Boston Celtic's Return to Glory?

Sammy BenitezContributor IApril 19, 2008

The Boston celtics has been the best defensive team in the NBA, allowing just 96.2 points per 100 possessions, which means that defense has been going way hard. Kevin Garnett,Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Paul Pirece, P.j Brown and Sam cassell have done an amazing job and will keep doing it. lets not forget the Supporting cast. They did go threw alot this season, including Kevin Garnett or K.G's vital Injury, that made the team stronger and step up thier game. Kevin garnett has been a vital part of this team and they would not be there without his encouragement and energy that he has brought to the team. For him, every game counts. He has played with heart and the team has played with heart, which has brought them to this point and they haven't given in to pride. Crazy thing is there gonna have this team for about 5 years and it's gonna grow stronger and maybe that Boston Dyansty will rise once agian.

The playoff's has begun and the hype is begining to rise, as they set off on the epic journey of the Nbaplayoff's on a quest to show that they are a team that no one can mess with. Facing the Atlanta Hawks, they go against Mike Bibby, Joe johnson and Al Harford and we all know whats gonna be the result. Hawks are a great team and everything ,but the Celtics are a great team. They're bringing back the days of Larry Bird. But one team they need to worry about is the Detriot pistons if they want to make it to the finals they're going to have to play thier hardest becuase the Nba playoffs are known for upsets.Even though they have that 41-11 record in the confrence, They need to play and show why they desrve it. One thing all sports commentators and historians want to see is Lakers-celtics Nba finals and have a repeat of history while it's in the making. Crazy right? Kobe vs. Garnett. two players that have helped thier team go foward from upsetting seasons to the playoffs. That would be something all lakers and celtics fans will remember as a repeat of what they missed that 80's rivalry could start up agian. But one thing we all know is that The Boston celtics have marked history and will be a force to be reckoned with.