The 21 Biggest Showboats in the NFL

Dan Van Wie@@DanVanWieContributor IIIApril 6, 2012

The 21 Biggest Showboats in the NFL

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    The NFL is a league with a wide range of diverse personalities. Some of them enjoy showing off, and based on the way young kids look up to athletes, they become empowered to strut their stuff on the field and play up to the crowds and the cameras.

    Some degree of showboating has been eliminated from the NFL due to the crackdown on excessive touchdown celebrations. Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills is a player who immediately comes to mind as somebody who will be looking to tone down his celebrations after signing a big contract in the offseason to remain with the Bills.

    Today we are using a combination of pictures and videos to identify the 21 biggest showboats currently in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson

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    When you are a first-round draft pick and you excel at your sport, there is reason for you to be excited when you play. Patrick Peterson is young, and he is not afraid to do some showboating on the field.

    Especially after he scored four touchdowns as a rookie for the Arizona Cardinals in 2011.

    Peterson has a bright future ahead of him, so as he continues to perform, he should still be well-received.

    But if he gets beat often at cornerback and stops scoring touchdowns, fans have been known to be rather fickle.

Atlanta Falcons: Roddy White

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    There are varying degrees of showboating. Sometimes it is quite obvious, while in other cases it is more subdued.

    Wide receiver Roddy White is my choice for the Atlanta Falcons. He shows some flair in games, but I have also observed him enough off the field on shows he has appeared on for the NFL Network to form a better idea of what his personality is like.

    He likes to have fun, and for an athlete who showboats, you know that he is having fun while doing so.

Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis

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    Coming out of the tunnel, doing his pregame dance to get the fans and his team fired up, linebacker Ray Lewis is an easy choice for the biggest showboat on the Baltimore Ravens.

    Another player who stands out is Ray Rice, but he will be able to assume the showboat crown after Lewis retires.

Buffalo Bills: Steve Johnson

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    This picture depicts a more subdued Steve Johnson during the 2011 season. He had just scored a touchdown and sheepishly walked over to the referee and handed him the ball so he wouldn't get penalized for one of his excessive end-zone celebrations.

    Johnson was flagged for at least two such celebrations in 2011, and head coach Chan Gailey let him have it both times. Johnson got the message, and the above picture is the end result.

    In the interim, Johnson signed a big contract to remain in Buffalo, and he has noted that he wants to make the Bills proud. But if he scores a key touchdown that leads the Bills to qualify for the playoffs, might he change his tune then?

    The showboating of Steve Johnson was discussed in this Bleacher Report video made by Matt King.

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton

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    From the rookie quarterback who had promised to be an entertainer and an icon before the draft, Cam Newton has certainly lived up to the billing.

    He flashes his Superman costume when he scores a touchdown and has no problem whatsoever in playing to the crowd. Of course, when you have the kind of rookie season that Newton had, why wouldn't you?

    Carolina Panthers fans should be thoroughly entertained for many years to come.

Chicago Bears: Devin Hester

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    For the Chicago Bears, we select kick returner extraordinaire Devin Hester. Hester is a threat to score from anywhere on the field, and he does have a flair for the dramatic.

    Of course, he might be challenged by Brandon Marshall, one of the newest players on the Bears, but Marshall might want to take 2012 to warm himself up to the crowds in Chicago before he starts his showboating.

Cincinnati Bengals: Jerome Simpson

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    When it came to showboating, the Cincinnati Bengals had the market covered with Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, or Chad Johnson if you prefer, on the team. But in 2011, both players had moved on, so somebody else had to step up. Enter Jerome Simpson.

    When Simpson wasn't getting into hot water for legal issues outside of football, he was doing incredible flips over defenders and landing them to the delight of Bengals fans and football replay shows around the country.

Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh

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    Ndamukong Suh has been able to experience some positive moments in his brief NFL career, and then he has experienced some moments he would rather forget.

    In case you needed more proof about his ability to showboat, here is the YouTube video link to the foot-stomping play that involved Evan Dietrich-Smith of the Green Bay Packers.

    One thing we know, though, is that he has no problem being the biggest and baddest showboater on the field.

Green Bay Packers: Clay Matthews

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    This is a nice compilation video of Clay Matthews highlight sacks and other good defensive plays. The YouTube video is set to some music by Eminem, so please be warned that there is language some may consider offensive.

Houston Texans: Brian Cushing

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    When you check out this video of Brian Cushing, you will realize that he is the biggest showboat on the Houston Texans and unquestionably one of the cockiest players in the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Maurice Jones-Drew

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    I wouldn't classify Maurice Jones-Drew's showboating as offensive. He is more of an entertainer, and he likes to show off some of his personality in games.

    But what is his deal with mascots anyway?

    Given that there are so few other offensive weapons in Jacksonville, it is a good thing he is there to entertain the fans, or they could fall asleep when the Jaguars have the ball.

Miami Dolphins: Reggie Bush

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    Whenever Reggie Bush busts off a long touchdown, you can be pretty confident that there will be some major showboating going on after the score. This video is one example.

Minnesota Vikings: Jared Allen

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    Jared Allen has been creating havoc for quarterbacks for many years, and it looks like he has no intentions of slowing down.

    His showboating skills are definitely up there as well.

New England Patriots: Chad Johnson

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    Head coach Bill Belichick takes a no-nonsense approach to football, so you don't see his players acting out on the field very often. But we can't forget the years of showboating that one New England Patriots player is responsible for. That would be none other than Chad Johnson.

    This YouTube video is a top 10 greatest hits collection of Johnson and his partner in crime, Terrell Owens, courtesy of ESPN.

New York Giants: Victor Cruz

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    I have to admit that the kind of showboating Victor Cruz does is more entertaining, not to mention the salsa music in the background. Dance on, Victor.

New York Jets: Tim Tebow

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    Who is the biggest showboat right now for the New York Jets? Okay, if you guessed Rex Ryan, then you were thinking along the same lines as I was. But this presentation is about the players, not the coaches.

    I think the biggest showboat might actually be Tim Tebow. He doesn't do it to call attention to himself, but his enthusiastic style of play can be considered showboating when he makes statements on the attached video like, "There is only person to carry the ball down here (and that is me)."

Philadelphia Eagles: DeSean Jackson

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    When you see the way that DeSean Jackson finishes off this touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys, that is all the proof you need as to who is the biggest showboat on the Eagles.

San Francisco 49ers: Randy Moss

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    This video compilation of Randy Moss highlights is entitled "Pull a Randy Moss." Enough said.

    One of the newest 49ers is now the biggest showboat player on the team.

Seattle Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch

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    Marshawn Lynch gets the showboating award for the Seattle Seahawks.

    In this YouTube video collection of funny celebration dances, you won't see Lynch appear until the last minute, but I don't think anyone else should object to all of the other players who are featured in this clip. Enjoy.

St. Louis Rams: Cortland Finnegan

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    Cortland Finnegan wasn't a member of the St. Louis Rams in 2011, but he is in 2012. St. Louis, please welcome your biggest showboater this season with open arms.

    He loves the attention.

Tennessee Titans: Chris Johnson

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    This is another YouTube video set to music that demonstrates some of Chris Johnson's showboating skills, as well as some of his better runs. The video is not rated PG, so if you are offended by questionable language, please skip the video.