NFL Power Rankings: Picking Each Team's Biggest Disappointment

Jacqueline KirbyContributor IIINovember 22, 2011

NFL Power Rankings: Picking Each Team's Biggest Disappointment

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    This season has brought quite a rollercoaster ride for most teams.  The Indianapolis Colts, who are always on a high with Peyton Manning, are now 0-10 because he is out injured, while the Green Bay Packers are 10-0 with Aaron Rodgers hitting every target in sight.

    The rest of the teams have been back and forth, having a great game one week and playing crappy the next.  While there is not necessarily one factor that has caused each team its demise, besides the Colts of course, there is always one strong indication of what has gone wrong.

NFC South

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    New Orleans Saints - While Drew Brees has continued to do his job well, in the three games the Saints lost the cause was flaws on defense.  There is no linebacker on the team averaging more than five tackles per game, a huge flaw in the system.  Pierre Thomas has also been less productive than expected this season.

    Atlanta Falcons - The biggest disappointment this season was losing to the New Orleans Saints in overtime.  Coach Mike Smith thought he was making the right calls, but the game did not end in favor of the Dirty Birds.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Wide receiver Mike Williams has been letting the team down this year, particularly during the Green Bay game when he was beat out by Tramon Williams.  Point is, he was mediocre last year and has not improved one bit.

    Carolina Panthers - The Panthers' special teams and defense are what's hindering the team from winning games.  They have a lot of injuries, including Pro Bowler Jon Beason, a crucial factor for Carolina's defense.

NFC North

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    Green Bay Packers - Running back Ryan Grant has not been not playing up to Green Bay's standards this year, something that may hinder the team on Thursday if James Starks sits out with an ankle injury.  Grant's most productive game this season went for 17 carries and 92 yards.

    Detroit Lions - Rookie Nick Fairley likes to think he is one of the more versatile defensive players out there, which may be true with a little practice.  He was highly recognized coming out of Auburn but has not quite filled the same shoes Ndamukong Suh filled during his rookie year in Detroit.

    Chicago Bears - Roy Williams had his first real successful game this past weekend against the San Diego Chargers.  Bears QB, Jay Cutler said Sunday, "He's starting to come along, you can see him."

    Minnesota Vikings - Donovan McNabb has certainly been the biggest let down for the Vikings, so much that his position was passed on to Christian Ponder, who has been more effective for the team.

NFC East

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    Dallas Cowboys - Felix Jones may be heading back to the field after an injury, but in no way will he be comparable to DeMarco Murray.

    New York Giants - Brandon Jacobs has only scored three touchdowns this season, yet none have occurred in the last two weeks.  He has been consistently less powerful this year, having not even played in every game.

    Philadelphia Eagles - The biggest disappointment in Philly has been not winning.  The Eagles have been playing moderately well, even this weekend with Vince Young in for Michael Vick.

    Washington Redskins - Coach Mike Shannahan is easily the biggest flaw in Washington.  He has made poor decisions all year, and the games that have been won have been the result of luck.

NFC West

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    San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers don't have much to be disappointed about this season, they have surpassed nearly everyone's expectations.  The only thing to be upset with is their OT loss to Dallas.

    Seattle Seahawks - Their injuries have probably been the biggest disappointment for the Seahawks, most recently losing rookie RT James Carpenter with a torn ACL.

    Arizona Cardinals - When they took Kevin Kolb from the Eagles this offseason, the Cardinals thought he might fill the void Kurt Warner left behind. So far this has not been the case.

    St. Louis Rams - You can't blame the whole 2-8 record on Sam Bradford because he has no one to throw to, but really Sam Bradford is not fit to be a starting QB for any NFL team.

AFC South

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    Houston Texans - Andre Johnson's injury has been the the worst thing so far for the Texans. This may be true after picking up Matt Leinart, but we will see how he progresses.

    Tennessee Titans - The Titans started out stronger and have slowly gone a little downhill.  Chris Johnson has not been playing at normal capacity but is definitely set to come back to full strength.

    Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags' fanbase is always their most disappointing factor.  They haven't given the team full support, mainly because Jacksonville was not the best market to place an NFL franchise.

    Indianapolis Colts - The loss of Peyton Manning has been catastrophic in Indy.  There is nothing else to be said here besides Peyton needs to get better or Andrew Luck will be taking his place.

AFC North

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    Baltimore Ravens - The Ravens have been doing pretty well, but the loss of Ray Lewis may cost them if he doesn't get back on the field quickly.

    Pittsburgh Steelers - Coming off of their bye week, the Steelers are still suffering from injuries that include Ben Roethlisberger with a fractured thumb and Troy Polamalu with a rib injury.  All are expected to play against the Chiefs Sunday, but are still day to day decisions.

    Cincinnati Bengals - Another team who has done surprisingly well with the combination of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.  Most games they play all 60 minutes but can't seem to convert each one to a win.

    Cleveland Browns - Peyton Hillis has been the biggest problem in Cleveland. He first had contract issues and is now about to miss his sixth straight game with a hamstring injury.

AFC East

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    New England Patriots - The biggest thing here is the team not being able to keep it together to go undefeated.  Other than that Gronkowski has definitely become a crowd pleaser in New England.

    New York Jets - Mark Sanchez has been the letdown here. Each year people think he will improve or become the QB the Jets need and each year he lets them down. 

    Buffalo Bills - After his new contract was signed, Ryan Fitzpatrick has been less productive.  The team started out great leading their division and have now fallen to 5-5.

    Miami Dolphins - Brandon Marshall was supposed to be explosive in Miami, however he has only scored two touchdowns this season for the Dolphins.

AFC West

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    Oakland Raiders - People were doubtful about the team acquiring Carson Palmer, which looks like it was a good deal. They did suffer a scary moment this weekend when Darrius Heyward-Bey suffered a neck injury.

    Denver Broncos - Kyle Orton was just awful in Denver and it's a fantastic thing that Coach John Fox has put in Tim Tebow.  Orton has been decent everywhere but the Broncos need someone with extra drive.

    Kansas City Chiefs - Running Back Jamaal Charles' ACL injury has probably set back the Chiefs further than expected.  Last year he had five touchdowns and almost 1,500 yards for the team.

    San Diego Chargers - Philip Rivers is having an awful year, there is no way around it and that is the biggest disappointment for San Diego.