2011 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller's Two Full Rounds with Analysis and Team Needs

Matt Miller@nfldraftscoutNFL Draft Lead WriterApril 18, 2011

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller's Two Full Rounds with Analysis and Team Needs

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    Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller is ready for the 2011 NFL Draft, as are national championship winners Cam Newton and Nick Fairley of Auburn.

    Are you?

    All pre-draft workouts have been conducted. Now is the time to place your final grades on players and set the draft board.

    And that's what we're doing at New Era Scouting.

    Will you be ready when Roger Goodell puts the Carolina Panthers on the clock?

1. Carolina Panthers

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    Team Needs: QB-DT-WR-CB-RG-DE-DT-CB-TE

    Selection: Cam Newton, Quarterback, Auburn

    "And with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers select..."

    How that sentence ends is on everyone's mind right now. The Panthers have tons of needs on both sides of the ball.

    New head coach Ron Rivera has said that 2010 second-round pick Jimmy Clausen is not guaranteed the starting spot at quarterback next fall, leaving open the possibility that the Panthers could draft a quarterback first overall.

    The team has definite needs at almost every position, making this pick an educated guess at this point in the process. With so many needs, the Panthers can truly sit back and draft the player rated highest on their draft board.

    There is also a great chance the Panthers start shopping this pick to other quarterback-needy clubs.

    In the end, we believe this pick will be Cam Newton, whether the Panthers still hold the pick or not. Not necessarily because this is the pick we would make—it's not. Newton is ranked as our No. 11 player overall.

    With so many needs this offseason and no pick in the second round, we fully expect Carolina to put the No. 1 overall pick up for a trade.

2. Denver Broncos

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    Team Needs: DT-CB-RT-SS-TE-DE-RB

    Selection: Marcell Dareus, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

    The Broncos are making a move back to the 4-3 defense under John Fox this year, leaving a big question mark at defensive tackle. The team moved last week to re-sign cornerback Champ Bailey, temporarily filling a need at cornerback.

    This leaves Denver in position to draft Marcell Dareus, who will play next to Pro Bowler Elvis Dumervil in the four-man front.

    Adding Dareus gives Denver a viable defensive tackle to build around and also will help pressure the quarterback and shorten the amount of time their patchwork secondary has to cover receivers.

    Dareus is quickly shooting up draft boards and moving ahead of SEC rival Nick Fairley of Auburn. As the draft nears, it is becoming more likely that Dareus will be the first defensive tackle off the board.

3. Buffalo Bills

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    Team Needs: LT-OLB-DE-WR-QB-TE-RT-NT-ILB

    Selection: Von Miller, Outside Linebacker, Texas A&M

    Almost every mock draft we see has the Bills drafting a quarterback here. Why?

    We believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick, especially if you give him an improved left tackle and a defense that can stop the run.

    We also believe in Von Miller.

    Miller is the draft's most explosive player. In the Bills' 3-4 scheme, he will team up with Shawne Merriman to give the Bills a fierce outside pass rush.

    To compete in the AFC East, the Bills must be able to stop Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez. This is step one in their plan to take back the AFC.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Team Needs: QB-DE-RB-WR-LG-SS-ILB-K-KR

    Selection: Blaine Gabbert, Quarterback, Missouri

    Previous installations of our mock draft have seen the Bengals use this pick on a defensive end almost every time. Why the change?

    The Bengals hopefully realize by now that Carson Palmer will never play for them again. Take a quick look at their roster and see what they have behind Palmer at quarterback—Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour.

    While LeFevour could develop into a nice player, he's not there yet. Not even close.

    Gabbert is the best quarterback in this class, in our opinion, when you combine current readiness and his potential to develop further in an NFL system.

    Much like Sam Bradford last year, there are questions about his arm strength and football IQ coming from a spread system at Missouri. While we don't think Gabbert is Bradford 2.0, he's still a very good prospect.

    With no clear-cut franchise quarterback on the roster, the Bengals cannot afford not to draft Gabbert.

5. Arizona Cardinals

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    Team Needs: QB-LT-OLB-LG-RT-CB-FS-ILB

    Selection: Robert Quinn, Outside Linebacker, North Carolina

    Let's be honest here: The Cardinals will be livid if both Von Miller and Blaine Gabbert are off the board when they pick at No. 5.

    We even considered predicting a trade here, but the inability to include players in trades currently eliminates the logic in trading the selection.

    Arizona finds a very good consolation prize in Quinn.

    While Von Miller is viewed as the best outside linebacker in this class, Quinn offers the best combination of skills.

    He is a bit raw after missing the 2010 season, but his freakish athletic ability will make him a tough player to stop.

6. Cleveland Browns

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    Team Needs: DE-WR-DT-CB-RT-OLB-RG-SS

    Selection: Julio Jones, Wide Receiver, Alabama

    Surprised not to see A.J. Green here? After last week's mock, we went back to the drawing board and took at look at which player better fits the Browns' West Coast offense under Pat Shurmur. The answer is Jones.

    The Browns are facing an offseason in which they need to add targets for Colt McCoy and rebuild their defense while changing from a 3-4 to a 4-3 system. Oh, and they must replace Shaun Rogers after releasing him in a salary-cap move.

    As Colt McCoy matures and becomes the Browns' franchise quarterback, he will need receivers to grow with him. Cleveland could pull the trigger as early as Round 1 on a No. 1 receiver for McCoy.

7. San Francisco 49ers

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    Team Needs: QB-OLB-CB-WR-DE-FS-OC

    Selection: Patrick Peterson, Cornerback, LSU

    The 49ers want to see Von Miller here, and would even consider Robert Quinn to play outside linebacker if he were still on the board. There are many very good prospects left that would fill a need in San Francisco.

    However, Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh simply cannot pass on the talent of Patrick Peterson.

    The team has a giant need at quarterback, but they do not seem to love Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton, the only two passers worthy of a top-10 pick.

    Peterson allows San Francisco the freedom to move Nate Clements to safety, keep him at left cornerback or even cut him in a salary-cap move.

    Peterson is a lockdown corner who can have an immediate impact for the 49ers.

    With 12 selections in the draft, don't be surprised to see the 49ers move up to find their quarterback.

8. Tennessee Titans

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    Team Needs: QB-DE-DT-ILB-OC-OG-WR-SS-OLB

    Selection: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

    Do the Titans need a defensive tackle?

    Yes and no.

    We like Jason Jones a lot, and Sen'Derrick Marks had a ton of potential as a young player. Tony Brown is a solid veteran player when healthy.

    Notice that none of these players is a household name. Not one Pro Bowler in the group.

    The Titans have a solid collection of players at defensive tackle, but no one who is going to take over a game or dominate the offensive line.

    Nick Fairley can do this, and more.

    His tenacity and aggressive style of play are a perfect fit in Tennessee.

    Quarterback is the bigger need, but the Titans will not reach for Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett here.

9. Dallas Cowboys

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    Team Needs: CB-RT-FS-DE-LG-SS-WR

    Selection: Tyron Smith, Offensive Tackle, USC

    We previously linked the Cowboys to Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara in this spot, but we're having a change of opinion regarding Dallas.

    The Cowboys have two solid cornerbacks in Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins. Neither had a great 2010, but both can play well enough not to hurt the team.

    Newman is not a long-term fit in Rob Ryan's defense, but he is a better option than almost any other player available.

    Where Dallas really needs help is at right tackle.

    Marc Colombo is one of the nicest guys in the world, but he is not a starting right tackle.

    Smith has started at right tackle for USC and has the strength to hold up against power rushers. He is also a very good athlete and can get out in front when run blocking.

10. Washington Redskins

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    Team Needs: QB-WR-RT-CB-NT-DE-OLB-OC-FB

    Selection: A.J. Green, Wide Receiver, Georgia

    Washington would be ecstatic to see Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert on the board, and while we do think Mike Shanahan likes Jake Locker, he doesn't like him enough to draft him No. 10 overall.

    Washington would prefer to trade back in this situation but will gladly settle for a wide receiver, especially one as dynamic as A.J. Green.

    Green ranks as the No. 1 wide receiver on our board and the No. 6 player overall.

11. Houston Texans

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    Team Needs: OLB-CB-FS-SS-NT-DE-WR-QB

    Selection: Ryan Kerrigan, Outside Linebacker, Purdue

    The Texans will be faced with the difficult decision of drafting the hot-rising defensive end/outside linebacker who is a perfect fit for Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense or drafting a sure-thing cover corner to anchor a weak secondary.

    In the end, the pass rush wins out.

    Kerrigan's name is soaring up draft boards. He has a very good chance to be a top-10 pick.

    A few other names to consider: Prince Amukamara, Cam Jordan and J.J. Watt.

12. Minnesota Vikings

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    Team Needs: QB-CB-OLB-DE-RT-RG-WR

    Selection: Prince Amukamara, Cornerback, Nebraska

    We do think the Vikings will be tempted by quarterbacks Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett, but in the end this is a Vikings team that is very close to contending for a playoff berth. A rookie quarterback is perhaps not as likely.

    If we could predict trades of players, this would be an ideal spot for Kevin Kolb or a package deal to get Carson Palmer and draft picks from Cincinnati.

    Until the CBA is renewed, that's not going to happen, though.

    The Vikings are not terribly off at cornerback. Cedric Griffin has flashed potential when healthy, which is all too infrequent. Antoine Winfield is a Pro Bowler, but he turns 34 this summer.

    Amukamara is simply too good to pass by.

    It is also worth mentioning that Minnesota is in a great position to trade back if they can find a buyer.

13. Detroit Lions

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    Team Needs: CB-LT-OLB-RT-OLB-RB-SS-WR

    Selection: Anthony Castonzo, Offensive Tackle, Boston College

    Jeff Backus turns 34 this season. Matthew Stafford's two seasons in the NFL have ended with injuries. Offensive tackle is a need here.

    Lions fans will tell you they need to focus on defense in Round 1, but we disagree. They do need to add a cornerback and outside linebacker, but this can be done later on.

    Grabbing a franchise left tackle must take precedence in a draft loaded with talent in Rounds 2 and 3.

    Castonzo ranks as the best tackle on most draft boards. He's a solid, safe pick for the Lions.

14. St. Louis Rams

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    Team Needs: DE-WR-FS-DT-TE-OLB-SS-RB

    Selection: Cameron Jordan, Defensive End, California

    St. Louis needs a wide receiver and might also like to see an outside linebacker here, but they will be ecstatic to find the freakish Cameron Jordan coming off the edge opposite Chris Long.

    The Rams offense is much better off than most will acknowledge. With Donnie Avery back in 2012, their wide receiver crew is solid enough to compete in the NFC West. In addition, the 2011 draft class is solid with second-tier talent at wide receiver in Round 2.

    What this 2011 class lacks in Round 2 is pass rushers. St. Louis fills a massive need early on.

15. Miami Dolphins

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    Team Needs: RB-TE-QB-FS-WR-LG-OC-CB

    Selection: Mikel Leshoure, Running Back, Illinois

    Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams will both enter free agency this offseason.

    The Dolphins are not expected to bring both back and could ultimately choose to start fresh at the position and let both leave. Whichever they decide, running back figures to be a key need for Miami in the draft.

    We firmly believe Miami should and will trade this pick. With no second-round pick, they could trade back, pick up an extra selection in Round 2 and still grab a running back.

    If you read our mock drafts each week, you may have noticed a back-and-forth here between Ingram and Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure. In the end, this will be a pick of preference by the Miami personnel department.

    Our preference is Leshoure.

    This is also a great spot to trade back, as teams looking to draft offensive tackles and defensive ends are willing to move up to this spot.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Team Needs: CB-FS-DE-SS-WR-QB-OLB

    Selection: Jimmy Smith, Cornerback, Colorado

    Did any team have a worse secondary in 2010 than the Jacksonville Jaguars?

    The team needs upgrades at cornerback opposite the underachieving Rashaen Mathis and at both safety positions.

    Smith has the talent of a top-15 pick, but the attitude of a late-rounder. Like so many players before him, Smith has let his mouth hurt his draft stock in the months leading up to the draft.

17. New England Patriots from Oakland Raiders

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    Team Needs: OLB-DE-OG-RB-WR-OT-CB-NT

    Selection: J.J. Watt, Defensive End, Wisconsin

    We have previously slotted the Patriots to draft an offensive tackle here, with the belief that they will move to replace Matt Light with their first pick in the draft. It is also worth noting that we firmly believe the Patriots will consider trying to trade this pick.

    Should the Patriots hold on to pick No. 17, they will be faced with many options, chief of which is a chance to draft an outside linebacker who can rush the passer.

    As good as the Patriots defense is, they are weak on the edge and have not done an effective job rushing the passer as of late.

    Watt is the best of the many 3-4 defensive ends in this draft. He is recently receiving notice as a potential top-10 pick.

18. San Diego Chargers

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    Team Needs: DE-ILB-OLB-WR-OC-FS-RT-RB

    Selection: Corey Liuget, Defensive End, Illinois

    The Chargers have many needs they could address here. They want to get better at outside linebacker, replace four free agents at inside linebacker, add a young defensive end, and potentially replace Vincent Jackson at wide receiver.

    Thankfully, the Chargers have three selections in the top two rounds.

    Liuget, who played defensive tackle at Illinois, has the body type to play in the Chargers' 3-4 defense at defensive end in a five-technique, head-up on the offensive tackle.

19. New York Giants

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    Team Needs: LT-ILB-RB-OC-OLB-WR-DT

    Selection: Gabe Carimi, Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

    Injuries decimated the Giants' offensive line this year, but this also exposed weaknesses and areas of need. No position needs more attention than offensive tackle.

    Building depth at tackle is a need, but the Giants can also look for young players who can eventually start.

    Carimi is slightly underrated by NFL analysts and TV scouts, but having seen him first-hand numerous times, it is hard to not be impressed with Carimi's ability on the blind side.

    He is a dominant force in the run game and he has the tools to become an elite pass protector.

    Doubt Carimi as a left tackle? Look at his stats against the best defensive ends in the Big 10.

    vs. Adrian Clayborn (Iowa): 1 solo tackle, 1 sack

    vs. Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue): 2 solo tackles

    vs. Cameron Heyward (Ohio State): 2 solo tackles

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Team Needs: DE-ILB-RT-OLB-LG-OC-CB

    Selection: Adrian Clayborn, Defensive End, Iowa

    At one point this year, we had Adrian Clayborn rated as our No. 1 overall player. That was until he decided to play poorly down the stretch and cause many to question his work ethic and character.

    A dominant end in 2009, Clayborn was average in 2010.

    When watching Clayborn on film, you can walk away amazed or disappointed. We believe teams will look hard enough at his 2009 film to be thoroughly impressed.

    If you are running a 4-3 defense, you have to consider Clayborn among the best defensive ends in the class.

    Clayborn has a chance to redeem himself with a strong pre-draft workout, causing teams with a need for an outside pass rush to take a look at him late in the first round.

21. Kansas City Chiefs

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    Team Needs: OLB-NT-WR-RT-OC-ILB-QB

    Selection: Phil Taylor, Nose Tackle, Baylor

    The popular mock draft choice for Kansas City is an outside linebacker, or maybe even a wide receiver. We're convinced the Chiefs will wait for both.

    Opposite Tamba Hali, the Chiefs need an outside linebacker who can drop into coverage. None of the linebackers available can do this, except maybe Akeem Ayers, who would be a reach here.

    At wide receiver, Kansas City would be reaching to draft any of the available guys.

    Taylor, on the other hand, is a safe pick. Scott Pioli helped build the New England Patriots defense and knows how important a big, strong nose tackle is.

    Teaming with former first-round picks Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, Taylor completes the trifecta on the Chiefs' defensive line.

22. Indianapolis Colts

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    Team Needs: LT-DT-OG-RT-SS-QB-RB-WR

    Selection: Nate Solder, Offensive Tackle, Colorado

    Peyton Manning had to feel a little human this season after being beaten into the turf by the Chargers and then the Cowboys.

    Even in the playoffs, Manning looked rushed, rattled and scared in the pocket. We can hardly blame him after looking at how terrible the Colts offensive line was this year.

    Solder is an elite athlete for a left tackle, a must in the Colts' zone-blocking scheme. He has long arms, a big frame and the footwork to get to the second level and pull on screens and stretch plays.

    Solder is rated by almost all draft experts as a late first-round pick. He is a solid tackle with good athleticism, great size and excellent length. He shows ability to play in the NFL as a rookie.

    If we were calling the shots in Indianapolis, this pick would be Mississippi State's Derek Sherrod.

23. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Team Needs: CB-DT-RT-RG-OLB-SS-QB

    Selection: Brandon Harris, Cornerback, Miami (Fla.)

    Ellis Hobbs, the team's No. 2 corner, has retired due to injuries. The end of Round 1 would be a smart place to find a future starter at cornerback, leaving Round 2 for the need at guard or defensive tackle.

    Reid tends to like aggressive corners who attack the ball. Brandon Harris of Miami fits the Eagles' scheme very well.

    The Eagles like physical cornerbacks who can face the receiver and make plays on the ball. Harris not only fits this mold, he has the size to run with the NFL's biggest receivers.

    Harris' name is shooting up draft boards lately. He is a lock to hear his name called in Round 1.

24. New Orleans Saints

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    Team Needs: DE-RB-OT-OLB-DT-SS-OG

    Selection: Aldon Smith, Defensive End, Missouri

    Smith is normally projected as an outside linebacker for a 3-4 scheme, but we love his ability as a pure pass rusher from a 4-3 defensive end position.

    Smith has experience with his hand in the dirt, not dropping back into coverage.

    Given the task of attacking the quarterback every down, he could excel. Playing next to big tackles Shaun Rogers and Sedrick Ellis will not hurt, either.

25. Seattle Seahawks

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    Team Needs: RT-QB-CB-SS-DT-DE-WR-RG

    Selection: Christian Ponder, Quarterback, Florida State

    The Seahawks’ only signal-caller signed for 2011 is Charlie Whitehurst, and he has not proven to have the talent to become a franchise quarterback in Seattle.

    At the end of Round 1, the Seahawks will have their pick of Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Mallett and Jake Locker.

    With so many talented passers to choose from, we believe Pete Carroll will draft the most NFL-ready of the group and the player with the most experience in a pro-style offense.

    That player is Christian Ponder.

26. San Francisco 49ers from Baltimore Ravens

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    Team Needs: QB-OLB-CB-WR-DE-FS-OC

    Selection: Andy Dalton, Quarterback, TCU

    This is one trade we feel comfortable enough predicting to include in our mock draft.

    While many teams in the first 25 picks will move around, those trades are as unpredictable as Al Davis' draft picks right now.

    This trade makes sense, with Jim and John Harbaugh making a phone call to send the No. 26 pick to San Francisco in exchange for a 2012 first-round pick and 2011 fourth-round selection.

    The 49ers added a key to the defense in Round 1, but now, they must focus on finding the perfect quarterback for Jim Harbaugh's West Coast offense.

    Dalton is not a perfect quarterback, and for many systems, he would be a bad selection. However, in San Francisco, Harbaugh will be running a system based on timing and accuracy, Dalton's two biggest assets.

    It is worth noting that new head coach Jim Harbaugh did not attend Cam Newton or Ryan Mallett's pro day workouts but did travel to see Dalton work out in person.

27. Atlanta Falcons

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    Team Needs: DE-WR-OLB-TE-CB-LT-SS

    Selection: Da'Quan Bowers, Defensive End, Clemson

    Why would Atlanta draft a defensive end here instead of a wide receiver or tight end?


    John Abraham had a great season in 2010, but he is only going to last another year or two at a high level.

    Kroy Biermann has been good, but he is a situational player at best. Neither of the aforementioned ends offer help in stopping the run.

    Why is a player many rate as a top-five pick still on the board at No. 16?

    A few reasons:

    1. We rate Bowers as the No. 16 player overall and have for quite some time.

    2. Bowers may not be healthy after knee surgery and could require microfracture surgery.

    3. It is very likely that many NFL teams have completely removed Bowers from their draft boards.


    Drafting Bowers is a huge gamble, but it could pay off with Pro Bowl results if he can overcome the knee injury that slowed him down this offseason.

28. Arizona Cardinals from New England Patriots

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    Team Needs: QB-LT-OLB-LG-RT-CB-FS-ILB

    Selection: Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback, Nevada

    Arizona must find a quarterback early in the 2011 draft to build around and decide to package their 2011 Round 2 pick (38) and Round 4 pick (103) to the draft-pick heavy Patriots.

    Kaepernick is the smart man's Cam Newton. He has the legs to make plays, the arm strength to zing the ball downfield and the pure athleticism to take over games.

    Kaepernick is a quietly underrated quarterback in this class. Without the hype of Newton or Gabbert, he will be able to come to Arizona and learn from a great quarterback teacher in Ken Whisenhunt.

29. Chicago Bears

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    Team Needs: LT-WR-DT-OC-RB-OLB-DE-QB

    Selection: Derek Sherrod, Offensive Tackle, Mississippi State

    The Bears shocked everyone by making a run to the NFC Championship Game this past season. Had Jay Cutler not gone down to injury, the Bears had a chance to surprise people by appearing in the Super Bowl.

    What does Chicago need to do to have a legitimate chance to play for the 2011 NFL championship? Adding a left tackle to protect Cutler and wide receivers who can get open is key to this offseason.

    Sherrod is a left tackle by trade but has the strength to play on the right side in a zone-blocking system or West Coast offense. He is an underrated run blocker, and in pass protection, he is NFL-ready.

30. Tennessee Titans from New York Jets

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    Team Needs: QB-DE-ILB-OC-OG-SS-OLB-DT-WR

    Selection: Jake Locker, Quarterback, Washington

    The Jets need help at outside linebacker, defensive end, cornerback and wide receiver. But they also need draft picks to do it.

    With limited picks in their own pocket, the Jets are hoping to trade back in Round 1.

    In exchange for picks No. 39 and 109, the Tennessee Titans move back in to Round 1 to draft their quarterback of the future.

    The Titans are expected to release or trade quarterback Vince Young as soon as there is a resolution to the ongoing labor unrest. When they do so, they will be left with Rusty Smith at quarterback. That's it.

    It is hard to imagine quarterback not being the Titans' No. 1 priority in the draft. However, don't expect them to spend the eighth pick overall on a quarterback if both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are off the board (they should be).

    Instead, expect Tennessee to draft the best available defensive lineman and either trade back in to Round 1 for their quarterback or sit tight with pick No. 39 and hope one of the many second-tier passers fall to them.

    Not only is Jake Locker the perfect fit for the Titans, they are a perfect situation for him.

    In Tennessee, Locker would be given an All-Pro offensive line, the best running back in the game and a defense that can protect a lead. If wide receiver Kenny Britt can stay out of jail, Locker will have a top-flight wide receiver to throw to.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Team Needs: CB-OT-OG-WR-NT-ILB-TE

    Selection: Mike Pouncey, Offensive Guard, Florida

    The Steelers were so close to another Super Bowl ring—and we believe they have the talent to be back in the big game next season.

    The team is loaded at wide receiver, running back and on defense. They also have a top-five quarterback and a young coach who are excellent leaders.

    Where Pittsburgh is obviously lacking is in the offensive line and the secondary. With pick No. 31, the Steelers are in a great position to draft the best available cornerback or offensive lineman.

    In this case, the best available player happens to be the younger brother of 2010 rookie and Pro Bowl selection Maurkice Pouncey.

    Putting the two Pounceys side-by-side will be an automatic improvement to the Steelers' pass protection.

32. Green Bay Packers

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    Team Needs: DE-OLB-LG-RB-OT-WR-QB

    Selection: Muhammad Wilkerson, Defensive End, Temple

    The Packers have a few needs on the roster coming off their Super Bowl win. One need is at defensive end.

    Cullen Jenkins is a free agent. Johnny Jolly was arrested last week. Mike Neal is unproven, but will have a chance to start in 2011.

    Wilkerson and Neal will make up two-thirds of the Packers front line of the future, teaming with future Pro Bowler B.J. Raji at nose tackle.

    Muhammad Wilkerson is a rare talent.

33. Washington Redskins from New England via Carolina

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    Team Needs: QB-WR-RT-CB-NT-DE-OLB-OC-FB

    Selection: Ryan Mallett, Quarterback, Arkansas

    The Redskins have no third- or fourth-round picks to trade to New England for the 33rd pick overall. But they can, and do, send a 2012 Round 1 pick their way in exchange for No. 33.

    Expect Washington to battle with the Minnesota Vikings for the right to trade up with the Patriots in our scenario.

    The Redskins seem dead set on trading or releasing quarterback Donovan McNabb before the start of the 2011 season. This leaves Rex Grossman as their only option to start next year.

    Mike Shanahan might be crazy, but he's not stupid.

    The Redskins are a target to move up in this draft for the option to draft Missouri's Blaine Gabbert.

34. Buffalo Bills

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    Team Needs: LT-OLB-DE-WR-QB-TE-RT-NT-ILB

    Selection: Cameron Heyward, Defensive End, Ohio State

    In Round 1, the Bills grabbed stud outside linebacker Von Miller. Now they must add a defensive end to play in front of him.

    Heyward is a complete defensive end. Turn on film of the Ohio State vs. Arkansas game, and you will see why some had Heyward's name listed as the No. 1 overall player before the season began.

35. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Team Needs: QB-DE-RB-WR-LG-SS-ILB-K-KR

    Selection: Justin Houston, Defensive End, Georgia

    In the first round the Bengals added their franchise quarterback in Blaine Gabbert. Now they can focus on adding to a defense that needs an overhaul up front.

    One bright spot on the roster is defensive end Carlos Dunlap. As the right end, he's their pass rusher extraordinaire. The Bengals need a power end opposite him, though.

    Houston is a freak of an athlete. He has the speed to be an true pass-rushing force off the edge opposite Dunlap.

36. Denver Broncos

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    Team Needs: DT-CB-DT-RT-SS-TE-DE-RB

    Selection: Aaron Williams, Cornerback, Texas

    Denver was able re-sign future Hall of Fame cornerback Champ Bailey before the lockout began. While this move brings good PR at a time when NFL news has not been optimistic, it is but a Band-Aid on the roster needs of the Broncos.

    Bailey will turn 33 this summer and has regressed in recent years. He is still a good cornerback, but he is far from his days as an elite "shutdown" cornerback.

    Williams will not be able to fill the hole left when Bailey does eventually retire, but he is a promising cornerback with great size and very good natural instincts.

    He would have a strong chance to start as a rookie at cornerback or free safety.

37. Cleveland Browns

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    Team Needs: DE-WR-DT-CB-RT-OLB-RG-SS

    Selection: Brooks Reed, Defensive End, Arizona

    As much as they need a defensive end to open up the outside pass rush, the Browns need someone who can actually rush the passer from outside.

    This has been a need for Cleveland since moving to a 3-4 defense and will be an even bigger need now that they are transitioning back to a 4-3. They must make adding a speed rusher a priority in the 2011 draft.

    Brooks Reed is making a quick move up draft boards with a strong performance this offseason. We previously had him rated as a first-round option at outside linebacker, but we like his potential at his natural position of defensive end.

38. New England Patriots from Arizona Cardinals

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    Team Needs: OLB-DE-OG-RB-WR-OT-CB-NT

    Selection: Akeem Ayers, Outside Linebacker, UCLA

    In the 2009 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers selected defensive lineman B.J. Raji and then picked up outside linebacker Clay Matthews later in Round 1. The two players eventually anchored a Packers defense that won the Super Bowl in 2010.

    The Patriots picked up the draft's best 3-4 defensive end (J.J. Watt) earlier in Round 1. Now is their chance to draft a Clay Matthews-style outside linebacker in Akeem Ayers.

    While Ayers is not on the level Matthews is, he does give New England a three-down option at outside linebacker and more athleticism than they have had in years.

39. New York Jets from Tennessee Titans

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    Team Needs: OLB-DE-WR-CB-FS-RT-OG-RB

    Selection: Marvin Austin, Defensive End, North Carolina

    With the Jets trading away pick No. 30 in exchange for extra picks in rounds two and four, they find themselves missing out on the best outside linebackers in the class.

    Instead, they fall into a top 10 talent with a reputation as being a bit hard to manage in Marvin Austin.

    Austin was a preseason candidate to be the No. 1 overall player on many draft boards before his season was lost after he was ruled ineligible by the NCAA.

    If anyone can get the most out of Austin, it is the fiery Rex Ryan.

40. Dallas Cowboys

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    Team Needs: CB-RT-FS-DE-LG-SS-WR

    Selection: Rahim Moore, Free Safety, UCLA

    The Cowboys focus in Round 2 to Round 7 will be on fixing a defense that gave up way too many points last year.

    Step one is fixing a bad secondary.

    While it might make sense to draft a cornerback in Round 2, this draft is weak at safety and pretty solid at cornerback. Dallas can draft a cornerback in Round 3. Finding a starting free safety needs to happen now.

    With Rahim Moore patrolling the field at free safety, Dallas cornerbacks will be able to make more plays in man coverage, and also be more confident in deep help.

    By adding a solid free safety here, Dallas' entire defense gets better.

41. New England Patriots from Washington Redskins

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    Team Needs: OLB-DE-OG-RB-WR-OT-CB-NT

    Selection: Danny Watkins, Offensive Lineman, Baylor

    The Patriots find themselves in a position to draft a starting running back (Mark Ingram) or improve an offensive line with many question marks.

    Bill Belichick has not historically drafted running backs high, especially after missing on Laurence Maroney. Danny Woodhead and BenJarvus Green-Ellis did a fine job, leading us to believe running back will be addressed later on.

    Watkins fills two potential needs. He can step in and play right guard or right tackle immediately.

    At right tackle, Watkins would allow Sebastian Vollmer to play left tackle in replacement of Matt Light. There is also the matter of replacing a retired Stephen Neal at right guard to address.

    Watkins carries great value for the Patriots here.

42. Houston Texans

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    Team Needs: OLB-CB-FS-SS-NT-DE-WR-QB

    Selection: Ras-I Dowling, Cornerback, Virginia

    The Texans hired Wade Phillips to bring his 3-4 defense to town and hopefully push the talented team into the playoffs.

    To win in 2011, the Texans must start adding personnel to fit the 3-4 system as soon as possible while also fixing a league-worst pass defense.

    Unfortunately, they have a need at both free and strong safety, and this draft is pretty weak at both spots.

    Dowling's stock is soaring in our eyes. He's a physical cover man with the speed to turn and run, as well as the courage to help in run support.

43. Minnesota Vikings

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    Team Needs: QB-CB-OLB-DE-RT-RG-WR

    Selection: Bruce Carter, Outside Linebacker, North Carolina

    The Vikings fall out of contention for the top quarterbacks and will instead look to trade this pick for a quarterback, if possible due to CBA restrictions.

    Otherwise, the Vikings will be happy to try and sign Donovan McNabb, Vince Young or make a deal for Kevin Kolb or Carson Palmer once a CBA is signed.

    Had it not been for a torn ACL late in the 2010 season, Bruce Carter would have been a candidate for the Vikings in Round 1.

    A rare athlete with excellent speed and vision, Carter will fill the hole left by Ben Leber in free agency and pair with Chad Greenway to give the Vikings a formidable linebacking crew.

44. Detroit Lions

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    Team Needs: CB-LT-OLB-RT-RB-SS-WR

    Selection: Mark Ingram, Running Back, Alabama

    Lions fans are sure to flip out over the selection of Mark Ingram to pack a dynamite one-two punch with Jahvid Best. Many will want to see a cornerback drafted here, but there is still time in Round 3 to draft a cornerback.

    The Lions did draft Best in the first round last year, but they need a big body to complement him in the back field. The Lions currently have no other running back on the roster.

    Ingram could see himself drafted as high as the first round, but we do not like him there as much as others. There is also the chance the knee injury he suffered before the 2010 season could push him down the board.

45. Baltimore Ravens from San Francisco 49ers

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    Team Needs: WR-CB-DE-RT-ILB-OG-QB

    Selection: Titus Young, Wide Receiver, Boise State

    The Ravens, who have few real needs to address, moved back in Round 1 to add extra picks in rounds two and four.

    In Round 2 the Ravens find a fast, dangerous wide out to pair with Anquan Boldin.

    Looking for a steal or sleeper Rookie of the Year pick? Remember the name Titus Young.

    Young is a dynamic return man, slot receiver and runner with the ball in his hands. Young's playmaking skills will be a welcome addition to the painfully slow Ravens' receiving crew.

46. Denver Broncos from Miami Dolphins

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    Team Needs: DT-CB-DT-RT-SS-TE-DE-RB

    Selection: Kyle Rudolph, Tight End, Notre Dame

    Using the pick they received in exchange for wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the Broncos find a great threat for quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.

    Rudolph could be drafted in the first round based on pure talent, but two seasons of injuries could push him into the middle of Round 2.

    Wherever he is drafted, it is all but certain that Rudolph will be an impact player if healthy.

47. St. Louis Rams

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    Team Needs: DE-WR-FS-DT-TE-OLB-SS-RB

    Selection: Randall Cobb, Wide Receiver, Kentucky

    St. Louis is excited about a full season with Mark Clayton, Danny Amendola and Donnie Avery together. We think adding another outside option at receiver would be smart.

    Cobb is a dynamic receiver with outstanding ability to make plays with the ball. He will also give St. Louis an upgrade as a punt returner.

    Much like Eddie Royal was for Denver in Mike Shanahan's last year there, Cobb is an electric player who can contribute as a rookie.

48. Oakland Raiders

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    Team Needs: CB-OT-WR-LG-QB-OLB-OC-TE

    Selection: Marcus Cannon, Offensive Tackle/Guard, TCU

    The Raiders surprised everyone with a very good 2010 draft class. In 2011, they are off to a strong start with their first pick.

    With Bruce Campbell expected to take over one starting spot, Marcus Cannon could easily move in at left guard or right tackle during his rookie season.

    Cannon could start at guard or tackle for Oakland, and replacing Robert Gallery with Cannon is an early option for the team.

49. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Team Needs: CB-FS-DE-SS-WR-QB-OLB

    Selection: Jabaal Sheard, Defensive End, Pittsburgh

    In Round 1, the Jaguars grabbed a cornerback with the ability to lock down the opposition's best wide receiver.

    In Round 2, the Jags must find a defensive end to pressure the quarterback.

    Aaron Kampman can be a dominating pass rusher, but for the second straight year, he tore an ACL and had to have surgery. His long-term value has to be in question.

50. San Diego Chargers

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    Team Needs: DE-ILB-OLB-WR-OC-FS-RT-RB

    Selection: Martez Wilson, Inside Linebacker, Illinois

    It is almost unfair that a team as talented as the Chargers can find a steal like Martez Wilson waiting for them in Round 2.

    Wilson has the one of the best athletic skill sets we have ever seen for an inside linebacker. Now he needs to put it all together on the field.

    With big bodies protecting him up front and an edge rush featuring the underrated Shaun Phillips and Larry English, Wilson should become a star.

51. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Team Needs: DE-ILB-OC-RT-OLB-LG-CB

    Selection: Rodney Hudson, Center/Guard, Florida State

    The Bucs may not have the option to re-sign Jeff Faine at center, breaking up what has been a pretty good interior offensive line.

    To replace Faine, the Bucs will look within their own state and find a player we feel is the best pure blocker in the entire draft.

    Rodney Hudson might be a little undersized, but his play speaks volumes to his ability. He will be an absolute steal with pick No. 51.

52. New York Giants

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    Team Needs: LT-ILB-RB-OC-OLB-WR-DT

    Selection: Ryan Williams, Running Back, Virginia Tech

    The Giants offseason will be dictated by running back Ahmad Bradshaw's 2011 status with the team.

    If Bradshaw leaves, the Giants will need to move immediately to replace him.

    Williams is not only a potential replacement for Ahmad Bradshaw, but he's a likely improvement over him. Where Bradshaw is solid and consistent, Williams has a breakaway ability unlike any player on the Giants roster.

53. Indianapolis Colts

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    Team Needs: LT-DT-OG-RT-SS-QB-RB-WR

    Selection: Stephen Paea, Defensive Tackle, Oregon State

    Paea is a beast at the defensive tackle position. At only 300 pounds, he set the NFL combine record for bench press reps...with a damaged shoulder.

    He'll sit out a few weeks while recovering from surgery, which could cause him to miss offseason workouts with teams before the draft.

    Paea's stock may suffer because of this, but teams will wisely scoop him up if he starts to fall in Round 2.

54. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Team Needs: CB-DT-RT-RG-OLB-SS-QB

    Selection: Ben Ijalana, Offensive Guard, Villanova

    The Eagles know they need to beef up their offensive and defensive lines through the draft this year. In Round 1 we saw them grab a dominating defender in Brandon Harris to become the team's new shutdown cornerback.

    Round 2 brings the Eagles Ben Ijalana, from local college Villanova. Ijalana is a road grader at guard, but he has the feet to move outside to tackle if needed.

    We like him best at left guard, where he can pull and trap to set up the outside run game.

55. Kansas City Chiefs

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    Team Needs: OLB-NT-WR-RT-OC-ILB-QB

    Selection: Torrey Smith, Wide Receiver, Maryland

    Kansas City looks set at receiver with Dwayne Bowe playing well this year. Depth is a concern here, as is finding a legitimate receiver to take pressure off Bowe.

    Kansas City could also benefit from adding a slot receiver to open up the downfield passing game.

    Smith's draft stock is all over the place. He has freakish speed and great value, but he's also inconsistent and a little immature.

56. New Orleans Saints

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    Team Needs: DE-RB-OT-OLB-DT-SS-OG

    Selection: Dontay Moch, Outside Linebacker, Nevada

    The Saints found a defensive end with Aldon Smith in Round 1. Here they find an outside linebacker with great speed and instincts to line up behind Smith and to anchor the right side of the Saints defense.

    Moch is not just a speed demon; he has great value as an outside linebacker with the range to cover and the agility to rush off the edge.

    He could also drop down to defensive end in passing situations.

57. Seattle Seahawks

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    Team Needs: RT-QB-CB-SS-DT-DE-WR-RG

    Selection: Orlando Franklin, Offensive Tackle, Miami (FL)

    The Seahawks' plan of building up their offensive and defensive lines through the draft starts now.

    Franklin will step in immediately at right tackle, replacing free agent Sean Locklear from day one.

    Seattle can now focus on finding depth at defensive tackle and building up talent in the secondary.

58. Baltimore Ravens

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    Team Needs: WR-CB-DE-RT-ILB-OG-QB

    Selection: Curtis Brown, Cornerback, Texas

    The Ravens found a receiver to take pressure of Anquan Boldin earlier in Round 2. Their focus now has to be on re-stocking an aging defense.

    Brown has serious talent, but there are some holes in his game. He's a perfect addition as a nickel cornerback in his rookie season with the potential to develop into a starter in year two.

59. Atlanta Falcons

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    Team Needs: DE-WR-OLB-TE-CB-LT-SS

    Selection: Leonard Hankerson, Wide Receiver, Miami (Fla.)

    Roddy White emerged as one of the NFL's best receivers during the 2010 season. What is more surprising is that White is doing so well without a legitimate threat opposite him.

    Michael Jenkins has been average and inconsistent at times. We do like Harry Douglas in the slot, but Atlanta could look to upgrade over Jenkins in Rounds 1 or 2.

    Hankerson is wildly talented, but he is also an inconsistent player who will drop easy passes and run sloppy routes. He'll need work, but he has the skills to be a very good NFL player.

60. New England Patriots

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    Team Needs: OLB-DE-OG-RB-WR-OT-CB-NT

    Selection: James Carpenter, Offensive Tackle, Alabama

    James Carpenter is built like a brick house.

    At 6'4" and 321 lbs., he ran a quick 5.22 seconds in the 40-yard dash, proving he has the athleticism to survive as a right tackle in the NFL.

    Carpenter ranks as our No. 82 player overall, and the ninth offensive tackle, but we love his potential as a right tackle.

    The drafting of Carpenter allows New England to move Sebastian Vollmer to left tackle full time in 2011.

61. San Diego Chargers from New York Jets

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    Team Needs: DE-ILB-OLB-WR-OC-FS-RT-RB

    Selection: Sam Acho, Outside Linebacker, Texas

    The Chargers have made two solid additions to their defense already in this draft. Why stop now?

    Acho will come in and be part of a linebacker rotation featuring Shaun Phillips, who had Pro Bowl potential, and Larry English.

    English has not lived up to his potential to date and will be pushed by Acho for playing time early on.

62. Chicago Bears

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    Team Needs: LT-WR-DT-OC-RB-OLB-DE-QB

    Selection: Greg Little, Wide Receiver, North Carolina

    The Bears' defense and running game are good enough to win a Super Bowl, but they had no passing attack in 2010, due in large part to the inability of their receivers to get open and to secure easy catches.

    Little will come in and immediately challenge incumbents Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett for the No. 1 receiver position.

    Give Jay Cutler a solid receiver, and you will see his production soar through the roof.

63. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Team Needs: CB-OT-OG-WR-NT-ILB-TE

    Selection: Davon House, Cornerback, New Mexico State

    The Steelers could use a second straight pick on their offensive line here, or they could look to find a permanent fix for problems at cornerback

    Davon House fits the Steeler mold perfectly. He's tough, has great range and has a body type to handle run support and the bigger receivers in the AFC North.

64. Green Bay Packers

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    Team Needs: DE-OLB-LG-RB-OT-WR-QB

    Selection: DeMarco Murray, Running Back, Oklahoma

    With no outside linebacker or guard on the board worthy of this pick the Packers look at their next biggest need: running back.

    James Starks came on late in the year and carried the Packers running game through the playoffs and Super Bowl.

    Starter Ryan Grant is scheduled to return in 2011 but could possibly be a salary cap casualty.

    Murray is the ideal third-down back. He has experience as a kick returner, can play in the slot and is a valuable receiver. Not to mention, he's a pretty good running back.