NFL Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIIOctober 29, 2011

NFL Celebrity Look-a-Likes

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    Athletes and celebrities are closely connected, with some of the players on the field evolving into stars off of it. It appears that more evolving has occurred in another sense after seeing how much these football players look like other famous individuals.

    Some of the people listed share characters not only in physical appearance, but in other aspects such as career paths.

    Be prepared for some of the obvious, while other comparisons will catch you off guard. 

Charles Woodson: Mike Epps

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    "Black" Doug in The Hangover is an underrated comedian, and he was even featured on Eminem's group Bad Meets Evil's, "I'm On Everything." 

    Charles Woodson is heading to the Hall of Fame where he belongs when the cleats are hung up.

    Mr. Woodson meets Mr. Epps.

Mike Tomlin: Omar Epps

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    Another Epps enters the list.

    Omar Epps plays Dr. Eric Foreman on Fox's hit show House. Couldn't a more unique name be thought of for his character? We're well-aware of the same-named character on That '70s Show.

    Mike Tomlin is only one year older than the 38 year-old Epps, a quite impressive feat, as Tomlin is an NFL coach.

    Pittsburgh's coach couldn't even object to this comparison that has been made before.

    All I'm trying to find is someone who resembles Olivia Wilde from House.

Bob Sanders: Murphy Lee

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    The St. Lunatic's rapper's last good song was in 2003 with "What The Hook Gon' Be." 2006 was the last injury free, dominant season from "The Curnel," Bob Sanders.

    The facial expressions are what make this comparison work, while the dreads also help.

    Murphy Lee was better with a good supporting cast around him, like when he was included in Nelly's hit "Shake Ya Tailfeather." Bob Sanders arguably won Defensive Player of the Year over Albert Haynesworth because he played on the Colts with Peyton Manning.

    Regardless, the two have experienced moderate success that could have been greater.

Champ Bailey: DMX

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    Rapper DMX has fallen off despite being the only musician in his class to have two No. 1 albums in one year.

    Champ Bailey is still a top cornerback despite being forgotten in the Darrelle Revis, Nnamdi Asomugha era.

    This certainly isn't the strongest physical comparison, but it's just.

Curtis Painter: E.T.

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    This is too harsh but all too true at the same time.

    The only similar physical trait shared by the fictitious figure and Curtis Painter is the eyes, but it's so strikingly similar that the comparison needs to be made.

    If Steven Spielburg wrote the script to Indianapolis' 2011 season, it certainly wouldn't be this scary. E.T. "Found Home," and Painter may head in a similar director to the waiver wire. 

JaMarcus Russell: Young Jeezy

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    JaMarcus Russell is certainly iced out in this week's Sports Illustrated. The Oakland Raiders will be seizing his property in 24 hours (not really, but Stephen A. Smith thinks that should happen).

    Young Jeezy is a bit smaller now than he was when he first came on the rap scene in 2004. JaMarcus Russell is only bigger since his college days at LSU.

    The point goes to "The Snowman," there. And Jeezy has actually accomplished something in his field— unless Russell's field is considered eating. 

Jeff Saturday: Shaun O'Hara

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    OK, both of these men are NFL players. They even play the same position. To top it all off, both linemen snapped the pigskin to the Manning brothers.

    The resemblance of both bearded brutes is unquestionable, and Eli Manning even brought up the similarity a year ago when Shaun O'Hara still played with the Giants.

    The two centers look more alike than the two brothers, Eli and Peyton Manning.

DeMarcus Ware: Michael Clarke Duncan

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    The comparison isn't as justified now seeing how Michael Clarke Duncan is 53, but watch The Green Mile and the two bald-headed men share facial qualities. 

    Duncan has lost weight and that actually makes him still bigger than DeMarcus Ware. His career hasn't been as great after the movie mentioned above, making a few appearances in Two and a Half Men, but your career cannot get better than that movie unless your name is Tom Hanks.

Aaron Rodgers-Jesus

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    Before the NFL had Charlie Whitehurst, fans could remember God (Brett Favre) taking snaps for Green Bay while the real savior was on the sideline. I could say Whitehurst looks like Jesus, but he's already earned too much attention.

    Aaron Rodgers with a beard could be compared to Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men, but Jesus is more apt seeing how much he's meant to the Green Bay Packers.

    Just as a side note, isn't it funny that Rodgers was only rated as the eleventh best NFL player entering 2011?

    (All comparisons not meant to be taken so literally.)

Clay Matthews: Fabio

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    It's not that both these men have long hair, it's how similar the hair is.

    The facial features don't exactly synch up, but from a distance I could mistake one for the other, especially with some vision impairing substances.

    Clay Matthews goal is to make quarterbacks look terrible, while Fabio's is to look pretty. Differing philosophies from the long, blonde buffs. 

Ben Roethlisberger: Will Ferrell

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    When Ben Roethlisberger went down with a concussion last season against the Chiefs, I could have sworn it was Will Ferrell taking part in one of his skits. The way Roethlisberger moved his eyes back and forth was comical in such a terrible situation.

    If Ferrell played football, he'd be Big Ben. Ferrell in Semi-Pro improvised on plays, just as Roethlisberger successfully does for his Pittsburgh Steelers. 

    Face it, the "Black and Yellow" belongs to Roethlisberger. Two rape accusations later, Dan Rooney can't get rid of him.

Brian Urlacher: Vin Diesel

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    Vin Diesel has built up a respectable reputation even though many feel it has been somewhat undeserving, appearing in movies like Disney's The Pacifier. Football fans could say that Brian Urlacher has been injured all too frequently to be considered one of the games' elite defenders.

    Regardless, Urlacher was part of the 2006 Chicago Bears defense that carried Rex Grossman to the Super Bowl, while Diesel has been a part of the Fast and Furious series. 

Christian Ponder: Sylvester Stallone

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    Vikings rookie quarterback Christian Ponder had to fight all too hard to earn Minnesota's starting job over Donovan McNabb. Rocky character Sylvester Stallone knows a thing or two about what Charlie Sheen would call "Winning!"

    There's also a little Ben Stiller in Ponder, but Stallone's qualities shadow the quarterback more.

    Ponder is a very smart individual, while Stallone takes an hour to speak a sentence with his Botox face. But a younger Rocky could be mistaken for the former Seminole thrower. 

Andy Dalton: Carrot Top

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    Here's proof that all "Gingers" do not look alike.

    Maybe being a red head doesn't help you in being an NFL quarterback, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Carrot Top is famous for his prop comedy, while Andy Dalton has used the football as his prop, beating four opponents while only losing to two. 

    This message was brought to you in part by the National Advancement of Gingers Association.

Greg Jennings: Mr. Potato Head

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    I can't be the only one who sees the resemblance when I see top-five NFL receiver Greg Jennings every time after he makes a catch.

    Yes, Jennings is a top tier player at his position, even if he has Aaron Rodgers, and he's one part of many pieces to the Packers offense, just like Mr. Potato Head's nose is to him.

Bart Scott: Shonn Greene

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    The two New York Jets teammates look all too similar. The comparison had to be brought up before now, especially comparing both guy's team photographs.

    Bart Scott tackles running backs, while Shonn Greene avoids middle linebackers—or at least he tries to.

Ed Reed: Eddie Murphy

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    This one was pointed out to me, and I see the slight resemblance between the two, especially when Ed Reed has his helmet on.

    It's hard to identify what actor Eddie Murphy exactly looks like because of his multiple roles in just one movie (See Norbit and The Nutty Professor). When a picture of Murphy can be tracked down, the similarities come into the light.

Terrell Pryor: Chris Brown

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    The Raiders' supplemental draft selection by the late Al Davis was an early prodigy as a high school recruit, while Chris Brown came on the scene at just 17 as well.

    Brown has continued his success in music, while Pryor is a wild card. Both men like their tattoos. 

    Not only does Brown's music success place him above Pryor's career, but dating Rihanna scores points—even if Brown doesn't play football.

Neil Rackers: Brian Baldinger

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    Neil Rackers may just be a kicker, but he's mentioned because he looks just like NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger.

    No one can tell me I'm wrong on this one. Next time Rackers kicks a 50-yard field goal in the clutch for the Texans, which seems like every week, you will see it, too.

    Hopefully Baldinger can catch some flack for this, if he hasn't already.

Dexter McCluster: Lloyd

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    It's understandable if you don't know who Lloyd is, because he's not that great of an artist. With that said, Lloyd has a few hits to his name, including "Get It Shawty." 

    Dexter McCluster is trying to make a name for himself in his second year as an NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Both men can sing, as McCluster has shown multiple times.