NFL: Frank Gore's Comments Might Wake Up a Sleeping Giant

Erick FernandezCorrespondent IIOctober 7, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 2: Running back Frank Gore #21 of the San Francisco 49ers is tackled by cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha #24 of the Philadelphia Eagles during an NFL football game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 2, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 49ers defeated the Eagles 24-23. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles got called out today. Big time.

On ESPN's First Take, San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore claimed that the Eagles quit in the second half last Sunday, Oct. 2nd. Gore was quoted on the program, "I think playing that second half and the way we came out, the Eagles didn't want to play no more."

Although the Eagles have not been playing to their full potential, a comment like this might prove just the wake up call this preseason contender needs to get their affairs in order.

The Eagles, who were widely predicted to win the NFC East, with many bandying about the notion of "Team of Destiny," are currently mired in a 1-3 start, which has sent them to last place in the division.

Gore's comment might be bad news for the Buffalo Bills who play the Eagles this Sunday.

In response to Gore's comments, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said, "I don't think the team quit... I think we put up the effort for all four quarters."

Vick, who after last week's loss said he was "frustrated" was very quick to defend the play of his teammates. The former Atlanta Falcon has been vociferous in his criticism of officials as well this season.

Although more publicity might not help at this juncture, Gore's media byte might be exactly what the Eagles require to liven up their moribund defense, which has been struggling for the past two weeks of play.

The defense's problems started against the New York Giants, with far too many missed tackles. Another fourth quarter breakdown a week later against the 49ers had the whole team's play called into question by Eagles' fans and the national media alike.

If the Eagles don't win their next game against Buffalo then there in a really bad position to get back in the NFC East with the Giants and Washington Redskins playing well.