NFL Teams That Are Built for a Cold-Weather Super Bowl

Brittany Johnson@brittanyjo008Contributor IIIFebruary 7, 2013

NFL Teams That Are Built for a Cold-Weather Super Bowl

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    Though Super Bowl XLVII will be hard to forget, and for valid reasons, it doesn't hurt to look ahead to Super Bowl XLVIII. Next season's Big Game will be held in MetLife Stadium of East Rutherford, NJ, which lies open to the frigid air. This adds an element of difficulty, as if it wasn't there already.

    While some view it as a bad move for the league, others believe it's a great choice. And by others, I mean those teams that are already used to playing in brisk environments.

    And for that particular reason, I believe there will be five teams who will fare better than others when the next Super Bowl rolls around. These teams are built for this kind of weather, and methinks it will only be to their benefit to play in MetLife Stadium.

The New York Giants

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    For obvious reasons, the New York Giants is the perfect team to play in MetLife Stadium. Playing in Super Bowl XLVIII would be nothing short of a homecoming celebration for them.

    Aside from that, this team is manufactured for freezing temperatures. New York, which in February boasts an average high of 40 degrees, practically breeds those who have gained invincibility to the cold. The Giants are no exception. Having that numbness to the cold reinforced season in and season out has prepared a team of guys ready to brave biting weather.

    Eli Manning seems to like the idea of an outdoor Super Bowl. As he spoke to the media on February 1 in New Orleans, Manning, who disagrees with Flacco's opinion, thinks "it will be really good."

    While there's no surprise in his comment, it will be good. And in the Giants' case, it will be really good.  

The New York Jets

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    The New York Jets may be a long shot for Super Bowl XLVIII, but they are definitely a team made to play outdoors. Playing in MetLife Stadium every season gives them an edge on other teams who are shielded from winter weather by a dome. While others run from the cold, this team embraces it.

    Having a quarterback who can operate in icy weather will be imperative for next season's Super Bowl. Cold hands and efficiency don't run in the same circle, and it's almost certain to be freezing next February. However, quarterback Mark Sanchez will think nothing of it. He's used to it by now (or at least, we would hope that he is).

    The Jets may not be a favorite for the Super Bowl, but they would have the advantage if they were to get there.

The New England Patriots

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    Head coach Bill Belichick doesn't wear that stylish, gray sweatshirt for nothing. It is cold in Massachusetts, and the brave souls of the New England Patriots weather the freezing temperatures in Gillette Stadium every season. The cold has yet to stop the Pats from reaching the postseason, and they show no sign of stopping.

    Already a presumed favorite for the Super Bowl next season, MetLife Stadium will simply be a change of scenery for the Brady bunch. It might even be warmer for the Pats as Massachusetts has an average of 39 degrees in February. And February is not even the coldest month.

    The Patriots would be braving the cold weather all the way up until the postseason and possibly after that (this would only desensitize them to cool temperatures). They would be prepared on all sides for an outdoor environment.

    Perhaps Super Bowl XLVIII will finally be a victorious one for the Patriots.

The Green Bay Packers

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    Lambeau Field isn't called "The Frozen Tundra" for nothing. Green Bay gets up to an average of 29 degrees in February. The Green Bay Packers certainly don't have anything to worry about; they may be over-prepared for an outdoor Super Bowl.

    Seasoned quarterback Aaron Rodgers has adapted to the cold weather with ease, ignoring the icy environment that Lambeau Field becomes when it is winter. Even with the changes made to the stadium to keep out brisk winds and ice, the Packers are still completely exposed to the chilly air.

    And that is all the more reason why this team would not be affected by an outdoor Super Bowl. One can even say that they perform just as well outdoors as they do in a dome. Don't expect this team to change due to a shift in location; they were born for this.

The Chicago Bears

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    The Chicago Bears may not be the best team in the NFL (okay, they're not), but they have shown improvement. Perhaps the outdoor Super Bowl may serve for the long-awaited return of the Bears. They are no stranger to chilly environments. Soldier Field, located on the near South Side of Chicago, welcomes the sharp air like an old friend.

    The players seem to do the same, as they are able to put off the physical ailments the weather brings and play to their highest capabilities. With an average February temperature of 36 degrees, Chicago's winters are harsh at times.

    However, the Bears have no qualms about it. This kind of weather has prepared them for anything, and Super Bowl XLVIII will serve no challenge (except for the challenge of getting there).