It May Be Time for the NFL to Realign the Divisions

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It May Be Time for the NFL to Realign the Divisions
National Football League

The last time the NFL underwent a Division realignment was in 2002. The only reason behind this realignment was because the Houston Texans entered the NFL as an expansion team. Before 2002, there were three divisions in the AFC and three divisions in the NFC. There was the AFC and NFC East, West, and Central consisting of five teams each, except for the AFC Central, which had six teams.

Once 2002 hit, both the AFC and NFC Central divisions were eliminated and the AFC and NFC North and South came into play. The Colts, Titans, Jaguars were thrown into the brand-new AFC South with the new Houston Texans, while the AFC Central teams of Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Cleveland were docked as the new NFC North.

In the NFC, the Panthers, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Saint made up the new NFC South, and the NFC West was reshaped with the Cardinals, 49ers, Rams, and the Seahawks. The Seahawks were the only team to jump from the AFC to the NFC in the reshaping.

Isn't it time that the NFL gets a new look? 

How many times a year do we hear about an East Coast team traveling to the West Coast to play a 1:00 game and they aren't used to playing at 10:00 West Coast time and so they don't bring their A game?

Why doesn't the NFL look at rescheduling the league on a more geographic basis? Some divisions are damn near pretty close, and the NFL said they wanted to make it more "geographically friendly" when they did the realignment in 2002, but they really didn't...not for all teams.

Because in reality they only did it to add Houston. So why must the NFL wait to realign when a new team comes into the league. What about the possibility of a team coming to Los Angeles in the next five years?

With a possible LA team and the future of so many bright stars and rivalries, it could be the perfect time to change things up.

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