NFL: 12 Players Sure to Make Media Headlines in 2012

Eli Nachmany@EliNachmanyCorrespondent IIIJuly 14, 2012

NFL: 12 Players Sure to Make Media Headlines in 2012

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    While a good number of NFL players are quiet off the field, some stars command media attention even when not playing the game.

    The press tends to shove a steady diet of NFL personalities down our throats, from the game's superstars to less-talented (yet still talkative) players.

    A lot of players will make NFL headlines in 2012 and it'll be interesting to see just how much repetitive coverage the media is content to let loose.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Look for the story of Aaron Rodgers' next contract to develop as the season goes on, for Rodgers was rated the No. 1 overall player in the NFL by his peers and is starting to command big-time media attention.

    In a smaller market like Green Bay, a contract renewal like this could flare up into a big issue. We'll see what goes down in Green Bay.

Roddy White

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    For all the good that Roddy White does on the field, he certainly erases it with all of his moronic posts on Twitter.

    Recently, regarding the situation at Penn State, the receiver made some controversial comments (via Rant Sports) on the social media website.

    This situation can only get worse, for White is developing a bad reputation on Twitter and likely will continue to post ill-advised analyses of real-time events.

Adrian Peterson

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    While Adrian Peterson would usually receive media coverage because of his sheer talent, it's the running back's rehabilitation process that looks to garner a lot of headlines this season.

    Peterson, at one point, was the best running back in the NFL. Last season, however, he suffered an ACL tear and it remains to be seen how well he will recover from the injury.

    The Viking ballcarrier will be in the news this season as the media tracks whether or not the player can recover from a bad injury.

Ray Lewis

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    This veteran linebacker may be playing out the last year of a storied career in 2012, so look for the storylines of his season to played up this campaign.

    Lewis already has a Super Bowl ring, but it would be a fitting end for the defender to go out with a second Super Bowl.

    The media will certainly feel the same way and look for Lewis' name to be in the headlines a lot.

Tim Tebow

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    Was there ever any doubt on this one?

    While he's now a backup quarterback, Tim Tebow is a walking news story and the New York media will find ways to get him in the newspaper like the Jets coaches will find ways to get him in the game.

    Tebow may end up taking starter Mark Sanchez's job, which would be a major coup and lead to a lot more controversy surrounding the former Florida Gator.

Chad Johnson

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    With receiver Chad Johnson taking his talents to South Beach and proclaiming that he'll "be a problem this year," it seems almost imminent that this pass catcher will demand attention.

    Come the 2012 season, look for Johnson's antics and a possible rejuvenation on the field to pique the interest of Miami media.

    Couple that with Johnson's appearance on Hard Knocks this August and the receiver makes for some must-read pieces.

Mario Williams

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    A player that most people wouldn't have thought to be on this list, Mario Williams should command a heavy dosage of media attention in 2012.

    The leader of an upstart movement in Buffalo, this defensive end will be profiled too many times as a savior figure for the city.

    As a Buffalo Bills fan myself, I wouldn't mind a Bill getting some media attention and Williams seems like the player who will.

Calvin Johnson

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    The dreaded "Madden curse", rumored to affect anyone who graces the cover of the popular football video game, should be on Calvin Johnson's head in 2012.

    Every dropped pass or poorly run route will come with articles and videos detailing how 'the Madden curse is real' or how 'Calvin Johnson should have never accepted the cover'.

    It's pure superstition, but that is what fuels the media and fan interest in a case like this.

Alex Smith

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    After Alex Smith made waves for his comments about Cam Newton, passing yards and winning football games, I was immediately taken back to the Eli Manning drama from 2011.

    When quarterbacks go to the press and make overconfident statements like Smith did, the pressure is on for them to perform the next year.

    Look for the San Francisco and national media to turn the pressure up a notch on this signal caller. We'll find out what he's made of.

Peyton Manning

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    With all of the different storylines that accompanied this veteran quarterback to Denver, look for a double helping of Manning-related headlines in 2012.

    From the Manning-John Elway connection to the quarterback's recovery from a neck injury, writers look to be all over the signal caller.

    After this player bolted Indianapolis for big money and a chance at a championship in Denver, it's time for him to put up numbers and perform.

Darrelle Revis

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    In New York, even the smallest inkling of a storyline can become a huge deal (see Lin, Jeremy).

    As such, when Darrelle Revis stated that he'd like a new contract, it became the ultimate wait-and-see story with the perfect backdrop of New York, New York.

    Revis had another contract controversy a few years back and if the excessive coverage of that is any indication (remember RevisWatch?), we're in for a long few months.

Cam Newton

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    It seems that no matter what this second-year quarterback does, he makes headlines.

    After the quarterback announced he'll be charging a hefty price to sign autographs at a memorabilia event in Charlotte, NC, fans and media both scorned the NFL player.

    Newton received positive coverage during his record-breaking rookie season, so look for this minor bump in the road to blow over.


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