A Fan's Confession: Why I'm Jealous of Boston

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IFebruary 7, 2017

Many people say they hate Boston. That's a lie. We're so secretly jealous that all we can do is hate.

For me personally, living in the Bay Area, I envy Boston.

They have great teams that have been extremely successful lately. The Patriots have won three Super Bowls this decade, and were a David Tyree catch away from winning their fourth.

The Red Sox, long cursed, have won two World Series in the last four years, and are good enough to win many more in the near future. In fact, the Red Sox are now the hated Evil Empire. The Yankees are too mediocre to be hated and feared. The Red Sox are now the team that everyone hates, but secretly admire. The Celtics have three great superstars and have won a championship as well.

Boston has SIX championships this decade, more than almost every other city. How many do Bay Area teams have? Niners: zero. Raiders: zero. A's: zero. Giants: zero. Sharks: zero. Warriors: zero. That leads to a total of...ZERO.

The Bay Area is going through a huge down time right now. Our teams suck. Giants, Raiders, and Niners suck. The Sharks are good in the regular season, but choke in the playoffs. The Warriors can't play defense to save their lives, and aren't a championship contender. The A's are good, but they've choked in the playoffs as well.

I also admire the Boston fans (not the post-2004 bandwagon fan, I mean the true fans). They pack their stadiums every game, more than can be said for A's fans. The Boston fans are extremely passionate, more than can be said for the corporate Giants fans on their PDAs. Boston fans also travel to road games. A's fans don't even go to home games, never mind travel to road games.

I'm also jealous of the stadiums in Boston. Fenway is absolutely awesome. The TD Banknorth (have to give sponsors their moneys worth) Garden and Gillette Stadium are nice. Besides the Giants' AT&T Park, what does the Bay Area have? McAfee Coliseum? Oh, please. Candlestick? No way.

The Bay Area needs major stadium upgrades, but with the political system here, nothing ever gets done. The "Tree Hugggers" and their environmental reports prevent anything from ever being built.

All in all, Boston has great tradition, teams, and fans, and we're all just jealous.