if not for the fact that Troy got hurt at the end of this and thus hurt the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

Charlie Batch Torches the Buccaneers

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    Week 3 At Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Charlie Batch was considered the fourth quarterback on the Steelers and may not have even made the team if not for Ben Roethlisberger being suspended.

    With Leftwich and Dixon injured, however, Batch came in and watched this bomb go right off the defenders hands and into Mike Wallace’s for a touchdown.

Isaac Redman Runs Through Ravens

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    Week 13 At Baltimore Ravens


    Isaac Redman runs hard every time he touches the ball, and I thought he should have gotten a lot more playing time last season.

    I don’t think many expected Redman to be a threat in the passing game; however, he would not be denied, and this play helped clinch the AFC North for the Steelers.

Hines Ward Scores Against Miami

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    Week 7 At Miami Dolphins


    Even though Hines had a down year in 2010, I could not live with myself if I did not include a Hines Ward play in here.

    Hines shows two Miami defenders that he’s still got it and would not be deprived of a touchdown in the Pittsburgh win.