NFL: Top 10 over-Hyped Rookies in 2010

WestCoastSports .Contributor IJune 24, 2010

ENGLEWOOD, CO - APRIL 23:  Tim Tebow is introduced by the Denver Broncos at a press conference at the Broncos Headquarters in Dove Valley on April 23, 2010 in Englewood, Colorado. The Broncos picked Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
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I thought I’d examine the entire NFL and what better place to begin that with the 2010 rookie class. However this isn’t a list you want to be on if your a rookie. Every year the NFL draft has a hand full of over-hyped rookies and this year is no exception.

With that being said here is the list of the top 10 over-hyped rookies in the 2010 NFL draft class.

10. C.J Spiller, RB Buffalo Bills (No. 9 overall)


The Bills needed help on offense anyway they could get it and they chose to select Clemson’s C.J Spiller. The Spiller pick was a great value pick and one that can help improve the Bills in 2010, but there’s a lot of hype about how much impact he will actually have.

Spiller is a kick returner and running back, which leads some to believe he could be the best running back in this years class which is incorrect. Spiller, while being a great athlete is not the kind of player to have a lot of success in the NFL as a KR/RB.

For example another over-hyped running back by the name of Reggie Bush came out in the 2006 NFL draft and has failed to live up to his No. 2 overall status. In his five year career Bush has rushed for only 1,940 yards and 17 rushing touchdowns while racking up 1,934 receiving  yards and receiving touchdowns.

Bush and Spiller are both great athletes, but both came into the NFL over-hyped and neither will develop into much in the NFL (Bush has already proven that for himself).

9. Trent Williams, OT Washington Redskins (No. 4 overall)


Every year the offensive tackle position, especially left tackle is always a hot commodity, but can be a boom or bust pick. This year was no exception and when the Washington Redskins passed on Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung for Trent Williams they put themselves on this list.

Williams, at 6'5 315 lbs was a combine highlight and a major reason why he was chose as high as we was at No. 4 overall. While he does have solid talent, Williams was exposed this past season at Oklahoma and fell off a lot of draft boards during the season and didn’t come back until the combine.

At the combine he ran a 4.88 40-yard dash with a 34 inch vertical, some of the best numbers at the combine for an offensive tackle. However has a lot of draft picks have shown over the last few years that combine results rarely progress into the NFL.

With Williams being from Oklahoma, along with other top five picks Sam Bradford and Gerald McCoy it really gave him a lot more hype than other tackles that were more talented that Williams, like Okung.

The Redskins took a gamble with the over-hyped Williams No.4 overall and they better hope that Russell Okung (No. 6 and Bryan Bulaga (No. 23 overall) don’t turn out better that Williams.

8. Brandon Graham, DE Philadelphia Eagles (No. 13 overall)


The Eagles made one of the bigger draft day trades in the first-round moving up from No. 25 overall to the No. 13 overall pick to select Michigan defensive end Brandon Graham. A shock to a lot of NFL experts that thought they were trading up ahead of the Seattle Seahawks to get safety Earl Thomas from Texas.

However, the Eagles let Thomas slide to Seattle and selected Graham with the thirteenth overall pick, a little high for some experts. Not to knock Graham’s skills as a defensive end, but being selected in the top 15 with the players still available it’s clear that the pre-draft hype he had coming in helped out a decent amount.

Graham does have some good skills and could very well turn out to be a solid defensive end in the NFL. However, with the hype surrounding him and the rate at which he flew up most experts draft boards, it’s fair to have Graham on this list for two reasons.

One, because his hype coming in led the Eagles to make a drastic move up.  A move they didn’t have to make and it’s very possible that his size at 6'1 will hurt him in the NFL.

Two, players still on the board including Jason Pierre-Paul had more athletic ability and more upside that Graham and were drafted later.

I believe that while Graham was a solid draft prospect, he came into the draft with a little more hype that he should have and the Eagles in truth selected the wrong player with the thirteenth overall pick.

7. Demaryius Thomas, WR Denver Broncos (No. 22 overall)


Josh McDaniels and the entire Denver Broncos organization had one of, if not the most attention seeking off season to date with Brandon Marshall’s departure, Brady Quinn’s arrival and to cap it off the 2010 first round.

McDaniels needed to replace the void left by Brandon Marshall and he did so by drafting Georgia Tech’s Demaryius Thomas. The only problem with Thomas was the system he played in which for a wide receiver really makes you look about 10 times better than you actually are.

Unlike another GT wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Thomas doesn’t have the skills that his numbers showed. Thomas came into the draft over hyped by his numbers at Georgia Tech and McDaniels took a huge chance on him hoping that he can be the Broncos equivalent to Wes Welker.

If Thomas develops the skills then this becomes a wise pick, but until then Thomas is well deserving of being on this list as a product of the system at GT.

6. Eric Berry, S Kansas City Chiefs (No. 5 overall)


Coming out of Tennessee as a junior and playing under Monte Kiffin, Berry had a lot of talent as well as a load of hype heading into the 2010 draft.

I’m not saying Berry is on this list because he doesn’t have the talent or has more hype than talent, but where he was taken and his college to NFL standards don’t match up to where he was picked and the hype attached with it.

Coming into the draft it was down to Earl Thomas vs Eric Berry and even though Berry was selected higher Thomas brings more to the table talent wise and fits better by a little bit more than Berry does in the NFL.

The Chiefs made a good choice selecting Berry at No.5 overall, but the talk surrounding Berry doesn’t match up exactly with the talent.

Also, the last time there was a safety taken in the top 10 was LaRon Landry and hes not been effective in the NFL.  So ineffective, D.C tried to trade him this off season.

5. Jimmy Clausen, QB Carolina Panthers (Second Round, No. 48)


The placement of Clausen on this list was difficult because Clausen’s hype followed him everywhere he has and will go in the NFL. Coming out of Notre Dame he was suppose to be a top 10 pick but wound up falling to the second round to Carolina.

So the hype Clausen came into the draft with didn’t fool any teams like in previous years with other quarterbacks. However, the fact that Clausen did come into the NFL with way too much hype warrants him to be on this list.

If Clausen beats out Matt Moore for the starting job which he has a great chance to do, and then falls flat on his face it won’t hurt as much if he’d been taken in the top 10 like the experts anticipated.

Clausen is a solid quarterback but coming out of Notre Dame with too much hype has him ranked 5th on this list, but there are two other quarterbacks ahead of him.

4./3. Gerald McCoy/Ndamukong Suh Tampa Bay Bucs/Detroit Lions (No. 3 and No. 2 respectively)


I think this pick of Suh and McCoy will draw the most attention because both probably came into the draft as the best two defensive prospects in the draft. There is no way someone could say they were on the top 10 list of over hyped draft prospects.

However, there is a specific reason why I have put them on this list and this high. It’s because drafting a defensive tackle in the top three is a huge high risk-high reward move and in the history of the NFL there haven’t been many successful defensive tackles/defensive ends selected in the top three.

Both McCoy and Suh have unprecedented talent and both will by all accounts be pro-bowlers in the NFL if everything pans out. However, with that talent comes hype and it is up to both Suh and McCoy to live up to expectations and until that happens I have them on this list.

2. Sam Bradford, QB St. Louis Rams (No. 1 overall)


This is pretty easy, but there is a reason why Bradford is not number one on this list. The storyline in the NFL has always been if you’re a quarterback selected No. 1 overall it’s a big task to live up to and it’s no different in St. Louis with Sam Bradford.

Even this off season a former No.1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell was released after three dismal seasons in Oakland. Coming out of LSU Russell was a top prospect and the Raiders saw the skills he had but those skills did not follow him to the NFL.

With Bradford being in a national championship in college and winning a Heisman during his three years at OU there was plenty of hype following him to the NFL and it’s up to him, much like Suh and McCoy to live up to the No. 1 overall pick.


Well you knew it was coming. Tim Tebow, the Gator-for-life  was by far the most over hyped player coming into the 2010 draft.

Rightfully so for what he did in his four years in the swamp and being the best college football player ever one could argue.

However, Tim Tebow at Florida and Tim Tebow in the NFL do not match up at all and that is the major reason why Tebow is number one on this list. Tebow began to alter his throwing motion to fit in the NFL and couple that with Tebow and McDaniels falling for each other it gave Tebow a first round tab.

Now, the one positive from this pick is the Broncos have a use for the No. 15 now that Brandon Marshall is down in South Beach.

So, with Tebow having so many problems coming into the NFL and being a first-round pick it’s clear that Tim Tebow is by far the most over-hyped rookie in the 2010 class.

Wrap up

Looking at this list, it’s loaded with talented players, but those players come with a lot of baggage. Some more than others and some players have different reasons than most for being on this list. The truth is, every single player on this list belongs here as of now. As they progress in the NFL it could change.


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