Week 9 Fantasy Football Projections: 7 WRs Who Will Light Up the Stat Sheets

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IINovember 2, 2011

Week 9 Fantasy Football Projections: 7 WRs Who Will Light Up the Stat Sheets

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    Quarterbacks run the NFL. And who are quarterback's main targets?

    Well if you answered wide receivers, you were correct.

    Aside from the previous question being strikingly obvious, it holds a lot of water in fantasy football.

    While most fantasy leagues are centered around scoring touchdowns, finding the right receiver matchups are crucial to your team's success. 

    We're here now in Week 9 of the NFL season and some former fantasy studs haven't lived up to expectations. You'll see some of them on here, but that's because this week will be different.

    These aren't the only guys, but here are seven fantasy receivers who are going to light up the stat sheet and lead you to a Week 9 victory.

Roddy White, Atlanta

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    The league's second-best receiver in terms of yards from a year ago is currently 27th on that same list this year.

    It should be noted, though, that much of his production decline is because of his quarterback's wildly inconsistent play.

    This week the Falcons head to Indianapolis to face the NFL's 22nd-ranked pass defense.

    I really like Roddy because of two reasons beside the fact that the Colts are worse than my former high school's team. 

    One, Julio Jones is back from injury, leading me to believe that White will no longer be double-covered.

    And two, coming off a bye, I expect the offense to come clicking on all cylinders and that remains true especially for Ryan and White.

    After all, it is the Colts and he is Roddy White.

Greg Jennings, Green Bay

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    Aaron Rodgers. I mean, why else would Greg Jennings be on here—aside from the fact that he himself is really good?

    The Chargers have a very good pass defense on paper. And when I say on paper, it's their 185 yard per game that really stands out.

    At the end of the day, this is Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings were talking about and in the last two games, the Chargers have given up three touchdowns to Mark Sanchez and 260 yards to Matt Cassel.

    Coming off of a bye week: advantage Rodgers.

    Plus, no one else puts the team on their back quite like Greg Jennings does.

Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, Dallas

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    You may be saying to yourself, "Brian! You can't have two guys on the same slide!"

    Well HA! I just did it.

    Who else saw both Dez Bryant and Miles Austin getting into their quarterback and offensive coordinator's ear during the Cowboys' 34-7 butt-whooping against the Eagles?

    Seattle is middle of the pack in terms of surrendering yards through the air—giving up about 237 yards per contest.

    The Cowboys are desperate for a victory and to accomplish that, they have to rely on their studs on the outside.

    I foresee a huge game from Tony Romo that both Dez Bryant and Miles Austin will benefit greatly from.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona

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    It's pretty clear that Larry Fitzgerald hasn't been the same receiver with Kevin Kolb as his quarterback but somewhere hidden in that big ole body is a freak waiting to explode.

    This week against St. Louis, I think No. 11 is going to burst.

    Now this is nothing to take away from St. Louis, as they're coming off of a huge win against the Saints in which they held Drew Brees under 300 yards passing.

    After putting up two nice games against top-five defenses (Baltimore and Pittsburgh), I think Fitz is due for a 100-yard game against the Rams. He's even more due to find the end zone.

Victor Cruz, New York

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    Many people may be questioning my decision of Cruz over Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham, but just hear me out.

    Hakeem Nicks is nursing a bad hamstring, which means that even if he does play, chances are he'll be limited. If Nicks were healthy and I knew for certain he would be playing against the Patriots, he'd garner this spot.

    As for Manningham, it really came down to who I like more and really who I feel Eli Manning trusts more.

    I think that answer is Victor Cruz.

    The Patriots pass defense is worst in the NFL, so basically whoever is facing it is bound to put up some numbers.

    I compare Cruz's production to that of Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown and how he is almost like a safety net for his quarterback. Obviously I make that comparison because of what Antonio Brown was able to do against New England just last week.

    You should not be questioning yourself on whether or not to start Victor Cruz this week.

Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City

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    Kansas City is the hottest team in football not named the Packers. 

    Since starting 0-3, the Chiefs have ripped off four consecutive wins, and despite losing Jamaal Charles in the early season, the offense really seems to be coming together.

    The passing game in particular has shown improvement.

    With rookie Jonathan Baldwin back on the field in a No. 2 capacity, the Chiefs have a legitimate option to keep added pressure off of Dwayne Bowe.

    Not to mention they're playing the "team formerly known as the Dolphins," who are the fifth-worst passing defense in the NFL.

Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia

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    The Bears have a pretty suspect secondary and as a Bears fan, it pains me to say so.

    Jeremy Maclin has been nothing short of impressive this season for the Eagles, who at times have really struggled to move the football.

    Maclin, to me, is going to have a big day because the Bears are going to have success in other areas on defense.

    There's no doubt that the first priority will be zeroing in on LeSean McCoy, as he is arguably turning into the best running back in football. Whether or not they have success maintaining him is another story, but it is going to open up passing opportunities for Mike Vick.

    DeSean Jackson is the other threat on the Eagles offense and I like the Bears' chances to take away his big-play ability coming off the bye week.

    That opens up Maclin, who is the more lethal possession receiver on the Eagle offense.