The Most Disappointing Teams of Recent Sports History

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The Most Disappointing Teams of Recent Sports History
Teams that have disappointed fans, their cities, and expectations.

A disappointing season happens all of the time. We see it in every sport, every year. Fans and the media hype up the team, saying that it cannot lose and that the championship is theirs for the taking. Some of the players begin to listen to the hype and believe it. This causes overconfidence, arrogance, and—the worst of all—pressure to win.

As a sports writer but most of all as a sports fan, I wonder what it was about that team that it couldn't finish the job. The players had the talent and they had the coaching, but they just didn’t have enough to win it all.

It seems like some teams get the disappointing tag worse than others.

Perhaps what's worse than having a disappointing season is having multiple disappointing seasons. The agony of continuing heartbreaks must be torture for the players, coaches and fans.

I define “disappointing” in the following way: a team has/had the talent, coaching, advantages (ex: home field advantage, financial capability to sign quality players, etc.) and expectation to win a championship only to fall short, thus disappointing not only players, coaches and the organization but fans and the cities they represent.

Here are my 5 most disappointing teams of recent memory (multiple seasons edition).


Please comment and let us know which are your most disappointing teams of recent memory (teams do not have to be from this list). Thanks.


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