Let Me Get This Right..Greg Biekert, The "Wiz" and Chuck Bresnahan Return?!!

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIFebruary 9, 2011

Greg Biekert has returned to Oakland to teach the linebackers and its great news!
Greg Biekert has returned to Oakland to teach the linebackers and its great news!Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

 The Oakland Raiders have definitely got something up there sleeve for the upcoming 2011 football season and it looks like success! The once proud and mighty Oakland Raiders are on their way to a superbowl win in 2011 and if you have been keeping up with current events, well its easy to see why.

  Recently the Oakland Raiders released head coach Tom Cable in favor of new head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson is credited with helping the team gets its offense off the ground. The running attack has been magnificent with upcoming superstar RB Darren McFadden hitting the holes and getting the TDs the Raiders have been lacking in years past.

 The Oakland Raiders had been in a slumber for the past decade and now it appears that they are returning the the glory.  The Oakland Raiders manhandled the AFC West by defeating the division with a perfect 6-0, they failed to defeat teams ( St. Louis Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars) when the opportunity arose.The Raiders posted an 8-8 season which was a lot more than most expected, except for the fans.

 Under new head coach Hue Jackson, the errors should be removed by next season. The Oakland Raiders can not allow the game to rest on the shoulders of the field goal kicker. Special teams can not ever allow the opposition to run through them and score a TD. 

  Bringing in a winning attitude, the Silver and Black or should I say Mr Al Davis has gone out and picked up former offensive coach, Chuck Bresnahan!!  Chuck Bresnahan represents a players coach and should be able to gain respect from the players in a timely manner. It will be a pleasure to see this man on the sidelines again.A huge, huge plus for the Raiders!

  In the past, the Oakland Raiders have hired former coaches, but the results were unfruitful. Hiring Chuck Bresnahan is a perfect move for the Silver and Black. In fact,  for those who do not remember Chuck Bresnahan, he was the Oakland Raiders defensive back coach from 1998-1999.

 From 2000-2003, he was the defense coach under coach Jon " Chucky" Gruden and the Oakland Raiders were able to win three consecutive AFC West titles. Bresnahan has an impressive resume when it comes to Raider ball!  Not bad at all and his presence back in Oakland can only bring positive results. This new Raider defense is going to be tough and it is an exciting time for the Raiders.

 Aside from Chuck Bresnahans return, it appears that former MLB Greg Biekert has also returned home and will be the linebackers coach! The news just gets better and better.

  Biekert played middle linebacker for the Raiders from 1993 to 2001. His return to Oaktown is just wonderful news! Greg Biekert was a ball hawk, had  great open field tackling ability and was notorious for interceptions that ended the game. This is definitely a right step for the Oakland Raiders.

  They say things happen in threes so the third coach for the Raiders to pick up was the "Wiz" Yes Raidernation, the Raiders have brought in a winner named Steve "The Wiz" Wiszniewski !!! Yes the Wiz has returned to help coach the Raiders as an assistant offensive line coach as of January 27th.

Steve Wiszniewski was drafted in the second round in the 1989 NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys. Not realizing the treasure they has drafted , Wiszniewski was immediately traded to the Oakland Raiders, where he would play all of his 13 career seasons, become the standout Guard of the 1990s and make the Pro Bowl eight times as an Oakland Raider.

  Wisniewski was thrilled and made the following comment "I'm back to my first love, the Oakland Raiders and working with the Offensive Line. I’m a Raider for life. I can help in technique, help in mindset and attitude and really push these young men to develop and to be the heartbeat of the team."

 Al Davis is definitely on the right track and seems to have fooled a lot of people as to what his intent was for the Silver and Black. At this moment, the Raidernation has to be impressed by these recent transactions.

   In fact, the nation will be even more proud when this new and old  Raiders take the gridiron next season. Simply amazing and the draft isn't even here yet nor free agency. The Oakland Raiders have a great shot at the superbowl next season. Mark this writers words and move over Green Bay because there's gonna be a new winner in town. The Oakland Raiders look to trample a few teams along the way and return to the greatness that is rightfully theirs. Go Raiders!!!