NFL Prediction: Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Dominate the Rest of the 2011 Season

Mike FiskContributor IIOctober 20, 2011

NFL Prediction: Why the Dallas Cowboys Will Dominate the Rest of the 2011 Season

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    Two wins, three losses... defiantly not the best way to start the 2011 season, especially not in Dallas.  

    The Cowboys have had some crazy games so far: Romo throws away a win in New York against the Jets, and then Romo is considered a hero against the 49ers leading the Cowboys to victory with a cracked rib and a punctured lung.

    Then the Cowboys beat the Redskins, their biggest rival and leader of the NFC East, but then, just as things are looking good, Romo throws away what would have been a dominate victory over the undefeated Detroit Lions.

    Finally, last week, Dallas played a close game against the New England Patriots containing the explosive Patriots offense and almost walking away with a win.

    The Cowboys have been impressive at times, but also extremely disappointing at times. After the start of the season the Cowboys are on the outside looking in at the Giants and the Redskins controlling the NFC East.  

    Dallas's chances of making the playoffs at this point are looking grim unless they turn some things around, and turn things around is just what they are going to do heading into the rest of the Season.  

    Dallas has a decently soft schedule from here on out, soft enough that they can get a bunch of wins and look good well doing it. Dallas has to potential to win their division and make a run for the Super Bowl and in this article we’re going to look at just how Dallas can do that.

Week 7 vs St. Louis Rams

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    Rams O vs Cowboys D

    The Rams have the least productive offence averaging 9.8 points a game which is currently last in the NFL.

    They have to go up against the Cowboys defense that has a great pass rush and run stop. 

    The Rams offense is weak and Ryan will overwhelm Bradford with the pass rush, and the Rams run game will go nowhere.

    Dallas O vs St. Louis D

    The Ram’s D is mediocre at best… they have an average pass defense and the worst run defense in the NFL.  Romo will find holes in the Rams D with Austin, Bryant and Witten. 

    The Cowboys running game hasn’t show that it can compete thus far, but that’s mostly because Garrett hasn’t balanced his offense.  DeMarco Murray will have a great game against St. Louis if he gets the ball.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 37-10 (3-3)

Week 8 @ Philadelphia Eagles

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    Eagles O vs Cowboys D

    The Eagles offense isn’t too bad.  Philly has a Top 10 passing game and the best running game in the NFL. 

    It should be interesting to see the number one rush defense go up against the number one rush offense. 

    The Dallas pass rush will overwhelm Vick and he will be forced out of the pocket where he will be forced to make bad throws. 

    Dallas has the potential to do great in this game, but it will be a back and forth battle.

    Dallas O vs Philadelphia D

    This is where Dallas has the edge.  Philly’s D has been below average so far this season giving up 24 points a game.  They have a great pass defense but Dallas has way too many weapons to stop them. 

    Witten will have a big game and Dallas could potentially have back-to-back 100 yard rushing games.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 27-17 (4-3)

Week 9 vs Seattle Seahawks

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    Seahawks O vs Cowboys D

    The Seahawks offense has been a joke so far this season.  There really is no redeeming factor about their offense. 

    Seattle is averaging 18.8 points a game, 205 passing yards a game and 83 rushing yards a game.  The Cowboys D will make it almost impossible for Seattle to do anything.

    Dallas O vs Seattle D

    The Seahawks defense is almost as bad as their offense, but their run defense has been pretty good so far. 

    Dallas will be able to do almost whatever they want through the air against Seattle. Their running game could have some issues against the Seahawks great run defense, but Dallas will definitely have the upper hand.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 28-13 (5-3)

Week 10 vs Buffalo Bills

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    Buffalo O vs Dallas D

    Talk about a tough offense to beat… Buffalo has a smart QB in Ryan Fitzpatrick and a dynamic running back in Fred Jackson. The two of them are going to be hard to stop. 

    The Dallas run defense will have a hard time keeping Fred Jackson quite all game and he will get Dallas for a score or two.  Fitzpatrick will put up some late game point to make this game close.

    Cowboys O vs Bills D

    This is the weakness that Dallas will exploit.  Buffalo has given up the 2nd most passing yards and the 3rdmost rushing yards in the NFL. 

    If Romo plays smart and can get the ball to his great receivers Dallas will have a great game, and the Cowboys running game will have their 3rd big game out of the last four.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 38-34 (6-3)

Week 11 @ Washington Redskins

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    Washington O vs Dallas D

    Washington played well against the Cowboys earlier this season but Dallas was still able to win. 

    The Cowboys D held Washington to only 16 and now the Redskins are going through a quarterback change. 

    The Redskins offense is average but with Dallas having a slight edge against the pass and a huge edge against the run, I see the Dallas D winning this battle.

    Cowboys O vs Redskins D

    Last time these two teams played the Cowboys couldn’t score a touchdown, the receivers were all inexperienced backups, and the o-line was even more confused. 

    Since then, Dallas has cleaned up its act and played much better, Dallas fully healthy can do some serious damage against the Redskins. 

    Washington has a great defense, and that’s why they have done so well so far this season, but I give Dallas the upper hand.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 24-17 (7-3)

Week 12 vs Miami Dolphins

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    Miami O vs Dallas D

    The Dolphins D has been awful.  They are averaging 15 points game… that’s 30th in the NFL. 

    They have been average at moving the ball down the field but when it comes to putting the points up they can’t do anything. 

    The Cowboys defense can contain this subpar offense and create turnovers and three-and-outs to allow Romo and the Cowboys to put up points.

    Cowboys O vs Dolphins D

    As bad as the Dolphins offense might be, their defense may be even worse. 

    They have given up an average of 25.6 points per game and 284 passing yards a game, granted they did play New England on a record setting day… but still that’s bad. 

    The Dolphins run defense is decent, but not great.  The Cowboys offense won’t have any problems against this weak team.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 31-13 (8-3)

Week 13 @ Arizona Cardinals

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    Cardinals O vs Cowboys D

    Remember when Kevin Kolb was the only thing anyone could talk about… look at ‘em now! 

    What a catch. 

    The Cardinals offense hasn’t been great. They’re averaging 19 points a game.  Their passing game is average and the running game is below average. 

    Dallas should do well against them.

    Dallas O vs Arizona D

    The Cardinals have a middle of the road defense closer to bad then good. 

    They’ve given up 258 passing yards a game so far this season and that’s against teams that aren’t as good as Dallas.  If the Cowboys are healthy then they shouldn’t have any trouble winning this game.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 31-17 (9-3)

Week 14 vs New York Giants

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    Giants O vs Cowboys D

    Eli Manning has been great, and because of the New York has looked awesome so far this season. 

    They haven’t been able to get their run game going but that hasn’t stopped them so far.  Dallas is really going to have to pick it up if they want to win this game.

    Dallas O vs New York D

    The Giants D hasn’t been as great.  Their passing game has been average, and their running game as been next to terrible and Dallas will try and use that to their advantage. 

    Cowboys could walk away with a big win at home against the Giants but it will be a close one.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 27-24 (10-3)

Week 15 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Buccaneers O vs Cowboys D

    The Bucs offense isn’t doing amazing.  They can’t seem to get points on the board despite having an above average offense. 

    Dallas can capitalize on that and keep them away from the red-zone and stop the homerun plays.  Dallas can do that as long as they stay focused. 

    The Cowboys have the edge in this matchup.

    Dallas O vs Tampa Bay D

    The Bucs have had a hard time defending against the pass, and that is why I think Dallas is going to win this game. 

    Dallas has an explosive offence as long as everyone is healthy and Romo isn’t playing like a high school QB.  Dallas will win, but it will be a good game.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 31-24 (11-3)

Week 16 & 17 vs. Philadelphia & @ New York Giants

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    Philly Round 2

    The second meeting against Philadelphia is going to be a fun game to watch.  

    I still think Dallas has the upper hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vick gets hurt by this time in the season and he isn’t able to play. 

    Dallas will win a close one.

    Outcome: Dallas Wins 24-20 (12-3)

    Giants Round 2

    At this point in the season, New York and Dallas will be fighting for the division title. I think New York is experienced and good enough that they won’t let Dallas take it away from them on their own turf.

    Outcome: Dallas Loses 24-31 (12-4)


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    Dallas can make the playoffs as a wild card team, but I don't think their ready to go to the Super Bowl just yet.


    If Dallas makes it to the playoffs this is how I see things going:

    Dallas vs San Francisco (Wild Card) Winner: Dallas Cowboys 24-21

    Detroit vs New York Giants (Wild Card) Winner: Detroit Lions 35-13

    Dallas vs New Orleans (Div) Winner: New Orleans Saints 38-34

    Detroit vs Green Bay (Div) Winner: Green Bay Packers 24-17

    New Orleans vs Green Bay (NFC Championship) Winner: Green Bay Packers 41-38 (OT)