Raiders vs. Seahawks: Live Blog, Stats and Play-By-Play Analysis

John Doublin@CoachJayDeeSenior Writer IOctober 31, 2010

The No. 3 rushing attack vs the No. 2 rush defense. This should be good!
The No. 3 rushing attack vs the No. 2 rush defense. This should be good!Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Welcome NFL fans to the live play-by-play blog of the Week 8 meeting between the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders. I'm Jay Dee, featured columnist for the Raiders. Therefore, expect this to be a very biased account of the game!

Pete Carrol and the Seattle Seahawks must have drawn the short straw this year. How else do you explain them having to travel to Northern California to take on the Oakland Raiders in front of the most rabid fans in the NFL—on Halloween no less?!

Every home game in the Black Hole is a little like Halloween, but with the game actually being played on "All Hallows Eve," Raider Nation is sure to be in full regali

Sea and foaming at the mouth.

Tom Cable has this Raider team playing a lot better and they are beginning to look as though they are starting to believe. Pete Carrol has done a nice job turning the Seahawks around after a few dismal years.

The Raiders will be attempting to go .500 at the midpoint of the season for the first time since 2002, and the Seahawks will be playing for a strangle hold on the weak NFC West.

This former AFC West rivalry should prove to be a hard-fought battle between two teams trying to claw their way back to respectability.

Stay with me as I regularly update you on all the goings-on throughout the entire game.


Three minutes to kick off and I'm still watching the Green Bay vs N.Y. Jets game.  The Raiders are supposed to be on right after.



GAME ON!  Raiders-33  Seahawks-3


The Raiders win the toss and choose to receive.  Mare Kicks off to the 3 yard line, returned by Jacoby Ford for 20 yards.  Illegal block in the back against the Raiders. The Raiders will start at their own 10 yard line.


First play, Campbell pressured out of bounds for a loss of thee.

Complete to Zach Miller for about five yards.  3rd and long.

Dropped by Miller.  4th down.  Lechler punts to the 25, Golden Tate returns to the 31.  Seattle ball.


Seattle's first series:  6 yard sack by Tommy Kelly.  Lynch stuffed on 2nd down.  Third and 14, Hasselbeck sacked again!  Richard Seymour this time.

Ryan punts to Nick Miller, (thought he was injured) returned for 4 yards to the Raider 24.  1st and 10 Raiders.


Raiders 2nd possession:  1st down, fumble!  Covered by Campbell.  2nd and 15.  Short pass to Khalif Barnes?  WOW!  A little trickeration.  3rd and 9.  Campbell pressured HARD.  Scrambles for a yard, maybe two.  4th and 8.  Time for Lechler again!

Lechler punts to the Seattle 11, returned for 10 by Tate.  1st and 10 Seahawks.  Still no score.


Seattle's 2nd possession:  Forsett STUFFED on first down.  Lamarr Houston on the tackle.  2nd and 12.  Lynch outside left, STUFFED AGAIN!  3rd and 16.  Short pass to Tate, missed tackle by some one, pushed out by Tyvon Branch.  4th down.

Ryan punts to Miller at the Raider 32, returns it for 12.  Raider ball.


Raiders 3rd possession:  Stupid Fox!  Blacked out the game for a minute and I MISSED BIG PLAYS BY Darren Mcfadden and Ford to the Seattle 12.  Next play, scramble by Campbell for two.  2nd down short gain by McFadden, 3rd and 7ish.  Pass batted down by Red Bryant.  Time for Sebastian Janikowski-from 26—penalty false start on Jared Veldheer, make that a 31 yard try by Sea-Bass...

GOOD!  3-0 Raiders

Janikowski kicks off to Leon Washington, out to the 28 yard line.  1st and 10 Seattle.


Seattle's 3rd possession: Incomplete pass by Hasselbeck.  Who was he throwing to?  2nd and 10, Lynch cuts back to the right and only gets 2, flag on the play-Holding on Seattle. 2nd and 20. Spread formation, Forsett off Right tackle, STUFFED by Seymour for a gain of only two.  3rd and 19, Screen BARELY complete to Forsett, gain of 15, 4th down.

Ryan punts to Miller-stopped immediately at the 11 after a punt of 53.  Should have called a fair catch!  1st and 10 Raiders at their own 11.


Raiders 4th possession:  McFadden stopped for no gain off left tackle.  2nd and 10, slant to Darius Heyward-Bey!  HEY DHB!   Nice of you to join us!  3rd and 3, draw to McFadden, stopped by Lawyer Miloy.  Good play.  Time for Lechler again.

Lechler punts to the Seattle 30 to Washington, BIG return to Raider 35 yard line.


Seattle's 4th possession: Lynch outside for only 2.  HOLDING SEATTLE-1st and 20.  Hasselbeck sacked AGAIN!  Tyvon Branch!  2nd and a mile!  Forsett right for only 2.  Noting but Silver and Black there! 

-End of the 1st quarter-

Seattle's 4th possession cont.:  3rd and forever!  Pass dropped by Tate, GREAT coverage by Nnamdi Asomugha...of course!  4th down.  Time for John Ryan...again!

Ryan punts to the 12 to Miller, fair catch.  Raider ball.


1st and 10 Raiders: McFadden, GREAT run.  Patient, set up his blocks well on that pitch sweep, gain of 8.  2nd and 2, McFadden for gain of 1, 3rd and 1.  Campbell sneaks it for a first down...BARELY!

1st and 10 Raiders: Play action, deep curl complete to DHB.  1st down Raiders.  McFadden right side for just two, 2nd down_PENALTY ON SEATTLE- neutral zone infraction on Aaron Curry.  2nd and 3,  McFadden right side BLOWN UP by David Hawthorne, loss of three.  3rd and 5ish.  Shotgun, complete to Ford, GREAT CATCH!  Ford shaken up.

1st down Raiders: Play action, nothing deep, checked down to McFadden, GREAT MOVES for a gain of 14.  1st down Raiders:  McFadden left side, hit HARD by Curry, gain of 1.  2nd and 9: Play action, Campbell throws it away.  3rd and 9: Bush up the gut, ALMOST makes a first down.  4th and 1-Timeout Raiders. 

Are they going to go for it?  I think I'd just take the three the way the defense is playing.


Raiders 4th and one:  GREAT catch by Marcel Reece TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!  I said kick the three, shows why I'm not an NFL head coach!  Great call by Hue Jackson, BIG "stones" by Tom Cable. 

Raiders lead 10-0!

Janinkowski BOOMS one 8 yards deep into the endzone-no return for Seattle.

1st and 10 Seattle- Lynch outside for 4 yards, Branch tackles.  2nd and 6:  Play action roll out, 5 yard gain to Carlson.  3rd and 1:  Lynch right side for NOTHIN'!  Loss of three by Houston and McClain! 

Ryan punts to Miller at the 35, tackled immediately.  Should have called fair catch...AGAIN!

1st and 10 Raiders:  Bush right side for a loss of one, 2nd and 11: False start on Reece, 2nd and 16:  Reece makes a good catch on the deep curl, 9 yard gain, 3rd and 7:  Ford back in, (bruised knee) the promptly gets called for false start, 3rd and 12:  Checked down to Ford for 5 or 6, LATE FLAGS--Personal foul on Chris Clemmons--Raider first down!  BIG Mistake by Seattle.

1st and 10 Raiders:  Timeout Oakland.  Penalty on Oakland, 12 men in the huddle prior to the timeout, timeout not charged 1st and 15:  McFadden left side for 4, 2nd and 11: Shotgun, draw to McFadden for only 2, 3rd and 9: Shotgun, Campbell escapes pressure and gets hit out of bounds, no flag!  Typical.

4th and 11: Lechler punts to Seattle 10, Tate looked like a fair catch, but ran any way.  Should have been another flag!  Typical again

1st and 10 Seattle: Play action for gain of 36.  Who was covering him?  Or who WASN'T?  1st and 10 Seattle:  Incomplete to Mike Williams, overthrown.  2nd and 10:  Shotgun, back shoulder throw to Tate, complete, FLAG ON THE PLAY-Illegal formation, 81 not on the line, 2nd and 15 Seattle.

-2 minute warning-

2nd and 15 Seattle:  Shotgun, quick slant to Obomanu, BLANKET COVERAGE by Asomugha as usual, incomplete.  3rd and 15:  Shotgun bad throw by Hasselbeck for Forsett, incomplete.  4th and 15.  Time for another punt.

Ryan punts to the Raider 6 yard line!  Nice punt

1st and 10 Raiders inside their own 10:  McFadden outside for 7.  Solid run, great balance.  2nd and 3:  McFadden stuffed at the line of scrimmage, no gain.  Injury timeout Seattle, DT-Red Bryant shaken up.  3rd and 3 Raiders:  Deep left sideline for DHB, nice try, but no catch.  Good coverage, Raiders forced to punt.

Lechler GREAT KICK!  Washington nice return for 20 yards after a 61 yard punt.

1st and 10 Seattle:  Hurry up offense, complete to Brandon Stokley, 1st and 10, Complete to Forsett gain of 9, 2nd and 1:  Caught, but out of bounds by Tate, 3rd and 1:    Incomplete.  4th and 1, time for Olindo Mare to try a 51 yard field goal.  NO GOOD! Wide right.

Raiders still up by 10.

Raiders kneel to end the half.

-Half Time-

Janikowski's kick off goes Washington who miss plays it and is stopped at the Seattle 14.

1st and 10 Seattle:  Play action complete to Carlson for a gain of 6, 2nd and 4:  Lynch up the middle for 7, 1st and 10:  Bad pass by Hasselbeck intended for Obomanu, BADLY overthrown, 2nd and 10:  Hasselbeck pressured from his blind side, complete to Carlson for 5, 3rd and 5:  Blitz, intended for Deon Butler, DEFLECTION by Stanford Routt, 4th and 5. 

Ryan punts to Miller at the 3, returned to the 11.  LATE FLAG-illegal block in the back Oakland, half the distance to the goal.

Raiders take over at their own 6.

1st and 10 Raiders:  McFadden right side for 1 yard, 2nd and 9:  Complete right side for DHB...AGAIN!  Gain of 12, 1st and 10:  McFadden BUSTS LOOSE!  Touchdown saving tackle by Earl Thomas, gain of ...a LOT!  Great cut in the hole!  1st and 10:  Ball tipped, incomplete, 2nd and 10:  REVERSE TO FORD, gain of 11, LOVE the trickery and great block by Jason Campbell on Miloy.  1st and 10:  McFadden left side for just 1 or 2, 2nd and 9ish,   -Timeout Raiders-

2nd and 10:  McFadden left side, gets little, 3rd and 8:  ANOTHER tipped ball, 4th and 8.  Janikowski time again—from 36, GOOD!

Raiders lead 13-0

Janikowski's kick goes to Washington, returns it from 1 yard deep out to the 36.

1st and 10 Seattle:  FLAG-False start, Polumbus, 1st and 15:  Lynch right side for just one, 2nd and 13:  Complete to Tate, looked out of bounds, will Cable challenge?  Tate shaken up, turned his ankle.  No challenge by Oakland, 1st and 10 Seattle:  Incomplete to Butler, FLAG-Pass interference on Routt-HORRIBLE PLAY BY ROUTT!  He had good coverage, didn't need to do it.  Not helping the team.  1st and 10:  incomplete on the pump and go. 2nd and 10:  Lynch, breaks a Seymour tackle, gains only 1.  3rd and 9:  DROPPED BY MIKE WILLIAMS, had a touchdown and couldn't hang on.  Omare will come on for a 29 yard attempt-NO GOOD!  WOW!  Seattle is falling apart.

1st and 10 Raiders at the 20:  Pitch right to McFadden, short loss, 2nd and 11:  HUGE throw back screen to Reece, BREAKS FREE FOR 51 yards, 1st and 10:  Bush, right side for 2 yards, 2nd and 8:  Play action, instant pressure, Campbell throws it away.  BARELY got out of the tackle box!  WHEW!  3rd and 8:  Wobbly duck pass, Zach Miller can't make it happen.  SHOULD HAVE BEEN P.I.!  Typical.  Janikowski from 46, HORRIBLE kick-no good.  Plant foot slipped.

Seattle takes over there.

1st and 10:  Roll out, 5 yard gain to Butler in the flat, 2nd and 5: Forsett right side STUFFED by Shaughnessy and Seymour, 3rd and 6:  ANOTHER overthrow by Hasselbeck.  Intended for Carlson. Seattle 0-10 on third down!  Pathetic.

Ryan punts to Miller inside the 10, returned to 15.  WHERE'S THE FLAG FOR "LEADING WITH THE HELMET?"  Typical.

Raiders 1st and 10:  Bush gets maybe 1.  2nd and 9:  Play action, not there deep, looks for check down to Reece, dropped.  3rd and 9:  Deflected by a Raider, then a Seahawk, the BUSH IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME!!!  BIG GAIN RAIDERS!  1st and 10!  McFadden on the flip to the right, another 1st down:  McFadden middle, GREAT cut, gain of 5, 2nd and goal:  McFadden up the middle again, FLAG-Holding on Gallery, 2nd and goal on the 15:  -Timeout Raiders-

2nd and goal at the 15:  McFadden REFUSES To go down!  Two broken tackles and a stiff arm gains about 12.

-End of the 3rd quarter-  McFadden has single-handedly out gained Seattle 180 to 119!

First play of the 4th quarter, 3rd and goal from the 4:  bad decision by Campbell, had Ford open short, but tried for Higgins in the corner and missed badly:  Janikowski from 22-GOOD!  Raiders lead 16-0!

Kick off to Washington-OUT OF THE ENDZONE!  Big leg by Janikowski.

1st and 10 Seattle:  Incomplete to Butler, off his hands, 2nd and 10:  Incomplete, knocked away by Rolando McClain, GREAT PLAY, 3rd and 10:  PICKED OFF BY MICHAEL HUFF-FLAGS down, illegal contact by Routt BEFORE The pass!  GET HIM OUT OF THERE AND BRING IN WARE OR Jeremy McFadden!  1st and 10:  incomplete, Tate couldn't shake the best bump and run CB in the league, Asomugha, 2nd and 10:  SACKED by Wimbley and Kelly!  3rd and 11:  Complete to Forsett, short of the 1st down marker, FLAG-"Grabbed the back of the helmet on McClain"  WHAT A JOKE!  Let's just HAND THE GAME TO SEATTLE!  It's 11 on 18!

1st and 10 Seattle:  Tipped by Routt, almost caught by Butler, INTERCEPTED BY BRANCH!  GREAT PLAY!  The Raiders clearly worked on tip drill this week!  This is two big plays off tips. 

-Commercial-  Challenge by Seattle-  Play stands.  RAIDER'S BALL

1st and 10 Raiders:  GREAT throw by Campbell, BETTER CATCH by DHB!  Spin move, keeps his balance, 69 yards, TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!  Raiders lead 23-0!

Washington great return by Washington to mid-field 1st and 10 Seattle:  Forsett left side for 5, 2nd and 5: Forsett left side STUFFED by Bryant!  LT-Columus injured, not good for Seattle.  Down to their third LT.  3rd and 5:  Shotgun, complete at the sticks to Obomanu, Seattle's FIRST 3rd down conversion, 1 for 12.  1st and 10:  Hasselbeck SACKED, FUMBLE!  Covered by Seattle, 2nd and 10:  Forsett STUFFED on the right side by McClain for no gain, 3rd and 10:  Shotgun caught out of bounds by Tate.  Nnamdi Asomugha injured...BIG PAIN!  Right ankle.  Crowd chanting, "Nnamdi." in support.  Walks off, but with help.

4th and 10:  Go right after Michael Huff who has replaced Nnamdi at CB, complete to Williams, 1st and 10:  SACKED by Shaughnessy!  Why does Shaughnessy not start?  That's 7 sacks of Hasselbeck today, 2nd and long:  under thrown, incomplete, 3rd and 17:  Shotgun, GANG SACK!  Seymour, Kelly, Wimbley meet at Hasslebeck!  Is there such a thing as a 1/3 of a sack?  47 yard attempt by Mare, GOOD.  Raiders still lead 23-3.

"Surprise" on-side kick, didn't surprise me, or Stevie Brown.  FLAG-offside Seattle, Raider Ball!  Ruled "down by contact" I don't think he was. Typical.

1st and 10:  McFadden right side for a couple.  Nnamdi out for the day, too bad.  2nd and 8: McFadden right side for 3, 3rd and 5:  Just missed DHB at the pylon, 4th and 5.  Janikowski from 49, not pretty, but GOOD!  Would have been good from 69!  Raiders lead 26-3

Kickoff into the endzone, no return.  4th touchback for Janikowski today.

1st and 10 Seattle from the 20:  Inside hand off to Washington, good gain of 21.  1st and 10:  Too high for Williams, good coverage by Huff, 2nd and 10:  Another draw to Washington, short gain, 3rd and 6, Hasselbeck SACKED by Richard Seymour, 8th total sack for the Raiders, 4th and 14, punted to Miller, let it bounce.  Raider ball!

1st and 10 Raiders: Bush, left side for 1, 2nd and 9:  FLAG-false start on Gallery, 2nd and 14:  Bush POUNDS forward for 5 up the gut, 3rd and 9:  Bush BREAKS FREE off the right side for about 30!  Stayed in bounds to burn the clock.  GREAT play, 1st and 10:  Fullback dive?  WOW!  Marcel Reece gets 31!  1st and goal..AGAIN! :  Bush, left side, tripped up my Marcus Trufant, nice defensive play.  2nd and goal:

-Two Minute Warning-

2nd and goal: Bush off left guard, TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS!  Raiders lead 33-3 (Colin Cole injured inside 2 minutes, by rule, Seattle charged with a injury time out)

It won't matter in a 30 point game anyway!

Janikowski gets his 5th touchback

1st and 10 Seattle:  Charlie Whitehurst comes on, hands it to Washington for 3, 2nd and 7:  Washington left side for a loss of 2, 3rd and 9:  toss right to Washington for 5.

Clock winds down, coaches start across the field!  RAIDERS DOMINATE AND WIN AGAIN!

Final score Raiders-33 Seahawks-3


My sister, "Aunt Nancy," the Seahawks fan wrote an article that most of you should find very entertaining—"Seattle Seahawks: My Abusive Football Relationship"  It's an instant classic!  Check it out.


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