The 10 Funniest NFL Player Interviews Ever

Jake SilverCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2011

The 10 Funniest NFL Player Interviews Ever

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    The NFL is a league built for the sheer purpose of entertaining the American people. Football is a sport we love to watch, where endless thrills are delivered week in and week out. 

    Sometimes, though, the NFL provides us with entertainment in a different form, away from the turf. 

    Part of being a professional athlete means putting yourself at the mercy of journalists and their cameras, and this can sometimes be a more daunting task than facing down an angry Ray Lewis on Monday Night Football. 

    From the Rules and Regulations to Jared Allen's mullet, here are 10 hilarious gems that you're sure to love.


10. Jim Everett Hulks out on Jim Rome

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    This war of the Jims is far more lopsided than Jim Schwartz vs Jim Harbaugh could have ever been. 

    Jim Rome likes to get under the skin of his victims (excuse me, guests), even if he isn't quite on Skip Bayless' level. 

    Rome's insistence on referring to Jim Everett as "Chris" (in reference to the female tennis player), gets him into pretty hot water this time.

    Although, you have to figure Jim Rome got the last laugh. After all, had you heard of Jim Everett before this slide?

9. Chad Ochocinco vs Skip Bayless

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    This compilation of the best quotes from a much longer appearance on ESPN showcases the hilarity that can come out of Chad Ochocinco's mouth at any given moment. 

    Few athletes possess the loquacious prowess that Ochocinco has, and he shows it masterfully here as he owns the chief hater in all of sports, Skip Bayless. 

8. T.O's Meltdown

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    Terrell Owens was probably haunted by his recent drama with former teammate Donovan McNabb, and he took this important opportunity after a playoff loss to show that he could support his quarterback. 

    I think he overdid it just a little.

    He probably should have lost the sunglasses if he wanted to seem sincere.

    Either way, as a New York Giants fan, this always makes me smile. 

7. Most Awkward Interview Ever

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    It is ubiquitous knowledge that Eli Manning has goofy qualities.

    Even with his rise to elite status, Eli's demeanor has not changed much since first entering the NFL.

    The thing is that I'd expect awkward and goofy out of Eli Manning. It's part of his charm.

    But it's the girl who is asking the questions that I can't understand.

6. You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry

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    Why, why, why, would you EVER talk trash about Ray Lewis? As his former defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan should have known better than to get this guy fired up.

    During interviews like these, they should have caution tape around where he's standing. 

    Just in case. 

5. Cousins' War of Words

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    This heated battle between two cousins who happen to have played the same NFL position hints at some behind-the-scenes anger. 

    My money says Ochocinco beat Keyshawn up when they were kids. 

    Thanksgiving dinner was probably awkward after this interview. 

4. The Mullet Man

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    We always knew Jared Allen was really country, but this is beyond anything I ever imagined.

    Mullets have rules? I thought the big rule of mullets was that you should never have them.

    Oh's not like you can say that to this big farm-boy, unless you want to get crushed. 

3. Bart Scott Can't Wait

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    Be real, you've seen this video before. Don't know about you, but it still makes me smile.

    It is a true credit to Sal Paolantonio as a journalist that he didn't burst out laughing while Bart Scott was screaming.

    I sure would have.

2. Beast Mode

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    Marshawn Lynch should be an NFL announcer when he retires. Apparently, when he's not rocking Beast Mode t-shirts before the game or going into Beast Mode out on the field, he represents his title with a sweet grill.

    I'm not sure why the reporter even bothered with political questions, though.

    I wonder if that was a bag of Skittles that Lynch's buddy threw to him.

1. The Rules and Regulations

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    This is easily the most hilarious NFL interview of all time.

    Steve Smith was obviously pumped up, but I wonder how much of what he said was the adrenaline talking. It'd be nice to see Julius Peppers' face so we could see his reaction to all of this. 

    Smith didn't just scare Andrea Kramer, he trash-talked his way into pop-culture immortality. 

    This is one for the ages. Just remember to establish the rules and regulations whenever somebody tries to tell you who he is. 

    Bottom Line.