Michael Vick Should Want No Part of New York Jets Trainwreck

John RozumCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2012

Could these two become teammates one day?
Could these two become teammates one day?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Michael Vick to the New York Jets?

Well, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News:

The News has learned that Michael Vick, who is expected to be released by the Eagles shortly after the season, would be amenable to coming to the Jets if Sanchez is out of the equation.

“Bring it on,” one Jets source said about signing Vick if he becomes available. “He was hit too many times (behind a subpar offensive line) the last two years.”

Talk about drama within the realm of pro football.

As for Vick, the Jets are not the best place for him. Even with a more consistently reliable offensive line for pass protection, the pressures of playing in New York will be amplified compared to Philadelphia.

The Eagles also presented a much more effective rushing attack with LeSean McCoy. Shonn Greene is undoubtedly reliable, but he isn't nearly as explosive as McCoy when making moves in open space and accelerating down the field.

The Jets don't offer an exciting receiving corps either.

Given Vick's poor decision-making ability and propensity for fumbles, the Jets aren't going to significantly improve either, because the passing game won't just all of a sudden turn around for the better.

Reverting back to the report from Mehta of the Daily News, New York head coach Rex Ryan said:

Our big thing is turning the football over. If you can point at one thing that we have to do better as a football team, and Mark has to do as a quarterback, that’s the thing I would look at: We have to protect the football. File that in the ‘No Kidding’ deal, but that’s the truth.

If a team doesn't want to commit turnovers, don't bring in Vick, period.

So, do the Jets provide Vick with a realistic shot at making the Super Bowl?


The defense may have put on a valiant effort in Week 15, but that came against the Tennessee Titans. When facing opponents with a strong quarterback this season, Ryan's defense got slammed.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, New England Patriots (twice) and Seattle Seahawks all scored at least 23 on the Jets. Therefore, don't put too much on New York's Monday night effort against the Titans. 

And along with having to face the Patriots twice a season, Vick would be contending with Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger to win the conference.

Oh, lest we forget about Mark Sanchez and his contract situation. According to Gary Myers of the Daily News:

An NFL source told The News on Wednesday that the Jets should not expect any team to pay more than $2 million of the $8.25 million – the going rate for a veteran backup — and give up more than a seventh-round pick. As a result, the source said, the Jets would be better off keeping Sanchez and trying to salvage his career rather than just giving him away and still having to write him a huge check.

Obviously the potential of New York eating most of Sanchez's contract doesn't help the situation: Paying a guy that much to sit on the bench is straight-up absurd.

Combine the elements of poor play-calling, the amount of drama throughout 2012's offseason and regular season and the overall personnel offered, and it's easy to see the Jets aren't a good fit for Vick. Gang Green is simply in need of total reconstruction.

Include Vick turning 33 years old before the 2013 season, and are the Jets really where any veteran wants to finish his career?

No, because the Jets are not in a position where Vick can immediately revive his career and make a postseason run.


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