Labor Day Update on Bleacher Report Writers Fantasy Baseball League

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Labor Day Update on Bleacher Report Writers Fantasy Baseball League
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Chase Headley's Power Numbers Have Helped Matula

The Bleacher Report Writers Fantasy Baseball League has entered the final month of play. Ten writers are participating in the league. This article follows previous updates on the league that we have provided. Three managers still are locked in a tight battle for the championship: Eric Matula, Professor Bush and Rob Knapel, as shown below:

    Manager Total Points
 Eric Matula       97.5
Professor Bush       96
 Rob Knapel       95.5

Matula has a large lead in ERA. He recently picked up starting pitchers Max Scherzer and Kris Medlen to fortify his position in wins and strikeouts, where he could be vulnerable to losing a point or two when Stephen Strasburg gets shuts down. An early grab of Chase Headley let him benefit from the big power numbers that Headly posted in August: 32 RBI and 10 home runs.

Bush has a large lead in strikeouts, saves and steals. His ERA and WHIP are not good, thanks primarily to Tim Lincecum. So Lincecum was dropped in mid August. However, in recent weeks James McDonald and Paul Maholm were both rocked a few times. So not much progress has been made on the two stats, and time is running out.

Surprisingly, one of the the team's most productive players over the past month has been Carlos Gomez with 20 runs, 10 steals and six home runs. Bush is trying to win the three-way battle going on in holds by picking up whatever pitchers might be able to help out there.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Josh Hamilton

Knapel has a large lead in runs, home runs and RBI. He recently picked up Billy Hamilton hoping that if he joined the Reds, he would generate enough steals in the last month to get him a few points in that category. His best pitcher over the last 30 days has been David Price. The best batter was Josh Hamilton.

I still think this race will go down to the very last week, maybe even the last day of the season. If I had to predict a winner now, I will go with Matula, since he has fewer battles to fight than the other two managers in competition.

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