NFL Draft 2011: Five First-Round Trades That Will Disrupt Draft Day

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2011

NFL Draft 2011: Five First-Round Trades That Will Disrupt Draft Day

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    The NFL lockout will prevent teams from making roster moves involving any players.

    This does not prevent teams from trading draft picks and this year there should be an abundance of moves in the draft. Teams use trades to adjust their draft position based on value.

    In fact, this year could provide multiple blockbuster deals as teams scramble for position.

Chasing the QB

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    This year could be an unusually active draft for trades as multiple teams scramble for quarterbacks. There are several quarterbacks worth a look in this draft and at least 11 teams have interest in grabbing a rookie with upside that could lead their squad in the future.

    Here is a look at the teams that will shake up draft day with big trades.

Arizona Cardinals

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    The Trade: The Arizona Cardinals trade with the Buffalo Bills

    The Bills Receive Arizona’s No. 5 pick in the first round and their third round selection.

    The Cardinals receive the No. 3 pick overall and select Blaine Gabbert, quarterback out of Missouri.

Why This Trade Works

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    Arizona needs a quarterback and Blaine Gabbert is the best signal-caller in the draft. Although many mock drafts suggest that Gabbert will be available when the birds draft at No. 5, the Cardinals cannot afford to miss out.

    The Cincinnati Bengals need a quarterback as Carson Palmer is on his way out of town and they could easily snatch up Gabbert. This trade works because the Cardinals will get the quarterback of the future it may be enough to talk All-Pro Larry Fitzgerald into sticking around.

    Buffalo could use the depth and won't mind the extra picks.

Tennessee Titans

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    The Trade: The Tennessee Titans trade with the Chicago Bears

    The Titans receive the No. 29 pick overall and use the selection to draft Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder.

    The Bears will get the second round pick and a fifth round selection

Why this Trade Works:

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    It’s no surprise that the Bears are willing to part with their pick and the end of the first round; the second round will be the most active for teams trying to get a quarterback.

    The Titans' problems at quarterback are legendary and aggressively drafting a quarterback via trade will excite the fans. 

    The Titans leapfrog over teams like Buffalo, Washington and Cincinnati so they can get the man they wanted all along, Christian Ponder.

New England Patriots

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    The Trade: The New England Patriots package the No. 28 overall and their second round pick (No. 33) and ship them off to the Cleveland Browns.

    The Cleveland Browns give the Patriots the No. 6 pick overall.The Patriots use that pick to select Robert Quinn, defensive end out of North Carolina

Why This Trade Works

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    Patriots head coach Bill Belichick loves to trade in the draft and while he often trades down to secure more picks, this year will be different.

    The Patriots hit the jackpot a year ago in the draft, as eight players made the team. Due to the young team the Patriots will not have as many roster spots available and it does not make sense to use all of their picks when they will not be able to keep all of their players.

    The Patriots have planned for years to make a move like this and that time is now. The Cleveland Browns are a vastly improved team and this trade will allow them to stockpile picks and make a run at the playoffs.

Detroit Lions

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    The Trade: The Detroit Lions trade their No. 13 overall and their third round pick to the Dallas Cowboys.

    The Cowboys trade the No. 9 overall pick and with that pick the Lions draft cornerback Prince Amukamara out of Nebraska.

Why This Trade Works

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    The Detroit Lions need a cornerback and although they would love to see Patrick Peterson drop, it simply won’t happen, as the 49ers will scoop him up.

    The Lions could get Amukamara by standing pat, but they don’t want to risk it. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already publicly stated that two teams have called about trading for their pick and the target is rumored to be Amukamara.

    The Cowboys need help on the offensive line and will still have plenty of options later in the draft and will get an extra pick by making this move.

Washington Redskins

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    The Trade: The Washington Redskins trade their No. 10 pick overall to the New England Patriots.

    In return the Washington Redskins get the No. 17 pick and a second round pick. The Patriots will draft Julio Jones with the tenth pick overall in the draft.

Why This Trade Will Work

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    The Redskins really want Blaine Gabbert or even Cam Newton but both will be gone by the time they get a pick in the first round.

    They Redskins could settle with Julio Jones or J.J Watt, but they could do more damage if they trade in this spot. If the Patriots can’t talk anyone else out of this pick, the Redskins are the perfect trading partners. The Patriots have plenty of picks to give to Washington and this would allow Mike Shanahan to get a quality quarterback and nab an extra pick all at the same time.

    The trade talk will be fast and furious as draft day approaches and it could change the entire landscape of the 2011 NFL draft.

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