NFL Direct Snaps: Tony Romo and Brett Favre Fall Victim To Injuries

Dan PieroniCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2010

Darren McFadden's three tpichdowns sparked an uncharacteristic offensive explosion by the Raiders.
Darren McFadden's three tpichdowns sparked an uncharacteristic offensive explosion by the Raiders.Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Something is very wrong in Dallas.

Aside from being 1-5, now the Cowboys have to adjust to life without Tony Romo for the next six to eight weeks after a hit from the Giants' Michael Boley broke his collarbone last night.

And so, Wade Phillips and company must rely on 38-year-old Jon Kitna to right the sinking ship that is the Cowboys offense.

Given Kitna's age and the inability of a playmaker to step up on offense, the chances of a turnaround are slim to none.

But that's not the only story for week seven that I will recap. Brett Favre may miss his first game since the first Bush administration, and one team's performance absolutely shocked me.

Want to know more? Of course you do! Let's get busy!

Five Things That Impressed Me About Week Seven

1. The Oakland Raiders

Longtime readers of my work will no doubt remember that I gave the Raiders no respect last year; I even went so far to say that they were an embarrassment to the NFL.

This year, I feel that they have turned a corner, especially on offense. Jason Campbell is a major upgrade over JaMarcus Russell, and Darren McFadden has finally started to deliver on some the promise he showed coming out of college.

On Sunday, propelled by McFadden's three touchdowns, the silver and black exploded for 59 points against the suddenly toothless Bronco defense.

I think it safe to say that the swagger has returned to Oakland. While I don't think it's enough to earn a playoff berth this year, they're finally moving in the right direction.

2. DeAngelo Hall

The Redskins speedy corner had a game for the ages on Sunday. He clearly took advantage of the fact that the Bears like to throw down the field, by picking off four passes and taking one to the house in Washington's 17-14 win over the Bears.

3. David Bowens

Forget about Bowens being a backup linebacker, any linebacker who intercepts Drew Brees twice and returns them both for touchdowns is an amazing player.

While it personally stunk for my fantasy team, I commend Bowens as well as the Browns defense for disrupting Brees' timing and forcing into bad throws. Those were key in the Browns' shocking victory over the Saints.

4. Roddy White

If this guy played in Dallas or Pittsburgh, he'd be on cereal boxes, and kids would be emulating his every move in playground football.

Atlanta is not what I'd call a hotbed for the NFL. Sure they love their Falcons, but have they really had much to cheer about in their history?

Falcons fans should be grateful for Mr. White, who shredded the Bengal defense for 201 receiving yards and two scores in the Atlanta win.

It's time for White to get the credit he deserves from the national pundits. There's no doubt in my mind that he's among the elite pass catchers in the game

5. No helmet to-helmet hits

In his column, Peter King said that only questionable hit he saw all day that the league should review was a spear on a downed man by the Cardinals' Darnell Docket. Other than that, there were no helmet shots or hits below the belt this weekend.

It's too early to say weather or not the stricter guidelines set by the league for such hits will pay dividends, but at least for now, defenders are taking the message to heart, and that's a good sign.

5 Things That Depressed Me About Week Seven

1. Brett Favre

It would be so fitting if the last memory we have of Brett Favre as a NFL player would be one in which he was walking out of Lambeau Field with his head lowered in defeat.

It would be some sort of poetic penance, in that Favre should have ended his career in Green Bay where he became a legend, and should not have been anything else but a Packer

In other words, this would be the football gods paying Packer Nation back for Favre changing his mind about retirement and not being a man of his word.

But Favre's too tough a competitor, and although I question his decision making on Sunday, especially the interception by Desmond Bishop, I can never question his dedication and toughness.

It would be sad for me not to see him in Foxboro next week, but we all know that this string of good health and good fortune had to end sometime.

2. Drew Brees

Q: What do you get when a star quarterback throws four interceptions to an inferior team he should have carved up?

A: An angry fantasy owner

In case you're wondering, I'm that owner.

3. The Dallas Cowboys

As noted before, it would take something bigger than the Miracle on Ice for the Cowboys to have any hope of salvaging their season.

4. The Bengals and Broncos Defenses

Cincy gave up 452 total yards and 39 points to Atlanta, while Denver gave up 508 total yards and a whopping 59 points to Oakland.

It is hard to believe that the Bengals defense has not improved since their playoff loss to the Jets, and it's even harder to believe that the Broncos started 6-0 last season and have not yet recovered from their tail spin.

5. The St. Louis Rams

Just when I thought that the Rams were turning a corner, they blow a 17-3 lead against Tampa Bay.

It's too bad that on the day Steven Jackson became the franchise leader in rushing, his team fell asleep in the second half.

Idle Thoughts

1. I know Fox executives are angry, but I like this World Series match-up. It's nice to see a couple of small-market teams get a shot at glory once in a while.

2. How different would the Giants season have been if Buster Posey had spent all but September in the minors?

3. I wonder if Bengie Molina will get World Series shares from both the Rangers and the Giants?

4. My pick: Rangers in seven. The Giants lack of pop will do them in.

5. I know everyone is excited to see the debuts of LeBron and Shaq tonight, but I'm interested in seeing how people like Eddie House and Jermaine O'Neal can contribute to their respective teams.

6. If you think the NBA was more exciting in the eighties, then When the Game was Ours by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson is a must-read.

7. Definition of the TV mute button: A respite from Tony Siragusa.


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