My Precombine Mock Draft

David McClureCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2009

With one game to go, tons of workouts, way too much hype, and the all important combine this may need some significant change, but here it goes.

These are my predictions of what will happen, not what should.

No 1. Detroit Lions selects:  Matthew Stafford quarterback Georgia 

This could be Andre Smith, or even mark Sanchez, but in the end the last four letters get him the nod.

No. 2. Saint Louis Rams selects: Andre Smith offensive tackle Alabama

Ultimately, Smith's little Sugar Bowl blunder is forgotten and the hype lands him with the Rams who were looking for a potential franchise tackle a year ago.

No. 3. Kansas City Chiefs selects: Mark Sanchez QB Southern Cal

As much as I'd like to see the Chiefs go with outside linebacker Aaron Curry, or defensive end Brian Orakpo, I think they cannot let a potential franchise quarterback slide by them. Tyler Thigpen is still suspect, and there is no depth.

No. 4. Seattle Seahawks selects: Michael Crabtree wide receiver Texas Tech

This is pretty much the consensus pick at this point.

No. 5. Cleveland Browns selects: Chris Wells running back Ohio State

Not the most popular pick for the Browns, but I believe "Beanies" measureables at the combine will make him too hard to resist. A quality running attack will help Brady Quinn so long as Wells can stay healthy.

No. 6. Cincinatti Bengals selects: Eugene Monroe OT Virginia

I personally would rate Michael Oher and Jason Smith slightly ahead of Monroe, but I think the questions surrounding Oher, and the lack of hype for Smith, has him going ahead of them.

No. 7. Oakland Raiders selects:  Jason Smith OT Baylor

This is difficult to predict. If the Raiders lose Nnamdi Asomugha to free agency, then I think this pick is Malcolm Jenkins. Jeremy Maclin is a dark horse here with a great combine.

No. 8. Jacksonville Jaguars selects: Rey Maualuga inside linebacker Southern Cal

With the inevitable loss of Mike Petersen the Jaguars will need a stud in the middle of their defense. The other options are Michael Oher, and Aaron Curry, who have slid a bit, but Maualuga is hard to resist.

No. 9. Green Bay Packers selects: Brian Orakpo defensive end Texas

The Packers greatest need is at the defensive end position and Orakpo will provide the much needed pass rush they are looking for. Everette Brown could sneak up here with a great combine workout.

No 10. San Francisco 49ers selects: Michael Oher OT Ole Miss

I could see Malcolm Jenkins going here, but with Oher slipping the Niners get good value at a position of need.

No. 11. Buffalo selects: Everette Brown DE Florida State

This could also be Brandon Pettigrew, but ultimately the Bills go with a potential pass rushing terror from the Seminoles.

No. 12. Denver Broncos selects: Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest

The Broncos need help all over on the defensive side of the ball and are very fortunate to have one of the best draft prospects fall into their lap. I do not know if Curry will fall this far, but based on need he may. Maualuga is the other option if he is here.

No. 13. Washington Redskins selects: Eben Britton OT Arizona

The Redskins may look at Vontae Davis, or Aaron Maybin here, but they decide to fix the offensive line first, and look for an outside linebacker, or cornerback in the later rounds.

No. 14. New Orleans Saints selects: William Moore strong safety Missouri

Many people feel a line backer will go here and Laurinaitis is available, but I believe they will try to resign Jonathan Vilma, and look for a free agent like Petersen. Vontae Davis is also an option here.

No. 15. Houston Texans selects: Vontae Davis cornerback Illinois

I expect good combine numbers from Davis and the Texans could use a quality shutdown corner whether, or not, Dunta Robinson walks. Michael Johnson could be looked at as well.

No. 16. San Diego Chargers selects: Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia

No one is sure what Ladanian Tomlinson will be able to give, and Sproles could split for more money.  Moreno is a good pick here, and secures the ground game for the Chargers. San Diego could go in multiple directions however with B.J. Raji and Duke Robinson both solid options.

No. 17. New York Jets selects: Jeremy Maclin WR Missourri

This pick could be a cornerback, but Maclin also fills a need and is a better value at this point. D. J. Moore, or Sean Smith may sneak up here as well.

No. 18. Chicago Bears selects: Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech

Johnson's measureables, and combine performance, will likely push him back up into the first round. Aaron Maybin and Percy Harvin will get a good look as well.

No. 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects: Lesean McCoy RB Pittsburgh

This is a close call with Percy Harvin still available and with the depth at both positions they could go either way. Ultimately, they shore up the run game first.

No. 20. Detroit selects: James Laurinaitis ILB Ohio State

The Lions are thrilled to get the quality middle linebacker to help Ernie Sims, and the porous run defense. Brian Cushing, Clint Sintim, and B.J. Raji all get looked at here if Laurinaitis does not fall. Duke Robinson cold be the dark horse here.

No. 21. Philadelphia Eagles selects: Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

Philadelphia needs a quality tight end and Pettigrew is easily the best on the board. An offensive tackle is the other position of need, but they can address that with their next picks.

No. 22.  Minnesota Vikings selects: William Beatty OT Connecticut

This pick is another that could go many ways depending on the combine. You may see Josh Freeman, D.J. Moore, or Sean Smith here. I think Beatty continues to climb boards due to the need for tackles and quality depth in other areas of need.

No. 23. New England Patriots selects: Sean Smith CB/S Utah

New England needs to get younger on the defensive side of the ball, and Smith's versatility is what they need.

No. 24. Atlanta Falcons selects B.J. Raji DT Boston

Atlanta has their ideal pick fall into their lap. Brandon Pettigrew is another option if he falls.

No. 25. Miami Dolphins selects: Aaron Maybin DE/OLB Penn State

Although the Dolphins need secondary help they could also benefit from a stud outside line backer, and Parcells likes to draft them. I think D.J. Moore or Alphonso Smith are options here as well as Clint Sintim and Brian Cushing.

No 26.  Baltimore Ravens selects: Clint Sintim OLB Virginia

Lack of depth is an issue for Baltimore and although they need a receiver they can address receiver later in the draft. They likely will lose one of their line backers this off season.

No. 27. Indianappolis Colts selects: Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss

No secret the Colts need a quality run stopper up front and Jerry is their man.

No. 28. Philadelphia Eagles selects Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma

Rather than reaching for a tackle the Eagles boost their interior line, and look to draft a tackle later, or resign Tra Thomas, or Jon Runyan. D. Robinson allows them to bump Todd Herreman's outside.

No. 29.  New York Giants select.. Kenny Britt WR Rutgers

This is a change from my original thoughts, but I believe his combine numbers, and the need to replace Plaxico Buress, gets Britt picked earlier than previously thought. Brian Cushing and Paul Krueger are options as well.

No. 30. Tennessee Titans selects: Percy Harvin WR Florida

The Titans finally pick up a much needed receiver. Percy Harvin is a good value here.

No. 31. Arizona Cardinals selects Brian Cushing OLB USC

The Cardinals could look to go with Alex Mack, or Paul Krueger here.

No. 32. Pittsburgh Steelers selects: Alex Mack C California

Pittsburgh has a young line that managed to get them to the Super Bowl, so this pick could be Tyson Jackson as well. I think the Steelers do not pass on on of the best Center prospects in recent years, however Max Unger is also an option.

There are several players on the fringe of the first round and the combine will seperate the talent, and allow a better picture of the first round.

I can only hope Todd Mcshay and Mel Kiper aren't too off.  I do hate to see them sulk on draft day.


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