Steve Johnson and the Best NFL Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

Michael DunhamCorrespondent INovember 30, 2011

Steve Johnson and the Best NFL Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

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    When Steve Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the leg (mocking the fact that Plaxico Burress had to spend two years in prison after he shot himself in the leg at a night club) following his touchdown against the New York Jets on Sunday, he entered himself into an elite group of the greatest touchdown celebrations of all-time.

    For some reason, the NFL does not like to see its players celebrate after scoring, so we do not get to see these shenanigans often.  Johnson was fined $10,000 for his celebration Sunday, a fine I think he will gladly take considering all of the attention it has gotten him.  After all, that is all that wide receivers care about these days; attention.

    Now let's take a look at some of the other greatest touchdown celebrations the NFL has ever seen and where this celebration ranks among the greats.

10: Row Your Boat

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    On October 6, 2005, multiple members of the Minnesota Vikings news reports surfaced of an apparent sex party taken part by members of the team, including corner back Fred Smoot.

    A few weeks later, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith took advantage of the story by pretending to row a boat after burning Smoot deep for a 70 yard touchdown. 

9: Lambeau Leap

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    The "Lambeau Leap" has become the most famous, and one of the few legal, touchdown celebrations ever. Also, it is one of the few times fans get to interact with a player during a game, an experience every lucky fan will remember for the rest of their life. 

    First executed by LeRoy Butler in a home game against the Oakland Raiders in 1993, it has become the go to move for Packers players after scoring at home.  

8: The Moss Moon

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    The Packers-Vikings rivalry is one of the more intense rivalries in the game, and it only got more heated after Randy Moss scored an away touchdown to put the Vikings up by two scores and then followed it up by pretending to moon the Green Bay fans.

    While most Green Bay fans hate Moss for his celebration, the rest of the NFL got a nice chuckle out of the act.

7: Teach Me How To Raji

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    Everyone loves it when a 300-pound defensive lineman finds a way to score a touchdown, and that enjoyment was only escalated when B.J. Raji showed off his dance moves following his pick-six in a playoff game against the Chicago Bears.

    The celebration, which has been named "Teach Me How to Raji" has gained a lot of popularity among Packers fans and football fans alike.

6: The Plaxico

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    Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson was able to mock Plaxico Burress in what was one of the weirdest prison sentences most of us have probably ever heard of.  

    Following his score against the Jets, Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the leg while Jets receiver Plaxico Burress watched from the sideline.

    The only celebrations I can think of that would have been more inappropriate would be someone doing a fake dog fighting celebration against the Eagles or someone pretending to drink and drive against the Redskins.  Nonetheless, the celebration was all in good fun, and Plaxico has apparently forgiven Johnson.

5: Michael Boley Nails a Spectator in the Face with Football

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    In front of a national Monday Night Football crowd, New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley celebrated his touchdown a little differently than most would.  Instead of doing a dance or skit, Boley launched the football full force at the face of a field-level spectator.

    While you have to feel bad for the innocent bystander, you cannot help but laugh when you see him get rocked in the face by the football.

4: The Proposal

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    Every time Chad Johnson puts the ball in the end zone, people get on the edge of their seats to see what he will do for his celebration.

    Whether he's asking the NFL not to fine him, pretending to be Tiger Woods or doing the river dance; it is always entertaining.

    At No. 4 is Johnson proposing to a Bengal's cheerleader following a score.

3: The Sharpie

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    One of many controversial celebrations by Terrell Owens, he pulled a sharpie out of his sock and autographed the football following a touchdown.

    The day after Owens' celebration, the NFL announced that props were no longer allowed to be used in celebrations.

    Expect more to come from Owens.

2: Joe Horn Makes a Phone Call

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    In the second best touchdown celebration of all time, Joe Horn pulls out a cell phone and makes a call following a touchdown reception against the New York Giants.

    The celebration set a new precedence for props in a celebration, and we have not seen a prop as creative as this since.

1: Terrell Owens Stands on the Star at Texas Stadium

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    It's safe to say that every NFL fan has a love-hate relationship with Terrell Owens.  If you love him, you hate when he makes a fool of himself.  If you hate him, you feel the exact opposite.

    Despite all of the foolish things T.O. has done in his career, he has provided fans with some of the most entertaining touchdown celebrations the NFL has ever seen.

    Coming in at No. 1 on the countdown is a moment in which Owens celebrated not one, but two touchdowns against the Cowboys by running out to the center of the field and mocking the NFL's most valuable logo.

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