Browns Lose 20-10 Due to Costly INT's, Cleveland Needs to Cut Jake Delhomme

Robert CobbCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

Browns QB, Jake Delhomme attempting a pass with Falcon LB, Kroy Biermann defending.
Browns QB, Jake Delhomme attempting a pass with Falcon LB, Kroy Biermann defending.Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Fellow Dawgs,   

Just when I thought I would never live to see the day that a starting Browns QB would make Derek Anderson look like Johnny Unitas, along comes the overpaid and over-the-hill Jake Delhomme.

Just when everyone is outraged over the TARP financial bailouts, the Browns should call up the Carolina Panthers and Bank of America and ask for a $7 million dollar refund. After watching today's "performance" that came along with a 30.8 QB rating, Delhomme is done in Cleveland.

With the Browns up 7-6, and driving down the field, Delhomme would "try" to orchestrate a two-minute drill; what actually happened was a idiotic display of horrible clock management and the biggest meltdown since Wall Street. Delhomme hobbled his way off the field much to the dismay of the 72,000 witnesses to this charade. 

I guess all the positive vibes and feedback from Berea and during the preseason must have gotten to Delhomme, who was filling in for starter Seneca Wallace, who had a bum ankle. Delhomme would go on to finish the day with a "impressive" 13-of-23 for an eye-popping 97 yards and two INT's, with the second one already somewhere in ESPN's massive editing board in Bristol.  

Enter Kroy Biermann, who would pressure Delhomme off his blind side, deflect a pass upwards, catch it for the INT and return it for the game-clinching TD for what will certainly be a Top 10 SportsCenter play and may become the death knell for Delhomme's stay.

Cleveland's running game, or lack thereof was shut down, as Peyton Hillis would only have 28 yards rushing and 49 yards receiving.

Hillis would also fumble along the Falcon's goal line adding to the Cleveland's fumbling issues at the RB spot.   

Cleveland's secondary would continue to get burned like a Smore's marshmallow as Falcons WR Roddy White torched the Browns for a 45 yard TD reception, and finished the day with 101 yards receiving.

One disturbing observation was that almost all of Falcon's QB, Matt Ryan's passes were in the middle of the field past the linebackers and in front of the secondary. It just seemed like Atlanta's receivers were like 7-Eleven: Always open. Let's hope that Browns defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, calls up his twin brother, Jets head coach Rex Ryan for some advice.

And while the Browns did get some pressure on Ryan, including a sack and fumble recovery, the Browns could not capitalize thanks to the ineptitude of Monsieur Delhomme.

I may be too early in saying this or even thinking of it, but I think it would be in the best interests of the Cleveland Browns to cut Delhomme or even trade him to a team looking for a veteran QB.

For all of his early success down in Carolina, with the high point being leading the Panthers to Super Bowl XXXVIII, albeit losing to the New England Patriots, Delhomme has thrown 30 INT's since 2008 and just has not been the same elite QB since he tossed a career-worst five interceptions and lost one fumble vs Arizona in the NFC Divisional Round.   

In my opinion, the Browns are Wallace's team and that became apparently clear once Delhomme came in for Wallace. Did you notice that the team moves the ball downfield much better and more confidence, or even can extend plays?

The Browns become a more flexible and dynamic offense when both Joshua Cribbs and Wallace are on the field. The Browns seemed disorganized and stagnant once Delhomme came in and the offense appropriately sputtered.  

Let's just hope that both Wallace and Hillis heal up quickly for the Steelers, because if the Browns slip to 1-5, the 2010 season can be declared pretty much done.  

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