3 Most Disappointing NFL Teams After Week 2

Michael Schottey@SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2012

3 Most Disappointing NFL Teams After Week 2

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    In the NFL, hope springs eternal in the offseason. Every team believes it has a chance to compete, as draft picks and free-agent signings flood the team and fanbase with good will. Every team has a clean slate and, regardless of what the "media" thinks, this is the year!

    Then Week 1 happens.

    Football, actual football, is how the good teams are separated from the bad in the NFL. Years past mean little as the pads are put on and each team is asked to prove itself anew. For many teams, this is an opportunity to rewrite their fortunes. For others, it is a cold splash of water and a reminder that reputation doesn't add crooked numbers to the wins column.

    Which teams are disappointing the most after Week 2?

Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Chiefs were a chic pick in the offseason. Sure, no one really thought they were Super Bowl contenders, but plenty of people thought they could win the weak AFC West. With question marks in Denver (Peyton Manning's neck), San Diego (offensive line, defense, Norv Turner) and with Oakland rebuilding, the Chiefs had a chance.

    Moreover, the Chiefs had improved from the year before. Not only did they add plenty of talent in guys like Stanford Routt, Eric Winston, Peyton Hillis and Kevin Boss, but they also got a bunch of players off of IR—Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, Matt Cassel, Tony Moeaki and others.

    Through two weeks, the Chiefs defense—supposedly their strength—has given up 40 to the Atlanta Falcons and 35 against the Buffalo Bills. While the Falcons are a tough team (with a high-octane offense), the loss to the Bills is almost unconscionable for a team that had any sort of playoff aspirations.

    It goes without saying that the Chiefs need to turn this ship around quickly, but the cracks are already starting to show in Kansas City. Following the loss to the Bills, Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star wrote that the "Chiefs Will Never Win Big with Scott Pioli."

    If Pioli and Romeo Crennel want to keep their jobs, they need to start winning now.

New York Giants

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    The defending Super Bowl champs are spending more time defending their play and decision-making in 2012 than looking like a team ready to return to the playoffs.

    In Week 1, the Giants were embarrassed on national TV as America watched the Dallas Cowboys take them down on the NFL's opening night. In Week 2, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave Big Blue all they could handle.

    While the Giants may be 1-1, they're looking more like the team that squeaked into the playoffs and less like the team that ran roughshod to a Lombardi Trophy.

    The Giants offense has also had a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde routine going on. Tom Coughlin seemingly forgot how he won the Super Bowl and kept the reins on Eli Manning. Then, with the reins off in Week 2, Manning forgot which color his teammates' jerseys were.

    This team cannot survive on fourth-quarter heroics alone and needs to start putting away teams like the champ it is.

New Orleans Saints

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    Bountygate may just be a crutch, but the Saints seem to be falling back on that crutch like they've had both legs kicked out from under them.

    This past offseason, the Saints endured the wrath of Goodell and had one of the most drama-filled summers this side of the Twilight saga. Yet as the season approached, the Saints looked to come out on top. Brees was signed. The linebacking corps looked even more talented than with Vilma in the lineup and the high-powered passing attack looked as multifaceted as ever with a healthy crop of stud running backs.

    Then Robert Griffin III crushed any momentum the preseason had given the Saints, and the Panthers made it clear that New Orleans was no longer the bully of the division. Brees has been erratic, and the Saints defense couldn't stop a peewee team right now.

    The Saints match up with another team on this list, the Chiefs, in Week 3, and one of those teams will have to win, regardless of how much each of them continually try to lose. The NFC South is as strong as its ever been, and if the Saints aren't careful, they could go from predator to prey awfully quick.


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