NFL Teams Terrell Owens Could Help This Season

Drew Copley@DrewatWTKRCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2012

NFL Teams Terrell Owens Could Help This Season

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    Terrell Owens had a surprising comeback with the Seattle Seahawks which was then cut short. The team announced Sunday that they terminated his contract after they had to shorten the roster from 90 to 75 players.

    But is Owens' football career over? Some think this is the case. But with T.O. coming out to play in the NFL this season, I think it showed a lot to the rest of the league. He is physically able after an impressive workout with the Seahawks which consisted of a 4.45 second 40-yard dash. In his preseason games he had his corners beat on several plays. The catches, however, weren't coming as easily.

    After playing in an indoor football league part of last season, Owens is still a force to reckon with on the gridiron. But with his age and absence from the game for a short period, there's going to be some kinks that need to be worked out. Those drops will soon turn into catches once he gets back into the swing of what is the fast-paced action of the National Football League.

    He is second on the all-time receiving yards list with almost 16,000 yards and fourth on the all-time touchdown list with 156. Love him or hate him, the stats prove Terrell Owens is one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game of football.

    A cut is one thing, but are his days in the NFL truly over? He has already proved his injuries are no problem and that he can physically perform in the game today. But people always say, T.O. is a "cancer" in the locker room. Yes, that was the problem for a long while. But in Cincinnati just two years ago when he had 983 yards and nine touchdowns, there was no attitude problem.

    Pete Carroll also had no issues with Owens' character qualities when asked about the situation.

    "Anybody that thinks he had an attitude around here or something like that got in the way is wrong," Carroll said. "They don't know what they're talking about.

    The Jets were a potential team but the rumor has since been demoted to no interest from Rex Ryan and New York.

    Who else would be a viable option for one of the all-time great receivers of the NFL? Injuries happen in this league, and teams are consistently signing out of the free-agent market in order to fill their team needs. Injury or not, however, there are a few teams right now who would be able to use the ability of the veteran receiver.

San Diego Chargers

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    Philip Rivers led the Chargers in 2011 by throwing for 289 yards per game. The team was ranked sixth in passing offense. That was when Vincent Jackson was the go-to receiver on the team. He recorded 1,106 yards and nine touchdowns. Well, Vincent Jackson is now playing for Tampa Bay and Rivers needs a deep threat.

    What about his up-and-coming rookie receiver from last year? The one who was supposed to take over? That would be Vincent Brown. He broke his ankle in the preseason and is now out indefinitely. Of course they still have Antonio Gates and second-most productive receiver Malcolm Floyd. But they will need more.

    In a division where the Chargers finished 8-8 just a year ago along with the Broncos and Raiders, the AFC West is even stronger as a whole than last year. Where the Chiefs are on the rise and Peyton Manning will undoubtedly put up more points on the board than Tebow, San Diego needs offensive power.

    Terrell Owens would be a great fit for the run-and-gun offense that Norv Turner and his team runs. Not only would he be able to help score and edge out those close divisional games, but he would be an instant weapon for Philip Rivers to throw the long ball to.

Miami Dolphins

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    About a month ago, the Miami Dolphins were sounding like a promising team. Ryan Tannehill would of course become the starter, Reggie Bush was coming off a strong end of the season in 2011, and Chad Johnson dropped the "Ochocinco" and was ready to make waves.

    Move ahead and now what has happened? Tannehill is indeed the starter. Reggie Bush says he wants to be the best running back in the league this year, but monster of a right tackle Jake Long sprained his MCL and might miss the first game. We all know the Chad Johnson scandal that came out of nowhere.

    What does all this add up to? A struggling team with no idea how this upcoming season will turn out.

    Sure, they just picked up Brian Hartline as a receiver. But neither he nor Davone Bess can match the prowess Brandon Marshall had last year.

    Reggie Bush can throw away his hopes at a fantastic season because the box will be stacked every single snap. T.O. could help that out a little bit by taking some pressure off and catching some passes.

    Those passes. They will be coming from a starting rookie quarterback with no real threats at receiver.

    Would Ryan Tannehill like the knowledge that Owens brings to the table?

    When he takes those first real snaps in an NFL game, the time will come when Tannehill playing from behind, will fake the play-action to Bush. The line crumbles before him and he has defensive linemen wanting to welcome him to the big-time. Does he want to throw up a shot to Brian Hartline? Or does he want to have the presence of Terrell Owens on the offense with him as he heaves up a prayer?

St. Louis Rams

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    Coming off a great rookie season in which he won AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, Sam Bradford had a horrendous sophomore slump. The fact that his offensive linemen moved around more last year than when playing musical chairs, and the prototypical professional wide receiver just not on the roster, the Rams struggled to put it simply.

    Ranked 30th in the league in passing offense, their only real deep threat was Danario Alexander who has since been cut. Brandon Lloyd came in for part of the 2011 season and had some consistent stats, but has left along with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to New England.

    This year, however, the Rams have a wide list of receivers. The only problem is every single one of them is inexperienced. Danny Amendola may unfortunately be the number one receiver on the team. The 5'11" receiver is quick like Wes Welker and battled elbow injury last year.

    Terrell Owens could bring a new life to this offense not seen since the "Greatest Show on Turf" era. Steven Jackson, although past his prime as a running back, will have his yardage on the season. A great way to have safeties back off would be to pick up Owens. The St. Louis Rams average the youngest team in the entire NFL. They also have a completely new head coach bringing in a completely new playbook. The young core receivers they have now would benefit from having T.O. in the locker room.

Oakland Raiders

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    The Oakland Raiders, who happen to be in the AFC West with the Chargers, could also use the help of Terrell Owens in their offense.

    Thirty-two-year-old quarterback Carson Palmer looks to be the starter on the team that will give him a chance to play a full season in the "Black Hole".

    They were looking pretty solid as far as the receiver position went but things have taken a turn for the worse this preseason. Jacoby Ford looked to have a good season, but after dropping passes in games, he came up with an ankle/foot injury. He had a foot injury keep him out eight games in 2011.

    Denarius Moore is another receiver who looks to get some big playing time this year. Except he too has lingering injury problems right now. He is trying to nurse his hamstring back to full health, which isn't looking too great for the second-year player.

    Another receiver for the Raiders is Darrius Heyward-Bey who was hurt in the first preseason game this year. He had to come out with a shoulder injury for a few weeks. He has since returned in exciting fashion but he battled injuries last season and also got into legal trouble over the summer which concerned the owners of the team.

    Palmer will finally have a full season but that won't mean much if he doesn't have top-notch caliber receivers starting on the field with him. T.O. could be that man in Raider Nation.

Other Possible Destinations

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    T.O. to the Broncos with Peyton Manning? No, probably not. They're already stacked with receivers and wouldn't give him the time of day.

    New England could be a possible destination since they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for wide receivers right now. The release of Donte Stallworth shows they might be going in a younger direction and I'm not sure he would fit Bill Belichick's scheme.

    The Titans took a chance in 2010 with Randy Moss and they could possibly do the same with Owens this year. Issues with wideout Kenny Britt and a starting second-year quarterback leave a void that T.O. could fill in 2012.

    Jacksonville and Minnesota could be potential suitors and a return to Buffalo would be a stretch, but they do need help.

    The future is uncertain for NFL-great Terrell Owens. After many grinding seasons with multiple teams, he's still anxious to leave his mark in 2012. Clearly, he is physically able and Pete Carroll says the attitude problem is not an issue. Only time will tell if and where Owens ends up this season. Don't be surprised if a team comes calling when an injury threatens a receiver. But don't be surprised if the 38-year-old ends up somewhere, and shines, in what may be his last chance at a Super Bowl championship.