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Robert has been a writer for Bleacher Report since May 2010. During that time he has written for Mets Gazette and Mets Merized Online. Baseball is not the only thing that Robert has written about. He has also been a writer for two real estate websites.

His work has been featured on CBS Sports, the Houston Chronicle website and the Los Angeles Times website.

Robert is a student at Washington University in St. Louis and he is a finance and international business major. He is an avid soccer player and he is a member of his school’s debate team.

You can follow him on Twitter at @RobertKnapel_BR.

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  • Eddy Jenkins posted 626 days ago

    Eddy Jenkins

    Yeah! A fellow Mets fan!

  • Pete Laboy posted 895 days ago

    Pete Laboy

    Great post on Baseball catches

  • James Donahue posted 916 days ago

    James Donahue

    Or you might look at the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have had incredibly inept GM's for years. For example - trading Aramis Ramirez, CASH, and Kenny Lofton to the Cubs for Matt Bruback, Jose Hernandez, and Bobby Hill. How did that one work out???

  • James Donahue posted 916 days ago

    James Donahue

    think that you forgot another incredibly dumb trade that ranks as the worst in MLB. This would be the Aurelio Rodriguez, Eddie Brinkman, Joe Coleman, Jim Hannan from the Washington Senators for Denny McLain, Don Wert, Elliott Maddox and Norm McRae. This just gutted the Nats and led to the very end of baseball in Washington for 33 years. McLain proceeded to lose 20 games in his inaugural season in Washington.

  • Gianluca Trigoni posted 966 days ago

    Gianluca Trigoni

    Hi Robert,
    We are a Publishing company which already has One title World Business Magazine being published for over one year. We are now Launching a Monthly Sports Magazine and wanted to inquire whether you would be interested in allowing us to use your content for our Print Publication. Kindly drop us an email at so that we can talk further.


  • Julian Z posted 998 days ago

    Julian Z

    It is really exciting. If there was any doubt in O's fans' minds whether Dan Duquette really meant "The future is now", it's certainly gone now.

  • Julian Z posted 999 days ago

    Julian Z

    Thanks for the consideration. I AM very excited. Questionable decision calling him up, but I support it nonetheless. Thanks for the article.

  • Syed Ahmed posted 1149 days ago

    Syed Ahmed

    Hey Robert,
    No problem on the heads up, your article was a very interesting and accurate one. I also wish he might have gave a link back to that article, as it would have been great to see your article get more recognition !

  • Syed Ahmed posted 1151 days ago

    Syed Ahmed

    Hey Robert, your article has gained recognition in a Canadian leading sports website.

    Here is the link !

    Check the end.

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