The Biggest Showboaters in the NFL

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Forget baseball, football is now America’s game. And America is big, loud and in your face. So it’s only natural that we love our players the same way.

As much as the NFL tries to rein in celebrations, you can’t take out the unbridled joy and pure creativity displayed by some of the players that manifests itself after big plays. Whether it’s dancing after a sack or pulling out a prop for a touchdown celebration, we eat it all up while the old guys yell for them to get off their lawn.

Showboating is just a part of the NFL game, so we might as well embrace it; we know these guys do.

Here are the five biggest showboaters in the NFL. See if you agree with our rankings and don’t forget to follow @TheRealMattKing and @BR_Swagger on Twitter for more cool sports and pop culture stuff.

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