Jason Campbell: A Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed In Raider Nation.

Germiyer HallContributor IMay 22, 2010

Working under Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis is a job that a guy lacking confidence will fit perfectly, but only if you're applying for the head coaching job. Davis will not waste time firing a head coach that believes in his own ideas, other than Davis's.

Jason Campbell, the expected starter of the Oakland Raiders in 2010, is in a must succeed situation. The Oakland Raiders have made more moves for this year quarterback than any quarterback in quite some time. The hiring of offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, and all the focus and draft picks spent on the offensive line. These has been the best moves Raiders have made for a quarterback since trading for Randy Moss.

Campbell leaving the Redskins with most of his fanbase not happy with his performance is the reason for his must succeed situation, with that said, Campbell needing to make this next move his best move. Now he's a Raider, so he has his work cut out for him. 

There's nothing no one can tell me, that will make me believe Campbell is comfortable with his targets. To my knowledge he has been silent. Only thing reported from OTA's is all the work he has put in since being acquired. This is sending a message to Raider Nation that he is serious about making this work, and winning. Now that he has got that point across, he should be heard. I know head coach Tom Cable manage to keep his job another season, and he's feeling his self right now by sticking to his whole quarterback competition thing, but I'm not convinced by any of these other guys, and honestly Campbell should be feeling the same way.

Donovan McNabb arrived in Washington with a world of confidence, and waste no time asking for more targets. With Redskins having a much more experienced  receiver corp, than the Raiders, Campbell should be asking for better targets as well. Speaking up for yourself only proves you're confident in you're ability. So far I'm questioning Campbell confidence. 

In so many words, Cable said, "Raiders have no interest in free agent Terrell Owens", and reasons being, "we are comfortable with our receiver corp". That only led me to believe, that goes for any veteran receiver on the market. This is what Campbell have to shy away from immediately, and be heard. Davis is known for listening to his players. Campbell needs to be as comfortable as possible under center come here week one, and this young receiver crop is not the answer. I know they're looking for big things from the run game, but this is pass first league, plus the ability to pass effectively compliments the run game, as well as vice-versa.